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Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy
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Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

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Are you feeling stranded amid a mix of emotions after missing a flight? Calm down, it can be possible because of unforeseen circumstances out of your hand. But knowing the Spirit missed flight policy can relieve you from the distress and miseries.

Spirit being a low-cost airline has headquarters in Florida. It has a name for providing high-quality customer-oriented facilities. The air travel at Prime Airlines is a gem-pack of affordable deals and unparalleled hospitalities.

It understands the puzzles of emotions you are in. Therefore, it offers you many options to make you comfortable in this tough situation. This article breaks down the consequences of missing a flight and guides you on what to do, missed flight policies, refund policies, and many more.

What Happens if You Miss Your Flight at Spirit?

Missing a flight can result in some consequences that you must know. Go through the below lines that discuss some of the possible consequences.

  • There are chances that the airline may cancel your ticket automatically. However, you can avoid the cancellation by informing them if your arrival is sure but with some permissible delay.
  • The airline may put you on a ‘No Show’ list if you fail to onboard at the right time. The Spirit is strict in this respect.
  • You may lose your ticket amount. Usually, the airline doesn’t refund you for not showing up for your flight.

What to do If Missed a Flight at Spirit Airlines?

When missing a flight at Spirit, you must perform some actions actively. It can help you in mitigating the aftereffects of missing a flight. Read some ‘to-dos’ for you mentioned in the below lines.

  • Inform the Airline of your late arrival and state a legitimate reason. The airline may arrange for an alternative when your reasons are legitimate.
  • Head to the counter as quickly as possible if you are at the Airport. Try to make them understand your situation and request to act on priority.
  • Make a refund request stating the genuine cause. The airline can refund you if you missed a flight due to a medical emergency, natural calamities, or any unavoidable situation.
  • Book a fresh ticket to another flight if it is a must to go. However, the booking can take effect only on paying the full payment.

What is the Missed Flight Policy at Spirit Airlines?

The Spirit missed flight policies are the key to possible actions. You can go through the policies after or before missing a flight. They apply clear missed-flight policies described in the below lines.

  • In general, The airline does not give a refund if you are a ‘No-show’ for your flight. You may lose your money because of the strict No-show policy at Spirit Airlines.
  • If you are a ‘No-show’, the ticket will remain of no value and can’t be used for travel to subsequent flights.
  • You may be required to purchase a new ticket to travel with Spirit on being delayed for your flight.
  • You can cancel your booking free of cost 60 days before the scheduled departure. However, canceling in less time of this can incur significant charges.
  • The airline can offer a refund on missing flights only in exceptional cases such as death or medical emergencies. Other than the refund, you can also reschedule your flight on special request.

How to Change/Cancel your flight at Spirit Airlines?

You can change or cancel your flight for any reason at Spirit up to an hour before the scheduled departure of your flight. If the reason is potent enough to make your flight miss, cancel it following the below simple steps.

Through Website

Through the online method, you can cancel your booking or make changes to your itinerary on the interactive website of Spirit. Do follow the following steps.

  • Head to the Spirit Airlines official website through a safe browser.
  • Click on the ‘My Trip’ in the tab menu at the top of the booking window or page.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code to log into your airline account.
  • Make the required change or go with the cancellation for any reason.
  • Pay the cancellation charges if applicable. You can prevent this charge by canceling 60 days before your flight departure. Refer to the table below to learn of charges for late cancellation.
Days left for departureCancellation Charges 
0-6 Days$119
7-30 Days$99
31-59 Days$69
60+ DaysFree

Through Whatsapp

If you are unable to access the website, connect with the live representatives through the WhatsApp chat feature.

  • Initiate a chat on 855-728-3555 and explore the option to connect with the live representative.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and choose the correct language options.
  • Speak with the representative and urge them to cancel your reservation. It is up to you if you want to tell a reason for cancellation or not.
  • Pay the cancellation charges if canceling in the period specified above.
  • Take a deep breath! You are safe from being a ‘No-show’ and from the plight of missing your flight.

At Airport

Visit the airport in person. The service agent will cancel your ticket in no time without any fuss. Though it is a promising method, it may consume your precious time in long queues.

By Phone Number

It is one of the easiest methods to apply modification or cancellation in your travel. Go with the below steps.

  • Get in touch with Spirit at 855-728-3555.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Choose the option ‘talk to live person’.
  • Request to cancel your ticket.
  • Provide them with the booking details.
  • Take a deep breath!

How Much is the Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Fee?

Airlines may charge you a significant amount for missing your flight. Spirit Airlines missed flight fees vary depending on the type of flight. Usually, it costs more on international flights than domestic. You can re-book for the next available flight only after paying the required fee.

Spirit Airlines Reimbursement for Delayed Flights?

If a flight gets delayed by the airlines then you are eligible for reimbursement. You may request compensation if the delay time exceeds 30 minutes or more. Submit the refund or compensation form at Spirit. However, the airline can decline the request if the delay is due to some uncontrollable reasons.

Tips to Avoid Missing a Flight at Spirit Airlines

It is always unpleasant to miss your flight. It happens sometimes because of unavoidable events and sometimes because of our carelessness. However, you can prevent missing a flight by following the below tips.

  • Download the Airline app to receive updates on flights. You will get to know the changes in departure time if any.
  • Try to maintain a gap of three hours between your arrival and departure of the flight. It will allow you to deal with unwanted chaos if it arises.
  • You can check in online to save your time and effort in the long queues.
  • You must know your gate number to onboard the flight. Sometimes it happens that fliers get lost in finding the correct gate number.
  • Be sure to carry important documents with you. Missing documents such as a passport or Valid ID may cause unnecessary havoc.

How to Get a Refund From Spirit Missed Flight?

Spirit Airlines offers a refund against cancellation but may cost you cancellation charges in return. Therefore, You can Add protection against cancellation charges. The protection, ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ enables you to cancel the booking without any charges. However, you must note that it is available only on payment of a significant amount (non-refundable).

The protection, ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ guarantees you a 100% or 80% refund on canceling up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your first flight. Also, the airline can offer you compensation as reservation credit, valid for one year.


In conclusion, it is a wise move to talk with the airline to turn the results in favor of you. Although you missed your flight, you can rebook it at Spirit and enjoy your itinerary.


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