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How to Upgrade Seat on JetBlue?
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How to Upgrade Seat on JetBlue?

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Have you booked your seat with JetBlue and are looking for a far better option? You can use the JetBlue seat upgrade option and select the most comfortable option. However, first understand certain terms and conditions before upgrading your seat to premium classes.

JetBlue is a low-cost carrier that delivers a wonderful boarding experience to its passengers. Therefore, passengers can enjoy spacious seats and extra leg space with upgraded seats.
In addition, JetBlue Mint Class (Premium class in other airlines) offers

  • Fully reclined seats,
  • The on-board dining experience,
  • Customized services etc.

So, this blog will guide you on everything you need to understand about seat upgrades with JetBlue.

Seat Upgrade Policy of JetBlue

If you are also looking for an answer to “Can You Upgrade Seats on JetBlue?” then the answer is yes. However, first, you must check if you are eligible for a seat upgrade or not.

  • Passengers can easily upgrade their seats to a comfortable one. Further, they can make the most of their journey.
  • Further, they can upgrade to JetBlue Mint (the best upgrade option) if they search for a luxurious flight experience.
  • Passengers can use JetBlue seat upgrade for a fee. However, they have the option of a free upgrade in some situations.
  • Similarly, passengers can use their TrueBlue points to upgrade their seats for free.
  • The airline will refund the upgrade fee if you cancel the ticket before departure time.
  • Airlines may provide standby upgrades when passengers reach the airport. However, they need to pay a fee.

Note: The above seat upgrades are subject to availability. Therefore, check the JetBlue official website for the latest updates.

What are the Upgrade Options Available On JetBlue?

Want to upgrade your seat but do not know about the available options? JetBlue gives you three options in the basic seat:

  •  Economy,
  • Even More Space
  • Mint

So, you can consider below JetBlue seat upgrade options below if you are looking for comfort on board.

Even More Space Upgrades

Any passenger can purchase this option to enjoy additional benefits, such as

  • Additional 7 inches of leg space
  • Priority boarding
  • Speedier Security check

In addition, Blue Basic Economy can also take advantage of this upgrade.

JetBlue Mint Upgrades

This is the most premium upgrade in JetBlue that offers the following perks:

  • Personal space
  • Lie flat seats
  • Aisle Access
  • Best sleep environment

The mint upgrade option is available in

  • Coast to Coast
  • Caribbean and
  • Latin American flight routes.
  • Further the option is available on every transatlantic flight.

This upgrade has one more category known as Mint Studio. Passengers can enjoy the following benefits in that:

  • Additional workspace
  • Access to Lounge
  • Music and Entertainment

Note: Passengers can save more on seat upgrades when they make payments using cash, TrueBlue points, and elite status advantages.

How Can I Upgrade to Better Seats on JetBlue?

You can choose from the different methods to upgrade your seat. The airline provides both online and offline methods to easily upgrade to a better seat. Consider the following methods if you are looking for a JetBlue seat upgrade quickly.

Online Method: Through the Official Website

  • Visit JetBlue Official web page:
  • Scroll to the “ Manage your Trips” option.
  • Enter details like confirmation number and passenger name to see your booking.
  • Further, tap on the continue button.
  • Flight information will appear on the screen.
  • Then check if you are eligible for a seat upgrade or not
  • Further, check the Jetblue seat map for seat availability and
  • Proceed further with the payment.
  • Finally, you will receive the confirmation in your mail regarding changes to the booking details.

Offline Method: Get in Touch with An Agent

You can use this option when you are unable to upgrade your seat through the website. Simply dial JetBlue customer service number and connect with one of its representatives.

The person will do his best to help you get a better seat.

  • Call the airline representative at toll-free number 1 (800) 538-2583.
  • Carefully listen to the IVR instructions
  • Accordingly, choose the prompts and
  • Reach out to the representative and share your concern
  • Further, the person will check if you are eligible for a Jetblue seat upgrade or not
  • Then, the agent will ask for details of your desired seat
  • Next, the representative will assign you the seat if available
  • Further, make the payment and complete the seat upgrade process.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade a JetBlue Seat?

The seat upgrade cost depends on the Jetblue seat selection. The airline may charge you a fee according to the flight route and upgrade type.

  • When you upgrade your seat to Even More Space, the fee begins at $15.
  • For the best upgrade on Jetblue, which is Jetblue mint, the cost starts from $499 to $599.

However, you can skip the JetBlue seat upgrade cost if you have sufficient TrueBlue points. Further, upgrade seats, and you are all set to use better amenities.

Note: To learn more about the seat upgrade fee, visit airlines website.

What is the Best Time to Upgrade a Flight?

Passengers who believe that they can get an upgrade for free should know that it is a myth. So, Jetblue offers upgrades to people.

  • Who purchased it in advance or
  • Who have elite status as frequent fliers.

Therefore, you must not expect that you will get the upgrade upon requesting the representative.
However, you can save on seat upgrades by booking it at the right time. For that, you should reserve the seat as soon as possible.

Further, if you missed this chance then you can try at the time of check-in.

Do Seat Upgrade Prices Go Down Closer to the Flight?

You may see a drop in prices for seat upgrades near scheduled departure. The reason may be that airlines want to fill the vacant seats even at discounted prices. So, you can try your luck by upgrading to business class at a lower price upon reaching the airport.

Is It Worth Upgrading on JetBlue?

It is always good to upgrade your seat when you want to experience the ultimate comfort on the flight. JetBlue provides wonderful facilities while on board that make the journey more comforting. Therefore, you must not take a chance and upgrade your seat to premium classes straightaway.
Further, you can download the JetBlue mobile app and complete the seat upgrade process. So you can finish your upgrade in no time.


So, you can easily upgrade to a better seat option if you want to enjoy your journey. Simply use JetBlue seat upgrade experience and how switching to premium travel class can make the whole difference. Therefore, visit Jetblue official website and upgrade your seat as soon as possible. However, contact JetBlue phone number(1 (800) 538-2583) to clear up your doubt regarding the seat upgrade.

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