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Emirates Group Travel – One Reservation for A Group
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Emirates Group Travel – One Reservation for A Group

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Planning a journey with our group always excites us. However, expensive flight tickets may be forcing you to lose your mind. Then consider booking Emirates group travel tickets and save a lot on your flight tickets.

Emirates offers exclusive discounts on group tickets. However, before that, it is important to understand when you can book a group flight. Therefore, even if you are reserving group travel with Emirates for the first time, the below guide will help you.

So, let’s proceed further to understand how you can make the most out of group tickets with Emirates.

What is Considered Emirates Group Travel?

Emirates group booking refers to when 10 or more people travel together on the same itinerary and flight. They can book flight tickets in
Economy Class
Business Class
First Class.

What is the Group Policy for Emirates Flights?

Group flight booking policies are the rules that passengers need to consider to book an Emirates group travel smoothly. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free ticket booking for your group, look at the below points:

  • Firstly, you can reserve a group flight only when you have more than nine passengers in your group.
  • Secondly, all the passengers must be flying on the same itinerary.
  • Similarly, Emirates Airlines can charge a fee to confirm a group ticket reservation. The fee is nonrefundable.
  • Further, the airline requires passengers to make a nonrefundable deposit within seven days of the flight ticket. However, departure must be after 60 days.
  • Passengers must inform the Emirates agent about special language needs 30 days prior to departure.
  • Similarly, passengers can make the group travel seat selection at least 7 days prior to scheduled departure.
  • The airline allows name change for free 30 days prior to the flight. After that, they need to pay a fee of $50.
  • Further, airlines may provide different payment options like credit cards, cheques, etc.
  • Next, passengers can contact the airline for any particular meal requirements 24 hours before Emirates flights.

Note: For more clarity on the group booking policies of Emirates, visit its website or call its customer service.

Grab Benefits of Emirates Group Booking

You must have an idea of Emirates group travel policies. However, the following benefits will help you decide if you are still confused about reserving a group ticket:

  • Reduced Group Rates: You can avail best discounts on flight tickets through Emirates, everytime when you want to travel in a group. The airline understands your worries about expensive flight tickets, thus helping you plan a journey within your budget.
  • Comfortable Journey: The airline makes its best efforts to provide a comfortable boarding experience to its passengers. Therefore, you can expect spacious seats and wider cabins. So, you can enjoy it fully with your group.
  • Customized Itinerary Option: Emirates understands that every group is different, and so are its needs. Therefore, you can choose an option that suits your group requirements.
  • Free Name Change: Group tickets are eligible for free name change till 30 days prior to scheduled departure.
  • No Separate Ticket Needed: All the passengers in a group can travel on a single ticket. That saves time while Emirates group check-in at the airport.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The airline provides you with customer service throughout the group booking process. Therefore, you can get an immediate response to all your queries.
  • Inflight Entertainment: Emirates, keeping your entertainment in mind, makes music, movies, and other programs available on board.

How Do I Book Emirates Group Travel Easily?

Passengers can easily reserve a group flight by submitting an Emirates group booking form on the website. However, if you are still wondering how you can get group rates from the airlines, use the below information.

  • Book Emirates Airlines Group Travel Online
  • Firstly, Visit the Emirates website.
  • Then, go to the group travel section.
  • Open the group travel request form.
  • Provide the necessary details such as passenger details, group type, email ID, etc.
  • Then, compose a brief about the group.
  • Similarly, provide the other travel details like departure, arrival, journey date, and cabin class.
  • Then, provide other information and
  • Finally, tap on “submit”.

Further, the airline will contact you to provide the customized group travel price quotation. So you can proceed further with the offer if you accept it.

Note: You can also request a group ticket price on the Emirates group booking email address and wait for the response. Therefore, you can visit the airline website to check out the email ID.

Contact Emirates Customer Service for Group Rates

You can straightaway call Emirates group travel phone number (+1 800 777 3999) and receive an instant price quote for a group. You can check the below steps to connect with an Emirates agent.

  • Dial Emirates customer service number
  • Next, listen to the IVR guidelines properly.
  • Then, press a key to select a language
  • Similarly, press a key that connects with your concern.
  • Further, the airline representative will get in touch with you.
  • Share your concern for “group travel” with him.
  • The representative will provide the available option.
  • Choose an option that fits your group requirements.
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • At last, you are ready to board the flight with your travel buddies.

Types of Group Travel at Emirates

It is true that reserving a group ticket is easy at Emirates. However, understanding types of group travel can help you save more. So, let’s proceed further.

  • Religious Tour: You can take one step further in your religious journey when you complete it with your group. Therefore, Emirates takes all your worries for plane ticket booking and lets you completely focus on prayer.
  • Office Trip: You may want to look fresh and active while sitting at the meeting table. Emirates makes it possible for you by making the journey as comfortable as possible for you.
  • Sports Tours: The airline provides group ticket holders with a special baggage allowance to carry sports equipment. So, you can travel freely with your team.
  • Educational Trip: Emirates provides special facilities for students on board. So, teachers will never find an issue while carrying students on a trip. The flight attendants give them all the care they need.


So, you can easily book an Emirates group travel by using the above information. You need to keep the group booking policies in mind. Further, you can not cancel a group ticket for a single passenger. The airline will cancel the booking for the entire group. So, you can contact Emirates toll free number (+1 800 777 3999) to know more about the group ticket booking.

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