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How to make a Qatar Airways group booking?

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Are you searching for cheaper flight prices for your next group vacation? Consider booking Qatar Airways group travel as it provides excellent discounts when you travel with ten or more passengers.

Qatar Airways is a world-class airline that offers special fares for group ticket reservations. So, whether you are looking for a group tour with family or want to go on sports, education, or office tours, you will always find the right deal with Qatar Airways.

No matter which destination you are flying to, Qatar Airways dedicated customer service is there to assist you. So, let us learn more about how you can request a group booking with Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Group Travel-Benefits

  • Reduced special fare
  • Flexibility to pay 7 days before the flight
  • Book a group ticket now and provide the passengers list later.
  • Flexibility to get an additional baggage allowance for a fee.
  • Special check-in counter for the group when you request in advance.
  • Opportunity to sit together.

Various Types of Groups Available on Qatar Airways

Want to book a group ticket with Qatar Airways? Then you must know about the various group options available with the airline. Different passengers may have different taste when it comes to travelling. Looking at this, Qatar Airways provide group tours in following categories:

Sport Tour

Are you ready to win your next game? Then, focus only on your strategies to play well and leave the rest to Qatar Airways. With Qatar Airways group travel deals, booking a group ticket for a team is no longer a burden on the pocket.

Family Trip

Holidays are the best time to strengthen your bond with the family. However, expensive flight tickets can pull your feet back. In that case, locking group fares at Qatar Airways proves a real benefit for you.

Education Tour

You must have heard the quote that “ We learn more by doing and observing rather than theory”. And, travelling is the best way to experience the world in its true sense. So, you can educate yourself by booking student tours to historical or any other destination.

Other Tour

Apart from the above three group tours, you can reserve group tickets for the following:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Corporate events etc

Qatar Airways Group Booking Terms and Conditions

While booking a Qatar Airways group travel, you need to consider the following terms and conditions:

  • You need 10 or more passengers in your group.
  • Further, Qatar Airways requires you to deposit an amount in advance for your group booking.
  • Next, passengers can get a refund on the deduction of relevant charges. However, the amount depends on
    Reason to cancel.
  • Qatar Airways does not allow an infant for the group ticket.
  • However, you can request it by calling the airline representative.
  • Similarly, you can not modify a Qatar Airways group ticket only by calling its customer service.
  • Therefore, you can use the “Manage Booking” option on the airline website.
  • However, in some particular situations, airlines allow changes in reservations when producing the relevant documents.

How To Request A Group Quote on Qatar Airways?

You can use online and offline methods to request a group ticket on Qatar Airways. Simply go through the steps below:

Online Method: Through Website

  • Visit Qatar Airways website
  • Go to the “Group Travel” section
  • Then, click on the link
  • Further, check out the group reservation information.
  • On the next page, tap on “Request group quotation.”
  • Then, set up an account or enter details of the current account
  • Further, choose the group type
  • Next, mention your itinerary
  • Choose group size
  • Enter other requested information.
  • At last, submit the form.

The airline will check out the information and share a quote in your email. If you agree with the quote, then you can book the group travel on the Qatar Airways website.

For Offline

You can also call on Qatar Airways group travel phone number 1 (877) 777-2827 to request a quote. Follow the IVR commands and get connected to an airline representative. Once you share your group travel requirements to the agent, he will give you can offer accordingly.

Further, complete the payment if you are ok with the offer.

Airport: Qatar Airways allows you to request a group ticket at the airport. You simply need to visit the airline help desk and ask for a group quote. The airline representative will listen to your requirements and give the available group offers. You can choose any of them and make the payment.

Email: You can request a price quote for a group by sending an email to Qatar Airways. You can get the official email Id from the airline official website. Or

You can use the Email us section available on the website.

  • For that, you need to click on the Email us.
  • Then, enter your email ID,
  • Type the group quote, passengers requirements, and other details.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The airline will respond to your mail as soon as possible.

Categories of Groups Available for Travel Agents

Group reservations are when you want to reserve a flight for a group on a special fare. Under this, your respective agents can block the space for 10 or more passengers in advance through QR stations.

Accordingly, you can book the group tour in two categories:

Ad-Hoc Groups

If you want to book Qatar Airways group travel in this category, then you need to meet the following requirements:

  • All types of passengers can take advantage of this option.
  • However, the minimum number of passengers in a group trip must be
    10 for each departure: for Economy cabin class
    6 for each departure: for Business or First Class cabin
    10 for each departure: when your group consists of passengers in Economy / Business / First class cabin.

Note: You can use deferred payment methods in this group category. Accordingly, Qatar Airways requires confirmation for 80 percent of passengers.

Allotments Groups

Under this, Qatar Airways allows you to block 4-10 seats on the following basis.

  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • Monthly

So, you or your travel agent sign an agreement with the airline for a particular time period.

In addition, this group booking category has two subcategories:

Series: It is like booking multiple Ad-hoc groups together. Therefore, the airline has different conditions for them.
Negotiated Space: It is the same as Series groups. The difference is that only Amadeususer agents can sell them.

Note: You or your agent can request groups for all kinds of passengers for the following purposes:

  • Vacation
  • Religious
  • Meetings / Incentives / Conferences / Exhibitions
  • Students
  • Cruise
  • Sports etc


So, you can easily choose and book a Qatar Airways group travel on the website. However, you need to keep the above terms and conditions in mind. Besides this, the above information will help you book and complete a comfortable journey with your group. In addition, Qatar Airways customer service is always there to answer your queries.

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