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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy & Fee
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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy & Fee

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Have you confirmed your itinerary with Hawaiian Airlines and want to get the information about the baggage allowance? You come to the right place! Passengers must have complete knowledge of the Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy to ensure a smooth journey.

Passengers can travel with one bag and a personal item. The personal item can be a purse/briefcase/ laptop bag/ or backpack that can fit under the seat. The below article enables you to learn about baggage limitations/ carry-on fees/ checked baggage/ and ways to avoid the fees.

Guidelines Of Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Here are some terms & conditions by Hawaiian Airlines for the carry-on baggage:

Carry-on Baggage: Passengers can take one carry-on baggage and an individual personal item on the plane. Ensure that you understand the size and weight they specify for a smooth journey. The maximum weight is 25 pounds per passenger as per the baggage policy Hawaiian Airlines.

Size and Weight: The carry-on baggage should be 22 inches in length/ 9 inches in height/ and 14 inches in width. The total weight of the carry-on baggage and the personal item should be a maximum of 25 pounds.

Prohibit Items: Hawaiian Airlines prohibits some items on the plane for safety reasons. These may include firearms/ sharp objects/ liquids exceeding 4 pounds/ and explosives.

Carry Certain Items: You can carry certain items on the plane such as the assistive devices/ strollers/ and car seats. The airline imposes some rules about the transportation to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

Checked Baggage Policy: Hawaiian Airlines checked baggage policy enables you to check in with a certain number of bags depends on your ticket type. You must comply with the weight and size restrictions. The Hawaiian Airlines weight limit for the bags before pay the fees is 50 pounds per bag.

Note: You can travel with one carry-on bag and a personal item on all flights serves by Hawaiian Airlines except as stated or else in the Contract of Carriage.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees

Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee of $25 to $35 for the first bag and the fee will be $35 to $40 for the second bag only for the domestic flights. The baggage fees are lower for island travel and higher for travel between Hawaii and the mainland as per the Hawaii Airlines baggage policy.

What are Hawaiian Airlines Checked baggage Fees?

The actual Hawaiian baggage fee may differ as it depends on the fare type, travel route, and frequent flyer membership. Go through the mentioned below table to get a better idea about the baggage fee in multiple phases:

Baggage categoryFeeMax WeightMax Size (L+W+H)
LugLess carry-on$14-$3925lbsCalculate
First checked bag$3050lbs62″
Second checked bag$4050lbs62″
Third(+) checked bag$10050lbs62″
LugLess checked bag$20-$4550lbsCalculate
Overweight bag+$5051-70lbs62″
Overweight bag+$20071-100lbs62″
Oversized bag+$10050lbs62-80″
LugLess oversized bag$28-$5575lbsCalculate

Note: The first checked bag cost will be $25 – $30 based on the destination you are flying, but there are multiple ways to avoid the fee.

Carry-on Allowance

  • 1 personal item – Free
  • 1 standard carry-on baggage – Free

The Size & Weight Restrictions

Standard: 22 x 14 x 9 inches (55.9 x 35.5 x 22.9 cm) and 25 pounds (11.34 kg)
Personal: The weight and size are undisclosed, but Hawaiian Airlines requires that the items be small so that they can fit under the seat. Passengers can carry baggage of a maximum dimension for check baggage that must be 62 linear inches including length/ height/ and height.

The weight limits may differ based on the fare type. The weight limit ranges from 50 to 70 pounds each bag. The checked bag must be an Outside Linear Dimension of up to 62 inches (157 cm)/ a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds (22.5 kg). Maximum weight for the specified items carried on the flight (carry-on bag) is 25 lbs and the maximum size is up to 45 linear inches (9x14x22).

Checked Baggage Allowance

The maximum weight of all the checked baggage is 50 pounds and the maximum linear dimensions are up to 62 inches. Hawaiian Airlines enables passengers to travel on the same reservation to pool their bags. The excess baggage fee may apply when you exceed the sum of the individual allowance.

Note: Baggage allowance for the military personnel for personal travel is certain to a maximum of 50 lbs and 62 linear inches without any charge.

Can I pay for the bag in advance?

Yes. Hawaiian Airlines allows the passengers to pay for your luggage online in advance at the time of check-in from 24 hours prior to the travel time. You must visit the Manage Flight tab on the official website. You must choose the check-in online option where you can pay for your baggage in advance.

What is the fee for additional baggage?

Hawaiian Airlines requires a fee when a passenger carries additional baggage along with them. Look at the below table to learn about the Hawaiian Airlines extra baggage fee based on the different destinations.

Hawaii To/From51 to 70 Pounds71 to 100 Pounds62 to 80 Inches
Neighbor island$35$70$35
North America$50$200$100
Australia or New Zealand$0Not accepted$150
Japan or Korea$50 (business class $0)$400
Pago Pago$50$400
Papeete$50Not accepted

How can I avoid paying Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Costs?

There are various ways available to avoid to pay Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees when you wish to carry checked baggage on an upcoming flight. Each ticketed guest is permitted one carry-on bag and one personal item under the Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy carry-on.

Premier Club Membership

It is a unique way to enjoy the benefits through paid membership. You can avail the advantages such as the best seat selection, two bages for free, priority security lines, Premier club check-in, Premier club access, etc.

Elite Status

Hawaiian Airlines has two elite status called Pulaani Elite status. Each one provides the advantage to enjoy priority services and free baggage. The two complimentary checked baggage are valued at the first and second checked baggage fees.

Pualani Gold

Passengers with a Pualani Gold membership are able to carry two bags for free. They will also get the 30 segments or 20,000 miles.

Pualani Platinum

With this, you can carry up to three bags for free while you are traveling. Along with this, you will obtain 60 segments or 40,000 flight miles.

Note: Hawaiian Airlines offers special benefits with any loyalty program. Some benefits such as the lounge access and priority services are valuable. But passengers with free baggage allowance are able to save a large amount of money even when they are traveling in the Premium Class.

Fare Type

The fare types that include baggage would be first class. It is good to fly in the Hawaiian Airlines first class when you want baggage within your ticket cost.

Credit Cards

Hawaiian Airlines ffer one co-brnaded credit card through nationwide bank but they have some cards provided by a local Hawaiian bank. The check -in is free when you have these credit cards for the first cardholder.

Best Time to Check-in Bags for Hawaiian Airlines

The time to check-in for bags is not specified as it is based on the destination and departure city. The minimum time to check in for Hawaiian Airlines is as follows:

  • 30 minutes before the departure for Neighbour Island flights.
  • 45 minutes before the departure for North American flights.
  • 60 minutes before departure is only for international flights.

Note: The above timings are the minimum check-in timings. It is good to check in with the departure airports because every airport is different.

Suggested Time for Check-in

  • 1.5 minutes before the departure for Neighbour Island flights.
  • 2.5 minutes before the departure for North American flights.
  • 3 minutes before departure is only for international flights.

The above timings are considered the best when it comes to check-in for a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Similarly, arriving earlier reduces the chances of risk of a flight.


Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy offers customer friendly costs than other airlines, especially for flights flying between the neighbouring islands. Similarly, this policy is more restrictive for credit cardholders and Elite members. Passengers with Elite members and credit cardholders get free baggage. The carry-on policy of the airline allows you to carry a full-size bag and one personal item on all reservations.

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