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Sun Country Seat Selection
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Sun Country Seat Selection

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Were you looking for an ideal seat while you fly to your favorite destination with a low-cost airline? The Sun Country seat selection policy allows you to pick a preferred seat with a minimal fee. Usually, airlines charge a huge amount for this facility, but this isn’t the case with Sun Country.

For example, to choose the preferred seats on your next journey, you can pay $9 and sit together with your family members. Read more and find details of the booking, choosing, and changing your seat with Sun Country in this blog.

What is Sun Country’s seat selection policy?

Getting the right seat is one of the essential tasks along with booking the ticket. This is totally related to the comfort of the passengers to fly to a suitable location. So, booking the appropriate seat in advance is most important to save money also. But before that, you must be aware of the Sun Country seat selection policy to choose the seats. For this, you must proceed to the following points to enhance your knowledge.

  • If you booked your itinerary online, you can pick the desired seats within 24 hours of the purchase to eliminate any extra fees or charges.
  • If you move to select the seats within 24 hours, you need to pay extra fees or charges. The seating charges with sun country airlines depend upon multiple circumstances such as ticket type, availability, time left for the departure, destination, etc.
  • If you don’t pick the seats till the departure, then sun country will allot random seats for free.
  • Passengers having wheelchair assistance or mobility devices are not eligible to choose the seats at the emergency exit or in the front row of the plane.
  • If you need any special assistance or disability services, you can only request seats at the airport counters.
  • However, the seats in the emergency exit row are only assigned to the passengers who are medically fit and can handle the uncertain situation.

Tips to Acquire Good Seats on Sun Country Airlines

Many passengers wanted to save money to fly to their dream location at low prices. So, to get the seats at the best prices, it is essential to understand the sun country seat selection tips to make your journey smoother. Here is the complete information on all the tricks that you can follow.

  • Passengers can select the seats as early as possible or within 24 hours of the purchase on the international journey.
  • Travelers who don’t choose the seats upto departure are eligible for the free seat selection. So, wait for the Airlines to assign the seats at no charge.
  • Seats for free are also available at the time of check-in or upto 3 hours prior to the departure. During this time, you can choose the preferred seats of your choice and get the destination.

How do I select my seat on Sun Country Airlines?

Seat selection process is very simple, as you can do this in several modes. One of the most straightforward ways to determine the seats is online. If you want to be more familiar with the Sun country seat selection, you need to find the information below to choose accordingly.

  • To begin, you must access Sun Country Airlines’ official website at
  • With this, you can get the booking section from the site.
  • After that, log into the reservation account using the booking number/username and the last name.
  • You will access the booking with Sun Country Airlines that you have reserved.
  • From that, choose the appropriate flight for selecting the seats.
  • On the menu section, tap on the seat selection button.
  • You will acquire the seating criteria and map according to the travel class.
  • Therefore, you need to choose the comfortable seats and proceed further.
  • At last, pay for the seating, if any, and complete the procedure.
  • Sun Country Airlines will provide you with the confirmation message of your flight along with the seats at your registered email ID.

Besides the online seating, you can also communicate with the customer service team and obtain help. You can call the Sun Country Airlines phone number at 651-905-2737 and listen to the automated voice commands. Once you connect with customer service, you can ask for assistance with the reservation anytime, as they are available 24 hours a day.

How Can You Choose Your Seat In Sun Country?

To choose your seat when you are flying with Sun Country, select online while booking your reservation after you’ve booked the ticket or when you are going to check in for your flight. Otherwise, you can also pick your seat from the airport counter, which might cost more.

Booking your seat in advance is beneficial as you can choose from the 3D aircraft seat map. While booking the reservation, a six-digit code will be sent to your number to verify the seat preference.

How to Select a preferred seat on Sun Country Airlines?

A preferred seat on Sun Country is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hence, act fast and book before somebody else picks them up on their flight.

  • Passengers have to pay more when they pick their seats at the last minute at the airport.
  • Further, if you have an international flight, you can’t book seats when less than 24 hours are left for the flight’s departure.
  • Also, seat assignment from available seats during check-in is free of cost and attracts no fee.
  • Seat allotment is available till 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled take-off time.

However, if you want more details on the Sun Country Seat Selection process, freely call a 24/7 customer service executive who will assist you in booking or changing your seat assignment. They are your best point for help.

How Much Does Sun Country Charge For Seat Selection?

The sun country seat selection fee is $9 – $100 per segment per seat. The amount paid for choosing the chair depends upon seat location and additional amenities (legroom, recline, etc.). The entire cost for selecting the seat is non-refundable, regardless of your fare class.

However, passengers don’t need to pay a fee when the airline offers randomly assigned seats when they check-in for the flight. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I Choose My Seat on Sun Country Airlines For Free?

The seat on a Sun Country flight you pick during check-in is free. There are only limited seats left during online and offline check-in. You can visit the website and select from available options without paying any fee. You can also change the existing seat selection if your preferred seat is available.

What Are Sun Country Preferred Seats?

The preferred seat on your Sun Country flight is the “best” of all three options. It is located in the zone 2 area, which allows you to board early and exit early from the plane. Apart from 4” extra legroom, 150% more recline is available. In-seat power outlets, USB ports, and free entertainment on personal devices are other amenities available on preferred seating.

How Do You Select Seats On Sun Country after Booking?

The sun country seat selection process for best, exit row, standard, or priority seats is the same. You can pick these seats during or after booking your reservation. The procedure is as follows:

  • Visit the Sun country’s official site and go to the manage booking option.
  • Enter reservation code and last name. Press submit button.
  • Further, retrieve your booking and select a seat with a 3D map.
  • Pick your preference and arrive at a payment summary.
  • After the final selection, the airline will send you a confirmation message at the registered email ID.
  • After receiving the confirmation email, you can view your selection by logging in to your account.
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