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How to Choose Your Preferred Seats on Air Canada?

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Do you love flying on Air Canada sitting on your favourite seats? Then, you must be looking for a process of how you can select the right seat. Therefore, understanding the rules for Air Canada seat selection can let you get a comfy and comfortable seat for your next trip.

Choosing a seat was never as easy as it is with Air Canada. The airline provides several ways to pick a seat. Further, you can pick from the standard and preferred seats for free or by paying a seat selection fee as per the policies.

So, proceeding further with this article will help you learn more about Air Canada seats and their fees.

Does Air Canada Let You Pick Seats?

Yes. Looking at the various seating needs of the passengers, Air Canada allows them to pick a seat.
During flight booking
After flight booking
While Online check in or
During Airport Check in

So, you can visit the Air Canada web page, download its mobile application, and choose a seat of your choice. However, you need to complete the Air Canada seat selection 24 hours before flight if you wait for online Check-in.

The airline allows you to pick a seat until 2 hours remaining in flight departure.
Further, Air Canada may charge a fee for choosing a preferred seat. But, you can skip this fee in some scenarios that you will know further in this article.

Things to Know Before Air Canada Seat Selection

It is true that choosing a seat is very easy with Air Canada. However, you should keep some specific things in mind:

  • You can select a standard seat for free till 24 hours after reservation.
  • After that, you may need to pay a fee depending on
    Fare class,
    Flight route and
    Seat type
  • Further, the airline does not allow free seat selection for basic or standard fare.
  • However, airlines may skip the fee for standard fares for long-haul flights on particular routes.
  • Further, Air Canada lets you choose a seat during flight booking.
  • You can also select the seat after flight booking through Air Canada website or mobile app.
  • Similarly, you can pick a seat while online. Check in 24 hours before the flight.
  • However, you can access seat selection through a website or app later than 2 hours prior to flight.
  • Air Canada provides you with seating options like Standard seats and preferred seats.
  • You need to pay a fee every time you select a preferred seat.
  • Next, airlines may not allow selecting exit row seats because of security reasons.
  • You may not get preferred seats on Star Alliance operated flights.
  • Further, the airline may not charge you for a preferred seat when you have a justified medical condition.
  • Similarly, airlines provide complimentary seat selection for higher fare classes.
  • You can not use Aeroplan points for Air Canada seat booking.

So, you can check out the detailed policies from the Air Canada website.

What are the Seating Options Available with Air Canada?

Air Canada offers two types of seating options to its passengers. It includes

  • Standard Seats
  • Preferred Seats

You must be wondering how the above two options differ. So, the answer is very simple. Both of them differ in their features. So, let us learn about them separately.

Standard Seats: When you select Air Canada standard seat, you get the following:

  • Free seat selection to all fare classes except basic and standard fares.
  • Complimentary seat selection on long-haul flights on some routes.
  • Regular seats with basic facilities.

Preferred Seats: These seats come with additional features like:

  • Opportunity to sit at exit rows.
  • Select a seat in the first few rows of the main cabin.
  • 4 inches wider space between seats
  • Extra legroom seat in bulkhead row
  • Priority while exit.

How to Book A Preferred Seat on Air Canada?

The airline provides the option to choose a preferred seat at different stages. So, you can easily complete your Air Canada seat selection process:

Stage1 During Flight Ticket Booking

  • Visit the Air Canada website
  • Select the trip type
  • Then, enter the departure and arrival airports
  • Next, choose travel date and cabin class
  • Further, enter other travel details
  • Then, click on flights
  • Choose a flight from different options.
  • Then, go to the “choose a seat” option.
  • Next, select the seat type as “Preferred Seat.”
  • Check the prices for the selected seat type
  • Further, provide the passengers details.
  • Tap on submit and Make the payment if applicable
  • The airline will mail the e-ticket with seat details.

You can get in touch with the airline representative if you do not get the email. Further, the agent will check the Air Canada seat map and provide the necessary response.

Stage 2 After Flight Reservation

  • Visit Air Canada website or mobile app
  • Further, go to the “My bookings” section.
  • Next, select a flight for which you want to book a seat.
  • Then, check out the available preferred seats on the seat map
  • Review the fee and seat type
  • Finally, make the payment, if needed

However, you can call the Air Canada phone number(1 (888) 247-2262) when you are unable to pick your seat online.

Stage 3 During Online Check-in

You can pick from the available seats while checking in on the Air Canada web page. The airline starts the online check-in, 24 hours prior to the flight.

  • Simply follow the guided process on the airline website.
  • Print the boarding pass or
  • The airline will send it to your phone.
  • Stage 4 While Check in using Kiosk at Airport
  • Visit any Kiosk at the airport
  • Select your airline
  • Provide PNR number
  • Then, look for available seat options
  • Check if any preferred seat is available.
  • Make the payment and print the flight ticket.

Note: Air Canada flights have limited preferred seats. So, it is better to select and book your seat in advance.

Does Air Canada Have Any Seat Selection Fee?

Yes. You may need to pay Air Canada seat selection fee to choose a desired seat. However, you do not need to pay for the seat when you reserve it in 24-hour grace period after the flight ticket reservation.

The above grace period is not available to passengers who purchase basic economy tickets.
Further, the fee may differ with the

  • Fare type,
  • Flight route and
  • Seat type(Standard/Preferred)

So, the table below explains the fee to select a standard seat.

Flight Route Basic FareStandard FareOther Fares
Inside Canada/ Between Canada and U.S.Starts from $14Starts from $14No fee
International Starts from $30Starts from $30No Fee
Particular Long haul international flights Starts from $30No feeNo Fee

Fee for Advance Seat Selection (Standard Seats) : The price of Advance seat selection for Standard seat can range between $14 and $90, depending on the fare type.

Preferred seat cost falls between $20 and $199 CAD/US. However, you can skip this fee in some situations.

Please note that the above prices are subject to change. So, check out the updated fee on the Air Canada website.

Elite Members Preferred Seat Benefits- Air Canada Renounced

As per the latest changes by Air Canada, passengers with Aeroplan Elite Status membership can standard and preferred seat for free. However, when can you select a seat depends on factors like
Your Elite Status
Fare Type and
Flight Type

You can hold any of the below Elite status with Air Canada and get a seat for free

No cost Preferred Seat Selection for Elite Member

Aeroplan Super Elite: You get this when you purchase a flex or standard fare ticket. Apart from this, you have Aeroplan flight rewards.

Aeroplan 75K: You get this when you earn 75,000 points by travelling with a Flex or Standard fare ticket.

Aeroplan 25K / 35k: You can receive this status when you fly inside Canada or Canada-US on Flex or Standard fare

Aeroplan 50K: Under this, airline allow you select a seat
For flights within North America: Anytime prior to departure.
For other destinations: while you check in
However, it is not applicable on Basic fares

No Cost Standard Seat Selection for Elite Member

Aeroplan 50K / 75 k / Super Elite: Passengers with this status can access the standard seats for free irrespective of their flight type. Only Basic economy fare can not enjoy this benefit.

On the other hand, Aeroplan members can not buy preferred seats using points. Further, preferred seat selection is not free for Star Alliance gold members.

Note: The above benefits are available to Elite members and its travel companions(maximum 8) in the similar booking on
Air Canada,
Air Canada Express, and
Air Canada Rouge flights.

Therefore, they are not available on codeshare flights and partnered airlines.

In addition, the changes made by Air Canada have removed the 50 percent discount policy for Preferred seats when you have Flex fares.


So, you can select a seat on Air Canada with or without a fee. The airline gives various options to select from, and accordingly, the cost differs. Therefore, the above information will help you easily choose a seat for your next trip with Air Canada. If you still have any questions, reach out to the Air Canada representative.

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