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How Do I Book United Airlines Group Travel?

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Are you looking to have fun with your favorite bunch of people? However, cheap flight tickets can be your real concern. Therefore, booking a United Airlines group travel can meet all your requirements.

Whether you want to travel in a large or small group, United Airlines always has an option for you. Groups Your Way by United Vacations is a result of it. Right from adventure trips with friends, sport tours to office trips, United Airlines provides special rates.

So, if you want to learn about the different ways United Airlines provides group travel, then the article below is for you.

Does United Airlines Have Group Rates?

United Airlines provides special group rates when you book a group ticket. The airline minimum group limit can differ according to the type of group tour. For example

  • When you plan a trip with your family, friends, and colleagues, the Passenger limit is 10
  • However, when you plan a sport tour: The airline requires only six passengers. However, this limit is applicable only for
    Travel within the United States
    Travelling to and from Puerto Rico
    Travelling to and from Canada

However, you can use it on United Airlines-operated flights only.

You just need to fill out the group travel request form, and the airline will send you the price quotation.

Different Types of Group Tours with United Airlines

United Airlines divides groups into two categories: Group and Sports Teams. Let us understand them in detail.


United Airlines puts you in this category if you travel with ten or more people on the same flight to the same destination. Under this, United Airlines provides you the following benefits:

  • Priority check in
  • Seperate help desk
  • Guaranteed Special Fare for the entire group
  • Free name change depending on the agreement
  • Flexibility to pay partial or entire amounts.

Sports Teams

United Airlines has a special limit for passengers traveling for sports purposes on the same flight. Therefore, you can book this United Airlines group travel when you have six or more team members. Further, the airline give you the following benefits inside it:

  • You can provide the team members name in 24 hours of reservation.
  • It does not include Saturday and Sunday
  • Similarly, United Airlines does not charge a change fee.
  • However, fare differences can apply.
  • Further, United Airlines allows one name change for free to each passenger.
  • But only when they make it a day before the flight date.
  • You may need to pay $100 when you make the name change the same day.
  • Similarly, you get the special fare for the group.

Different Ways to Book Group Travel with United Airlines

Funjet Vacations provides group travel in two different ways. You can book this with a minimum of 5 rooms. Therefore, check what matches your requirements by going through the information below:

First: Contracted Group

You can book a contracted group with a minimum of 10 rooms. Therefore, you get the following benefits when you book a contracted group travel

  • Flexible payment
  • Free cancellation for the entire group
  • Block price and inventory

How Contracted Group Works?

United Airlines representatives will block the inventory( flight plus hotel) once your hotel selection completes. So you can expect the following while booking a contracted group.

  • Complimentary accommodation
  • Upgrades on rooms
  • Customized guest reservation web page
  • You can get $2000 group credit on direct vacation flights (When you use Funjet Vacations Anytime group credit.
  • Further, you can earn the credit with a minimum of 15 passengers.
  • Pay as less as $50 for each passenger or
  • As less as $500 for entire group when you book less than 39 rooms in hotels(part of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)
  • Cancellation and payment flexibility(pay it 70 days before the flight)
  • You can also ass the United Travel Protection Plus, as it will help you in adverse situations.
  • VIP experiences from Amstar DMC.
  • Apart from this, if you want to add more amenities or rooms, you can contact the United Airlines representative.

Who is eligible to buy a contracted group?

You can book the United Airlines contracted group travel for 10 or more rooms. However, on selected hotels, you can book this vacation even for 5 or fewer rooms. Therefore, it is an ideal option for passengers who do not want to miss a price.

Second: Group Ease Program

Unlike a contracted group, you do not lock the price and inventory. Therefore, you can book a separate itinerary with a group of at least 5 rooms. It does not require an agreement for the Group Ease Program (Apple Vacations).

  • Benefits you get
  • Discount promo code
  • Flight credit for direct flights and
  • Other Group ease benefits

However, when you need less than 5 rooms, then connect with the airline representative directly. He will help you in every possible way.

How can you Book a Travel Under the Group Ease Program?

You can easily book it by following the below information:

Select Destination / Hotel / Check-in Date
United Airlines always wants you to get the best for your investment. Therefore, under GroupEase program provides premium hotels in

You simply need to email at [email protected] mentioning the destination you look for. Further, a representative will get back to you with all the details about the properties.

Call Representative for GroupEase Code

You can connect with a representative through phone or email. Further, provide them details like passengers name, travel date, destination, and hotel you want. Next, you will get the mail with the following information:

  • Confirmation code
  • Percentage of discount
  • Other group travel benefits

Further, share the discount code with your group members. Similarly, you can use the promo code while making the final payment.

Please note that you can contact the representative for group vacation booking by emailing [email protected].

How Does the United Airlines Boarding Process Work?

United Airlines boarding process starts between 40 and 50 minutes before the flight and 15 minutes before. However, the airline provides boarding in groups. United Airlines has 7 boarding groups, and accordingly, you get the chance to board the flight:

Pre Boarding

  • United Airlines put you in this group
  • When you need special assistance
  • When you are an unaccompanied minor
  • When you are traveling with children equal and under 2
  • When you are an active military personnel.
  • When you have a membership for
    Global services
    Premier 1K

Group 1

  • You get this group when
    You have a membership for
    Premium Platinum
    Star Alliance Gold
  • You have purchased a cabin in
    United Polaris
    United First
    United Business

Group 2

United Airlines assigned you this group when

  • You have a membership for
    Premier Silver
    Star Alliance
  • You have purchased
    Premier Access
    Priority Boarding
  • You are a card member of
    United Explorer,
    Club and
    Presidential Plus

Group 3

When you have a window or exit row seat in

  • Economy Plus
  • United Economy

Group 4

When you have a middle seat in

  • Economy Plus and
  • United Economy

Group 5

You get this group when you have an Aisle seat in

  • Economy Plus and
  • United Economy

Group 6

This last group is for passengers who have

  • Basic Economy or
  • Those who do not have a group number on the boarding pass

Please note that you can get boarding in group 2 even with a basic economy ticket.

  • When you are a premier member
  • When you are a Chase card member or
  • Star Alliance Gold member


So, you can easily book United Airlines group travel when you fulfil the minimum passenger requirement. Therefore, you can use the above information to make your group vacation more joyful. Further, you can contact a United Airlines representative to learn more about the United vacations.

Further, you can contact a United Airlines representative by mailing at [email protected]. Or by calling at 844-904-0187 for vacation packages.

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