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Can You Take Cigarettes on Planes?
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Can You Take Cigarettes on Planes?

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Are you a smoking freak and going to board a plane? You must understand the rules of the particular airlines and country you are flying to if you want to pack your favorite bundle of joy with you. The TSA can give you permission to take cigarettes in your carry-on, checked bag or on your body.

However, policies can differ with the airlines. Therefore, knowing everything in advance can help you avoid penalties during security checks at the airport. You may need to face the consequences if you break the rules and put other passengers’ lives at threat.

So, if you are thinking how you can take cigarettes on a plane without messing with the security rules, then this blog will help you. Here you will get all the information on how you can carry a cigarette safely.

Can I Carry Cigarettes in My Carry-on?

Yes. According to the Transportation Security Administration cigarettes are a legal product. Therefore, you can carry cigarettes on any U.S based airline in carry on, checked baggage or on the body. However, no airline allows you to smoke on flights.

In case of Vaping devices and e cigarettes you can carry them only in carry on and not in checked luggage.
Besides this, airlines allow you to carry unlimited cigarettes on domestic flights. However, for international flights, it can be only 200 cigarettes.

Apart from this, whether you can carry cigarettes or not and if yes then how much depends on the country you are flying to.
For example, the U.S. does not permit cigars in some countries. However, you can carry them during your journey to the UK.

Please note that you can not light a cigarette on the flight. However, you can use the designated areas before flight.

How Many Cigarettes Can You Take on a Plane?

There is no limit for domestic flights as per TSA. However, that is not the case with international flights.
You may need to keep the certain limits in your mind that depend on Custom rules of the country you are flying to
So, you can usually expect a minimum of 200 cigarettes for most of the countries. However, they may have different limits for cigars.

For Example,

United States: You can carry 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars while flying to the U.S.

Therefore, you need to pay the additional charges when you want to carry more than this limit.

Can I Pack A Cigarette Lighter in Checked Baggage?

You can pack a lighter in the checked baggage if it is a disposable and Zippo one. However, you can also carry up to two fueled lighters in adherence with the Department of Transportation. DOT allows you if you carry them in an approved case.

Does Airline Put Age Limit For Taking Cigarettes on Plane?

Generally, there is no age limit on taking cigarettes on a plane. However, age can be a factor depending on the specific country’s rules and regulations. Therefore, you must adhere to their laws.

For Example:

In the United States, you can not sell tobacco products such as cigarettes or cigars to adults below 21 years of age.
Accordingly, passengers can bring cigarettes depending on the limit such as 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars.


If you are an adult 21+ flying from returning from American Samoa then the above limit is 100 cigarettes per month for you.

Does TSA Scan Cigarettes?

Yes. TSA can scan cigarettes as most of them have advanced x-ray technology. However, you do not need to worry as it is legal to carry a cigarette. However, take care of the limit if you have an international flight.

Will TSA Confiscate Cigarettes?

No. TSA will not confiscate your cigarettes until you follow the rules for carrying them. As per TSA , you can easily travel with cigarettes, and tobacco items. However, in no case you can light up your cigarette on the flight. There is no limit on carrying cigarettes for a domestic flight. However, you must check out the age limit and cigarette limit for international flight.

How Many Packs of Cigarettes Allowed in International Flights?

Every airline allows you to carry one carton which is around 200 cigarettes without questioning. However, for more than 200, you need to inform the airline in advance and may need to pay the taxes. Further, some countries strictly prohibit smoking. Therefore, take care of this.

Can You Take an Open Cigarette Pack on The Plane?

Yes. You can take an open cigarette pack on the plane. However, you can not light it on the flight. You can keep the cigarette in your carry-on or in your pocket.

Do I Need to Pay A Penalty If I Smoke on The Plane?

Yes. If you try to smoke on the plane you may need to bear the consequences such as

  • Airline will charge you a fee upto $4000 or
  • You can end up being in jail.

So, it is a punishable offence when you try such attempts that put the other passengers life at threat.

What Rules TSA Requires You to Follow for Cigarette Related Items?

TSA also has rules for cigarette-related items. If you want to learn about them, go through the points below:

E-Cigarettes and Vapes: As per TSA rules you can carry e-cigarettes and vapes only in your carry-on luggage. It consists of lithium-ion batteries that can cause fire. Apart from that make sure that vapes are matching the limit requirements of TSA.

Match Sticks: You can carry only one safety match stick pack with you. However, you can not use that while on board.

Lighters: You can only put the cigarette lighters in your carry on bag.

Cigar Scissors: You can carry Cigar scissors. However, airlines only allow it in your checked baggage because of security purposes.

Tobacco Pipes: Airlines allow you tobacco pipes in carry-on and checked baggage.

Cuban Cigars: The U.S government has completely banned the Cuban Cigars. Therefore, you can not bring them on a US flight.

How to Pack Your Cigarettes Safely in Your Luggage?

If you are still concerned about the safety of your cigarettes then you can use the following tips:

  • Use bubble cover to pack your cigarettes to give them extra security.
  • Similarly put the cigarette in a case and tape them together.
  • Use a hard case that can keep the cigarettes safe.

It also keeps things handy for you. Further, keep the taped cigarette cases in a plastic pouch. Place the pouch at a safe place in your luggage.


So, you longer need to worry about whether you can carry your cigarettes on the plane or not. Above information is enough to help you pass the security check at the airport. Apart from this, you can easily board the flight with your favorite cigarette in the pouch. However, keep the safety instructions in mind that require “no smoking on board”. So, you can board the flight stress-free.

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