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How Do I Choose my Seats on Volaris Airlines?
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How Do I Choose my Seats on Volaris Airlines?

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Are you searching for the most comfortable seat while traveling? Volaris makes an extra effort to make travel convenient for its passengers. To improve your comfort and get more space during your flight, you can choose your favorite seat. Volaris Seat selection policy helps you to get your preferred seat easily. This blog will assist you in picking the best seats & give you the related details.

What is Volaris Seat Selection Policy:

Volaris provides an option to choose your preferred seat on all flights. Volaris Airlines Seat Selection policy is designed for a smooth travel experience. It also gives passengers a chance to select the seat they prefer. You can get more information below:

  • Passengers can pick their seats during Booking after Booking.
  • You can also make a seat selection at the check-in counter through the website or the app.
  • If you do not select a seat, the Volaris team will assign a seat.
  • Volaris Airlines seat select fee varies depending on the type of ticket you have purchased.
  • It is important to note that Volaris seat selection is optional, and passengers have the freedom to decline this process.
  • Membership with Volaris may provide loyal customers with the opportunity for complimentary seat selection.
  • Volaris’ seat selection policy allows passengers to change their seats at any time before the flight’s departure.

How to Reserve a Seat on a Volaris flight?

Are you confused about the Volaris seat reservation procedure? If you want to have a complete overview of choosing your seat. Then, you can follow the below steps:

During the Time of Booking:

  • First, access the official Volaris website.
  • Please log in with your credentials and proceed to click ‘search.’
  • Then, pick your preferred departure flight.
  • Further, confirm your flight choice, and then click on the ‘Continue to traveler information’ section.
  • Then, select your seat preference, whether choose an aisle or a window seat.
  • Further, click the ‘continue to select seat’ option.
  • You will see the Volaris seat map of your flight.
  • Now, make your final seat decision.
  • After you have chosen your seats, click on the Continue option.
  • Lastly, double-check all your flight details, and then proceed to make the payment.

After Booking is Completed:

You can make changes to it after booking your ticket. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit Volaris’s website to pick your seats with Volaris.
  • Then, choose the “Manage Booking” option. Enter your booking code and the passenger’s name.
  • Further, click on the “Search” option.
  • Then, you can view your existing Booking.
  • Open your Booking, and then choose the “Seat selection” feature.
  • You can now see the various seat options to choose from.
  • Make your seat selection at your convenience.
  •  Finally, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to Make a Seat Selection Over a Phone Call?

If you do not have internet access and you want to pick a seat. You can still secure your preferred seat on a Volaris flight by making a phone call. Checkout the steps below to make your seat selection with Volaris Customer Service Phone Number:

  • To initiate the seat selection process, locate the “Contact Us” section on the airline’s website and call the provided number.
  • If you’re calling from within Mexico City or the Metropolitan Area, dial +52 (55) 1102 8000. If you are calling from outside of Mexico. Then use the toll-free number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
  • Pay careful attention to the instructions given by the automated IVR menu.
  • Further, follow the prompts on the IVR menu and press the appropriate buttons to connect with a professional.
  • Then, provide information about your intended destination or travel location.
  • Finally, select the seat you desire for your flight.
  • The final step in the Volaris seat selection process is to purchase your ticket.

Does Volaris Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

The cost of a seat per passenger for a one-way journey, including taxes, can vary based on the destination and the type of seat you choose. If passengers want to know more about the Volaris Seat Selection fee. Then you can read the following options:

  • You can find the seat prices in the Additional Services Fees section.
  • Volaris charges an amount ranging from $10 to $30 for seat selection.
  • You can also make a seat selection using discount coupons and Vclub membership.

How to Pick a Free Seat on Volaris? 

You can book an advance seat on Volaris by paying an extra fee. If you want to skip this fee. Here are some of the ways to get a free seat:

  • Premier members can enjoy a complimentary seat in Economy Plus.
  • You can also receive a free seat through a coupon code or by redeeming a voucher.
  • Passengers with an upper-class fare have the option to choose a random seat at no additional cost.

What are the Types of Seats Available on Volaris?

Volais provides seating options from budget-friendly to luxurious seat assignments. You can make your selection from the Volaris seating map. All of the seat choices are as follows:

  • Standard Seat: This is the regular seat included with your ticket, offering a comfortable amount of legroom and reclining.
  • More Space: For extra room, you can choose an XL seat, providing additional legroom and a broader seat. The seats are typically located in emergency exit rows or at the front of the cabin.
  • Upfront Seat: If you prefer to board and deplane early, you can opt for an upfront seat, typically found in rows 2 to 5 at the front of the cabin.
  • Premium Seat: To enjoy added convenience and luxury, consider selecting Volaris premium seats. The seats offer extra legroom, increased recline, and additional amenities like a pillow and blanket. Passengers are seated in rows.

In Conclusion:

You can easily make a Volaris Airlines seat selection in your preferred class. If you follow the information mentioned above, then selecting your seat can be a simple process. This guide will help you resolve any problems regarding Seat Assignment.


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