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Spirit Airlines Big Seat Upgrade

Who doesn’t like a good space to relax on flight seats? Especially when you are traveling on long-haul flights. Spirit Airlines understands these requirements and thus brought extra legroom, wide armrest, and cushiony headrest. To get these facilities, look for Spirit Airlines Big seat upgrade now. Passengers planning to book Spirit Airlines flights can check the availability of these seats. Spirit big seats are available for both upgrade and direct bookings. 

This way, you can avoid regular seats on Spirit Airlines with no recline and extra legroom space. Not just this, Big seat upgrades on Spirit Airlines will unlock many features and benefits. It includes free snacks & drinks, extra carry-on, comfortable seats, and many other features.

Does Spirit Airlines have bigger seats?

Passengers used to travel on the regular deluxe seats of Spirit Airlines. And for more comfort, customers have no option but to spend more and get business/first-class seats. But now, Spirit offers bigger seats in exchange for a nominal fee. Spirit’s yellow Airbus jets have a few domestic first-class recliners arranged in a 2-2 configuration. You can upgrade to Spirit seats if you have booked your flight in regular seats.

Look for the availability of Spirit BIG FRONT SEATs on your existing flight bookings online using Spirit airline’s official site.

How are Spirit Big front seats different from regular seats?

Spirit Airlines offers BIG FRONT SEATs with larger seating for those who prefer extra space. These seats come with a 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width, providing 6″ more legroom than the standard seats of Spirit Airlines. All regular seats on Spirit planes are known as deluxe leather seats and offer only comfort seating without reclining. BIG FRONT SEATs can be purchased for an additional charge before or after booking, based on availability, on

Please note that guests requiring a seat belt extension cannot occupy seats equipped with an elastic seat belt. However, one can use a seat belt extension in a seat with an expandable seat belt to secure seat baggage. The rows with inflatable seat belts are as follows:

– Spirit aircraft A319: Rows 1, 4 & 5 (D, E, F)

– Spirit Aircraft A321 (32 B): Rows 1 & 3

– Spirit Aircraft A320 (32 A and 32 N): Rows 1, 3, 12 & 13

Is Spirit Airlines’ big seat upgrade worth it?

The accurate answer to the question of whether or not Spirit Big front seats are worth the upgrade lies in the individual perspective. While some are satisfied with the airline services on these big seats, many expect the facilities to be the same as first class on many airlines. However, here is what you can expect after reaching the airport for departure;

  1. Spirit offers a more comfortable travel experience on Bigger seats. So, you don’t have to worry about a companion who is a bit more healthy.
  2. You can expect free snacks, drinks, and beverages on some flights. This facility varies from flight to flight depending on the availability of sources.
  3. Ample, airy space for your legs that also allows you to place your baggage. Although, you will get a dedicated inflight space to keep your carry ones.
  4. Stay relaxed on the comfy seat as they are so comfortable to shut your eyes for good nap time. The airlines will also provide you with an amenity kit for self-care.
  5. The last and the best reason to select big front seats is their cost. The seats will offer you all the above and other benefits at an additional price. 

So you don’t have to spend much and get business class seats. Upgrade your seats to big Front Spirit and explore the magic of inflight comfort.

How much extra do I have to pay for Spirit Big Seat Upgrade?

 The price of Spirit Big Front Seat depends on your flight route and the availability of seats. As per Spirit Airlines upgrade policy, Big Front seats will cost you around 12- 250 USD. Also, one can pick a seat after booking and an hour before departure. Have a look at the experiments below to understand how Spirit Big Front seat upgrade pricing works:

  • Upgrading to Spirit’s Big Front Seats on a flight from Dallas to Atlanta costs $62 extra per direction, while the Spirit Bundle package during booking costs $69.50. The Boast package on Spirit Airlines includes early boarding, a checked bag, and seat selection. 
  • For a short-haul flight (say from Las Vegas to Los Angeles ), the Big Front Seat upgrade is 20- 39 USD each way. However, the Spirit bundle will cost 75 USD for one way. 
  • Meanwhile, a New York-LaGuardia to San Diego flight costs 75 USD for a Spirit bundle. Spirit Airlines will cost around 153 USD from passengers willing to upgrade to the Big Front Seat. 

Passengers with Gold elite status can get Big seats at even lower prices. However, there is no major difference in the pricing of upgrades for passengers with elite membership and without elite membership. One cannot be sure exactly how much they must pay before getting on the payment page after the upgrade process. So, the sole way to determine the cost of upgrading to Bigger seats is to complete the booking process. Passengers will often get the opportunity to bid for their preferred seats. So, you better check the emails from Spirit Airlines to grab the opportunity.

How to get a Big front seat on Spirit Airlines?

One can easily get Big Front seats by visiting the login page of Spirit Airlines. You can then enter your flight booking details to help the system retrieve your flight booking details. After completing the login process, you can access/manage your reservations. Select the flight booking you want to manage and find the ‘Seat Upgrade’ option. Once you click on that option, the system will let you know if your preferred seat is available for upgrade. Once you get seat availability, check the price, make the payment, and get your Big Front seat on Spirit Airlines. 

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