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What To Do If You Miss Your Flight on JetBlue?

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Anyone can miss their flight due to events that might happen at the last minute. Such delays could be due to any personal problem or issue with the aircraft. The JetBlue Missed Flight policy will help those passengers if they miss their flight with this airline.

The air carrier offers this policy for those who miss flights for multiple reasons. It has several clauses that help passenger rebook their reservation. You can also read the details to learn how the rules of this policy will apply to your booking.

Read and find out the details of missed flight policy here.

Jetblue Missed Flight Policy

When passengers miss their flight, there is a lot of confusion regarding the standby list and other options. Hence, the airline has laid down some rules that help travelers and staff uses alternatives for missed reservations.

Hence, read and find out what are the conditions of JetBlue Missed Flight policy for smooth travel:

  • A flat tire 2-hour policy applies on all missed flight reservations. Hence, flights within 2 hours of a late arrival will be available.
  • However, a standard fee to rebook the flight would also apply for missed flights.
  • Further, passengers can request for same-day flight change after they miss the flight.
  • A missed flight JetBlue rebooking fee may be waived if the delay is due to a medical emergency. However, the passenger must attach supportive documents.
  • Also, you are obligated to inform the airlines when you think you will miss the flight when you can’t make it to the airport on time.
  • Besides, the airline will compensate you under the JetBlue Missed Flight policy if you’ve missed a flight due to their fault.
  • The fee chargeable for flying on an alternative flight after the missed flight depends upon the reasons for being late, the destination, and the itinerary of the reservation.
  • When you miss a connecting flight with JetBlue, inform the airline agents immediately.

To seek more assistance regarding the missed flight, you can reach out to a JetBlue CRO at 800-538-2583. The phone numbers for your region are available on the official site.

What Happens If You Miss A JetBlue Flight?

In many cases, passengers who miss a flight or are close to missing their flight are in an emergency. Hence, they can’t inform the airlines in advance. Sometimes, they miss their reservation by a few minutes, as they arrive at the airport only a few minutes later.

Standby relief is available only when you arrive within 2 hours of the flight’s scheduled take-off. Under all these conditions, the standard rules of missed flight jetblue policy for same-day standby will apply. The conditions are as follows:

  • Standby flight reservation is subject to availability. It isn’t guaranteed as the number of scheduled flights varies daily.
  • You may have to pay an additional JetBlue Missed Flight fee of USD 75 to reserve a seat on another flight. This fee may vary as per the initial booking. 
  • Hence, arrive and inform the airline as soon as possible to reduce the rebooking or standby charges.
  • Lastly, the standby rules apply to connecting Jetblue flights, but the fee might be applied differently for that service.

How Do I Rebook My Missed Flight Jetblue Airlines?

You can rebook your Jet blue missed flight both offline and online. If you immediately rebook another flight, you can reduce or avoid the extra travel cost altogether. Follow the method easily accessible to rebook your missed flight swiftly:

Rebook Through The Official Website

You can rebook your flight through the official JetBlue website to save money on the additional service fee. It is a convenient, easy, and cost-saving option. Follow the step-by-step method to rebook the missed flight:

  • Visit the official website
  • Further, go to the homepage and find the book option.
  • Select flights where you can fill destination and dates for your flights.
  • Besides, mention the type of trip (round trip, one-way route).
  • Click the search flight button and pick the flight you wish to rebook.
  • Also, pay the necessary fee once you’ve picked up the JetBlue Missed Flight.

Subject to availability, you will receive a confirmation message. Print your boarding pass from your home or airport using the message. However, you might have to pay more at the airport to print the boarding pass.

Call Customer Service To Rebook JetBlue Flights

Domestic passengers prefer calling the official customer service as it resolves the issue instantly. You may have to pay a fee to use the missed flight jetblue policy, but you get flights faster, and the officials directly handle the flights:

  • Dial the JetBlue customer service number 877-538-8783.
  • Also, visit the website to find your region-specific phone number. 
  • Visit the contact us link and go to reach out through the phone link.
  • Further, choose your region to use the JetBlue Missed Flight policy.
  • Once you dial the respective phone number, wait for the IVR to connect.
  • Let the person know you’ve missed the flight and wish to rebook another flight.
  • The executive will check the eligibility and availability of desired flight.
  • Finally, pay the required amount as a standby fee and receive a confirmation email.

According to the JetBlue missed flight rules, you can contact customer service 24/7, any time of the week. You will receive a response promptly.

Jetblue Delayed Flight Missed Connection Policy

As per the official site of JetBlue, you can seek assistance when you miss your flight connection at the airport. It means that you’ve already completed a part of your journey. Here, the airline may compensate or assist you in booking another flight depending upon the reason for missing the booking.

  • Firstly, passengers may miss the connection when the airline is at fault. Overbookings and issues with the aircraft are common reasons for JetBlue missed connections.
  • In such cases, the airline will rebook the next flight for you without an additional fee. 
  • Flyers missing their flight due to personal issues will get into the standby list, subject to availability. They might also have to pay the fee to be on the standby list.
  • The JetBlue rebooking fee can be anywhere between $75 to $200. 
  • However, the airline isn’t responsible when the connection is not from JetBlue airlines.

The airline won’t compensate you when your connecting flight is delayed or missed due to uncontrollable factors such as weather issues, bird strikes, or riots. In such case, it will board you on the next flight for free.

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