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Frontier Airlines Seat Selection – Pick a Seat
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Frontier Airlines Seat Selection – Pick a Seat

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Completing a journey was never as much fun as it is with Frontier Airlines. The moment you board a flight, you may look for a comfortable seat on board. However, you may need to pay the Frontier Airlines seat selection fee that differs from the seating option you choose.

So, you do not need to worry about your seat, as Frontier gives you several options. You may have dreamt of a specific seat on the plane, and Frontier makes it true. It takes complete care of your back by offering ergonomically designed extra leg space seats.

While booking a flight ticket, you can go through the Frontier plane seat map for seating arrangements. Further, you can navigate the map for seat type and its cost. However, seat selection at Frontier comes with policies attached to it.

So, the information below will help you learn more about how seat selection works at Frontier.

How Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Policy Works?

Choosing a seat is equally important for comfy seating throughout the journey. However, to get that seat smoothly, you need to follow the Frontier Airlines seat selection policies mentioned below:

  • Frontier Airlines lets you pick a seat while booking, after booking, or at check-in. However, 45 minutes must be there for flight departure.
  • Further, the airline can charge a seat selection fee depending on the seat type.
  • Similarly, the airline can allow free seat selection only when you have elite 20k status or eligible credit cards.
  • The airline gives you various seating options, such as standard and Stretch seating.
  • You can select your seat online by airline website or by calling its customer service.
  • The seat you are looking for is subject to availability. So, choose your seat in advance while reserving a flight if you do not want to miss a specific seat.
  • Further, the airline may block some seats for security reasons. Therefore, you can choose those seats only when you are able to help the security in case of emergency.
  • The flight attendant may ask you to change the seat to another in an emergency.
  • Similarly, the airline has a different set of rules when you travel with children equal to or below 13 years of age. You can check them here.
  • You will still get a seat if you forget to select it while booking the flight or after or during check-in for free. However, it may not be your desired seat.

Note: For detailed information on Frontier Airlines seat selection policy, browse its website. Otherwise, you can dial 720-902-3969 or +1-860-374-7569 to connect to its customer service.

When Can You Pick Seats on the Frontier?

No doubt you have access to the comfy and comfortable seat on the Frontier. However, when you can pick your seat, it must be wandering into your mind. Therefore, you can check out the information below that will help you with different stages of seat selection.

Stage 1 While Booking the Flight Ticket: The airline lets you to select your desired seat, such as the front or exit row seat, at the best price. The sooner you book your seat on a Frontier Flight, the better chance you have to sit together with your group.

Stage 2 After Flight Booking: You can complete Frontier seat selection after booking a flight. For that, you just need to visit its website or call its customer service and follow the guided instructions. However, you will get your desired seat subject to availability.

Stage 3 During Frontier Online Check-in: You can request a Frontier seat during online check-in that starts 24 hours prior to departure. However, the chances that you will get your favorite seat are very low.

Note: You need to pay a fee for selecting a preferred seat. However, the airline assigns you a seat automatically for free when you skip the seat selection process.

How to Pick and Book Seats on Frontier Airlines?

You can easily select and reserve your seat using the information below:

  • Select A Seat During Booking
  • Visit the Frontier Airlines website
  • Enter departure and arrival details
  • Further, enter the number of passengers, date, and other details.
  • Then, click on submit.
  • A number of flight options will appear on the screen.
  • Once you finalize a flight, look for the select seat option.
  • Then, a seat map, including seating arrangements, will come on the screen.
  • Choose your preferred seat type and
  • Finally, make the payment.

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Online- After Booking:

  • Visit Frontier website
  • Scroll to “My trips” option.
  • Then, enter login details like passenger name and booking number
  • Further, choose a flight for which you need seat selection
  • Then, Frontier Airlines seat map will show on the screen
  • Select your seat, including Window, Aisle, etc.
  • Finally, make the payment and
  • Receive the updated ticket in your email.

Note: You can use the Frontier Airlines seat selection app to get your favorite seat. Follow the same process mentioned above when opening the Frontier mobile application.

Select a seat while Check-in Online:

  • First, finish your check-in process
  • Then, go to select a seat option
  • Then, choose the one from the seat chart.
  • Review the booked seat details.
  • Lastly, make the payment and
  • Receive your boarding pass through email.

Note: You can connect with Frontier customer service if you find any difficulty selecting your seat.

What Are The Seating Options Available with Frontier?

Frontier Airlines provides different seating options at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can choose from the two main options of Frontier, which are

  • Standard Seating: You get a pitch between 28 and 31 inches when you choose a standard seat.
  • Stretch Seating: You get a pitch range between 36 and 38 inches when you select a stretch seat. So, here is why Stretch seating is different:
    Extra leg space
    Ergonomically designed seats
    Priority while deboarding
    Reclinable seats
    The comfort of using laptop
    Preference during inflight services

Note: The width of seats varies depending on their location on the aircraft and flight type. In addition to that, each seating option has a different charge.

Further, you can consider booking a Frontier bundle, which includes seat selection, baggage, and other amenities.

Works Bundle

  • Carry on bag
  • Checked bag
  • Seat selection
  • Priority Boarding
  • Flight Flexibility
  • Full Refund if required
  • Free of cost changes 24 hours before departure

Perks Bundle

  • Carry on bag
  • Checked bag
  • Seat selection

Note: You can not select a stretch seat in the Perks bundle.

How Much Does Seat Selection Cost at Frontier Airlines?

You may require to pay a Frontier seat selection cost that differs with the following factors:

  • Seat type
  • Flight route
  • Timing of seat selection, etc.
  • Accordingly, the airline may require you to pay the following
  • For Standard Seating: A fee between $17 and $55 depending on the seat position.
  • For Stretch Seating: A fee between $35 and $70, depending on the seat placement on the aircraft.

You may need to pay a stretch seating fee for every part of your journey when you book a connecting flight.

Hence, the table below will explain it better.

Timing of Seat SelectionStandard SeatingStretch Seating
During booking and when there is 24 hours for departureStarts at $5Starts at $16
Online check-inStarts at $7Starts at $18
Calling customer serviceStarts at $16Starts at $56
Ticket counter/Kiosk at AirportStarts at $16Starts at $56

Note: The above charges are subject to change. So, check the airline website for the latest fees.

Can You Select Seats For Free on the Frontier?

Yes. You can select a seat for free on Frontier in the following situation:

  • When you have an Elite 20k status
  • When you have the appropriate credit card to get an adjustment with the seat selection fee, for example,
    American Express Platinum Card: Avail $200 credit per year
    American Express Business Platinum Card: $200 credit per year
    The Hilton Aspire Card of American Express: $250 credit per year
  • When you skip the seat selection and the airline assigns you a seat itself.

Sum Up!

So, Frontier has immense to provide when it comes to seating options. Therefore, you can take advantage of Frontier Airlines seat selection using the above information. Select from the seating options of Frontier and complete your journey comfortably. However, everything good comes with a cost. That also applies to seat selection with Frontier. So, you can contact Frontier agent 720-902-3969 or +1-860-374-7569 to understand its policies and fee structure better.

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