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How to Book Multi City Flights on Avianca?
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How to Book Multi City Flights on Avianca?

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Do you dream of visiting multiple destinations in a week or month, but expensive flight tickets ping on your screen? Then, thanks to Avianca multi city flight tickets. You must be wondering why.

Avianca is a low-cost carrier in Colombia. It offers multi-city flight services to 75 destinations around 25 countries in Europe and America. The airline has a fleet size of over 189 aircraft that use advanced technology for the safety of passengers.

Therefore, Under multi-city flight booking, the airline allows you to book flights for multiple destinations in a single reservation. Further, it removes the need to reserve separate tickets for each leg of the trip.

For example:

Suppose you want to book a family holiday and have planned to cover multiple destinations in a particular period. Then, booking a separate ticket every time for each passenger can be challenging for you.

Therefore, use the advanced multi city search tool of Avianca Airlines and book multiple flights in one booking. The airline offers exclusive discounts on multi-city flights. So, the chances that you get great deals for your upcoming international trip are high. So, save a big amount and explore places stress free.
In this article below, you will get all the information regarding:

  • Meaning of Multi-city flight
  • Benefits
  • Reservation Process
  • The ideal time to book

What is the Meaning of Avianca Multi City Flights?

Multi-city flight booking means you have purchased the freedom to explore a place for days or weeks as you want. Using this feature, you can book Avianca multi-city flights to multiple destinations in Europe and America. Further, you can visit a place for days, weeks, or months and then move on for the further journey. Basically, you can save time by booking flights for each segment of the journey.

Note: Passengers can explore six places in one multi-city reservation.

Advantages of Avianca Multi-City Flight

Passengers can receive various advantages when they book a multi-city itinerary. Some of them are the following:


Multi-city tickets save you time. It allows you to book an entire itinerary in a single reservation. You can explore a destination and move forward to explore different destinations without looking for separate flight bookings.

Money Saving

Airlines offer the best deals to encourage multi-city trip booking. So, you can save a lot on your next long-haul flight. Further, you can spend that amount on other things.

Travel Stress-Free

As Avianca multi-city booking removes the need for separate flight booking, it helps you enjoy a stress-free journey.

Lounge Access

The airline allows the passengers to access the lounge while waiting to board the next flight. So, this way, they made the waiting even more enjoyable.

Additional Baggage

You can carry additional baggage when you book a multi-city trip. Avianca understands that a long journey requires extra baggage. So you can travel freely with your stuff.

No Need to Check-in Baggage Again

Avianca does not require you to go through the check-in baggage process every single time. So, you can save on energy there.

Can I Book Multi City on Avianca?

Yes. Avianca allows you to reserve a multi-city ticket through the website or over a phone call. So, you can easily book a multi-city flight using the step-by-step process below:

Process to Buy Multi-City Tickets via Website

  • Visit Avianca official website:
  • Then, enter Avianca login details
  • Choose “multi-city” in trip type
  • Enter departure and arrival destinations
  • The date of travel
  • Further, click on the flight option you want
  • Proceed further with the booking process
  • Finally, the airline will send you confirmation of payment success.

Process to Buy Flight Tickets Over the Phone

Airlines allow passengers to dial their phone number 1 (800) 284-2622 when they are unable to complete Avianca booking for multi-city flights. Further, they can use below steps:

  • Visit the Airlines website for an updated number
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Press the appropriate key to connect with a representative.
  • Further, share your concern about booking multi-city tickets.
  • The agent will help you through the process.

Why Avianca for Your Next Multi City International Trip?

Avianca provides the best flight deals when you look to book International multi city tickets. Therefore, you can plan an international trip, and it will not create a hole in your pocket. Currently, Avianca offers multi-city services to over 75 destinations in 25 countries.
So, if you are looking for some cost-saving routes, then go through the below list:

  • Miami to Los Angeles to El Dorado International Airport
  • Barcelona to El Dorado International Airport to Madrid
  • Guayaquil to Madrid to El Dorado International Airport

What is the Ideal Time to Book A Multi City Trip with Avianca?

It is a common question among passengers “What is the ideal time for an Avianca multi city trip reservation?”. The most obvious reason is they want to book cheap flight deals. Therefore, If you are in the same situation, then the below tips will help you:

Book Flight During Festival Time

You can browse the Avianca website around festival time. The airline launches discounts and deals before special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, etc.

Book in Advance

If you are looking for cheap flight tickets, then booking in advance can make you lucky enough. The airline may give you additional benefits, such as meals and beverages if you book earlier.

Stay Flexible in Destinations

The airline may provide special deals for particular destinations. Therefore, you can choose an itinerary that consists of the cheapest flight ticket option.

Is It Cheaper to Book Multi-city Flights Together?

Yes. You can combine various destinations in a single reservation and save on the final fares. Also, you do not need to pay an additional baggage fee as it comes complimentary with the multi-city tickets.


So, you can consider booking Avianca multi city for cheaper flight deals. It may not be a good option for short-haul flights. Therefore, consider reserving a multi-city flight when you pick a long-haul flight. One-way is a better option when you book short-haul flights.
Further, contact Avianca customer service(1 (800) 284-2622) for queries regarding multi-city flight reservations.

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