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Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

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Have you booked your flight with Breeze and now seeking cancellation? You should understand Breeze Airways cancellation policy before you cancel your ticket. It will help you recognize circumstances when you can revoke a flight for a refund. Here, it’s noteworthy that Breeze Airways does not offer refundable tickets.

However, certain circumstances do qualify you for a free cancellation, provided that you cancel within 24 hours of making the reservation. Check the information below to gain an in-depth knowledge on Breeze cancel flight rules.

Understanding Breeze Airways Cancellation Policies

Breeze Airways policy for cancellation helps you understand different scenarios that can develop during cancellation of flight tickets. Therefore, follow the Breeze cancellation policy to secure your ticket amount.

  • Breeze Airways always sells nonrefundable tickets
  • You receive the refund as – ‘travel credits’, and not the money.
  • A full refund is issued on cancelling the flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • However, 24-hour cancellation is only applicable when 7 days are remaining in flight departure.
  • Flight Credits for Breeze Airways cancelled flights get redeposited to the Breezy Rewards.
  • However, they have a validity of two years.
  • Next, when you cancel a no-flex fare, Breeze Airways issues you partial travel credit, which also depends on the cancellation date.
  • You can not cancel a no-flex fare in the last one hour of flight departure.
  • On doing so, the entire ticket will get nonrefundable.

How Partial Flight Credit Works for No Flex Fares?

Breeze Airways does not allow changes to No-flex fares. However, the passenger can cancel the entire ticket. Further, Breeze Airways issues you a flight credit for cancelling No Flex Fare tickets. Therefore, the below table will give you detailed information on how many credits you get:

Day of CancellationFlight Credit
When you cancel a flight ticket 60 days prior to departureFull amount
When you cancel between 15 and 60 days prior to departure50 percent of ticket amount
When you cancel flight ticket between 1 hour and 14 days25 percent of the ticket amount
When you cancel flight ticket within 1 hour of departureNothing

Breeze Airways Refund Policy

Cancelled your flight ticket and worried about a refund? You must understand the refund policy of Breeze Airways. Check the information below to gain a comprehensive insight.

  • You receive a refund for the cancelled part when Breeze revokes your flight.
  • The airline credits the refund to the original source of payment.
  • Refund processing takes 7 to 10 business days.
  • For cash and check payments, it takes 20 working days.
  • A full refund is offered when you cancel within 24 hours of booking.
  • You get the refund in the form of travel credits.
  • In case of Breeze point refunds, check your Breezy Rewards Account in 24 hours.
  • When you fail to cancel the flight one hour prior to departure, the airline charges the full ticket amount.
  • If you cancel the Bundle fares one hour before flight departure, you receive Breeze points in your Breezy Rewards Account.

Cancelling a Flight with Breeze: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the simple steps to cancel:

  • Visit the Breeze Airways website.
  • Then, go to the “My Trips “ section.
  • Next, choose the flight for cancellation.
  • Further, tap on “Cancel Flight for Breeze Points.”
  • Click on “Continue” button

The airline will send you an email for the cancelled flight.

Is it proving to be difficult to complete the cancellation process on the Breeze Airways website? You can use the chat option. It will connect you to the Guest Empowerment Team. Further, you can share your concern for flight cancellation in chat. Provide the agent with the requested details and the person will help you in the cancellation.

Note: If the timing of the query does not match your schedule, the airline will contact you back.

The Price you Pay for Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation

Breeze does not charge for cancellation. However, you can receive the refund in the form of BreezePoints only. Apart from that, the timing of Breeze Airways flight cancellation and the fare type affect the flight credit you get. Accordingly, the following situations develop:

  • If you cancel your flight ticket within 24-hour of reservation, airline gives you flight credit equivalent to your ticket amount back.
  • And if you cancel it after 24 hours, then flight credit will differ depending on the day you cancel the flight ticket.
  • It’s apparent that Breeze Airways charges the cancellation fee in the form of flight credit.
  • Further, fare type influences the BreezePoints.
  • If you want cancellation for Nice fare(lowest fare type) then you get the lowest BreezePoints on cancellation.
  • However, for Nicer fare (Average fare type), you get average BreezePoints.
  • Similarly, for Nicest fare(Highest fare type), you get the highest BreezePoints.

Note: If Breeze Airways cancel your flight , then you can only expect a refund to your original payment account. Also, there will be no cancellation fee on that.

How Often Does Breeze Cancel Flights?

As per a reliable data source, Breeze had cancelled over 400 flights out of 14500 in the recent past. In percentage, it amounts to 2.75%.


The information provided in the blog on Breeze Airways cancellation policy must have cleared all your doubts. Thus, you can easily cancel your flight ticket without losing its value. Although Breeze Airways does not provide customer service on call, live chat is always available to contact a representative.


How do I contact a Breeze Airways live agent for flight cancellation?

Breeze Airways does not provide customer service on call. Therefore, use the chat option to contact a real person at Breeze Airways. Apart from that, click the form here and provide your details like text number and email id. The agent will contact you.

Can I get a full refund on cancelling my Breeze airways flight?

Yes. You get a full refund on cancellation within 24 hours of ticket reservation. Also, seven days should be there in flight departure.

What is Breeze delayed flight policy?

According to Breeze Airways delayed flight policy, you can cancel for free if the flight gets delayed by more than 2 hours.

Is flight change possible with Breeze Airways?

Yes. You can change or cancel a flight one hour before your flight departure, provided that you purchased a bundle fare. However, it is not possible to change the flight when you have bought a No Flex Fare.

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