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How do I contact Alaska Airlines group travel?
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How do I contact Alaska Airlines group travel?

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Whether you are planning a trip with the family to the big destination, a wedding to the dream island, a friend’s day out, or a girls’ trip to the Big Apple, book the complete journey with Alaska Airlines group travel for your loved ones anytime and from anywhere.

They provide multiple options to reserve your travel in a group for the preferred companions. It totally depends upon the group’s needs and requirements on the plane to get the same in advance. One can communicate with the customer service experts, submit the online form, or share the group details by email. So, read out the following information and obtain complete knowledge about the group journey.

Methods to book Alaska Airlines group travel:

There are several ways to reserve group travel with Alaska Airlines for your destination. Look at the same and choose accordingly.

Book by the Phone:

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines group desk phone number at 1-800-445-4435 / +1-860-374-7569.
  • Follow the IVR voice instructions carefully.
  • Once you pick the preferred command, you can connect with customer service.
  • You can talk about the group reservation with them.
  • They can ask about the group details that you must provide.
  • Submit the quote and pay the necessary amount.
  • Get the confirmation about the same in your mail.
  • They are available from Monday to Friday between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT and on Saturday between 7:30 am to 6:00 pm PT.

Online Form:

Another way is to fill out the online group request form to submit the details. Here are the simple points that you can follow.

  • Firstly, the official Alaska Airlines site should be opened at
  • Go to the group booking section from the top.
  • Get the details of the travel that you can book.
  • Open the request form and enter the specific information.
  • Provide the group name, travel dates, number of passengers, destination, etc.
  • Enter the relevant quote for the group and submit.
  • Your group request will be forwarded to the experts immediately.
  • However, they will share the confirmation in your mail sometime.

Advantages of Alaska group booking:

Depending on the group travel needs, airlines are providing the two types of groups with separate advantages or features. The same is below, which you can check for your reference.

Travel separately:

Groups of 20 or more who are flying from multiple departure cities to a single destination can choose this group travel. Benefits or key features include:

  • Get the unique discount code online or through the travel agents.
  • According to the number of tickets purchased, obtain the tower conductor details.
  • Find the extended travel window that allows the travel upto three days after or before the event.
  • Airlines provide flexibility in choosing flight times according to personal convenience and need.

Group booking together:

When you contact the group booking desk or proceed online, you can get discounts for a group of 10 passengers traveling together. The advantages are given further.

  • Changes in the name are totally free before three days of the scheduled departure.
  • Airlines don’t require any minimum stay for the group.
  • No deposit is required to submit the group request.
  • After the three days of the actual take-off, pay a lesser name change fee.
  • By submitting the special fare agreement, obtain the set base fare for the group.
  • You do not need to submit any ticketing charge to the airlines.
  • Enjoy the advanced seating for your journey and sit in your preferred seats.
  • Earn the tour points or credits based on the number of tickets and the destination.

How far in advance should I book group travel?

Travelers must refrain from purchasing flight tickets for the group at the last minute. One of the best times to reserve the group travel is 115 to 221 days in advance of the actual take-off. This can save a huge amount of travel for each of the passengers.

What qualifies as a group for Alaska Airlines?

A group is considered to consist of a minimum of 10 or more travelers flying together. Depending on the destination, the journey can be round trip or one-way.

Is there a discount for booking group travel with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, airlines provide a discount code at the time of purchase that you can use online or with the customer service of the group travel desk. This will decrease the actual prices for your journey, so you can enjoy budget-friendly travel.

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