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How to Select Seats on a JetBlue Flight?
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How to Select Seats on a JetBlue Flight?

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Do you love to sit on your favorite seat every time you board a flight? If yes! Then, you can make it more beautiful using the JetBlue seat selection process. The airline ensures an unforgettable journey for its passengers every single time.

Therefore, it offers various seating options, such as Economy, Even More Space, and Mint. So, you can choose from them once you fulfill the policies to select seats on JetBlue.

Further, the airline allows seat selection during and after flight booking or at the airport.
Also, the airline may or may not charge a fee depending on the situation.

So, if you are still finding an answer for how you can select a seat with JetBlue then the article below will guide you. Therefore, you can go through the article for Jetblue select seats process, policies, fees, etc.

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

Want to get on the JetBlue flight and sit on your preferred seat? It is possible. But first, you need to fulfill some important policies for seat selection on JetBlue.

  • Passengers above 18 years can select a seat with JetBlue.
  • Similarly, the airline allows free seat selection for all fare types except basic economy.
  • Blue Basic Economy passengers need to pay a seat selection fee to pick a seat before 24 hours from JetBlue flight.
  • Further, you can select a seat blocked by the airline for security issues. Only eligible passengers can book them.
  • The airline provides different payment modes to passengers.
  • Similarly, passengers can not choose a seat on JetBlue without having a seat assignment.
  • Passengers with JetBlue Mosaic membership can select a seat for free. However, the number of tiles determines at what time they can pick it up for free.
  • AAdvantage Gold members or above can upgrade to Even More Space seats at check-in for free. But, it is subject to availability.
  • Passengers can not pick a seat already purchased by other passengers.
  • The airline allows booking the seats in one reservation for group travel.
  • Lastly, passengers can contact JetBlue customer service if they still have doubts regarding JetBlue seat selection policy. Further, they can share their concern with the representative.

How Do I Pick A Seat on JetBlue?

Booked your flight ticket and looking to pick a seat on JetBlue? Then, look at the information below.
You can pick a seat on a JetBlue flight at different stages:

  • During Flight Ticket Reservation: You can easily select a seat while reserving a plane ticket with JetBlue.
  • After Flight Booking: The airline allows you to pick a seat online through its website when you have already booked a ticket.
  • While Check in: Lastly, you can request a representative for seat selection during check-in.

Further, you can consider the information below for the step-by-step process to pick and book a desired seat.

Stage 1 While Flight Ticket Reservation

You will see an option for JetBlue Airways seat selection while booking your ticket. You can use that to pick and book a desired seat. Follow the step-by-step process below.

  • Enter login details to access the JetBlue Dashboard.
  • Then, click on “Book a Flight.”
  • Further, enter the departure and arrival destination
  • Then, provide travel details like the number of passengers, date of journey, etc.
  • Similarly, look for “Seat selection” option.
  • Then, choose from the various seat types: Economy, Core and Mint
  • You will learn about them further in this article.
  • Then, tap on the “ Continue” button.
  • Further, proceed with the payment if any is required.

Stage 2 After Flight Booking

JetBlue allows you to pick a seat after reserving a ticket. Therefore, follow the below guidelines if you are still thinking how you can choose your seat after ticket booking:

  • Visit JetBlue website:
  • Then, enter the login details like the booking number and last name.
  • Further, go to the “My Trips” section.
  • Similarly, choose a flight to pick a seat.
  • Then, the JetBlue seat map will reflect on the screen.
  • Find the desired seat and click on the “Confirm” button.
  • Finally, make the payment if applicable.
  • Later on, the airline will share a confirmation mail with you.

You can also connect to a JetBlue agent if you face an issue selecting a seat online. Dial JetBlue phone number(1 (800) 538-2583) and choose prompts as per IVR instructions.
Further, IVR will help you connect with an agent who will help you choose a seat on call.

Stage 3 While JetBlue Check in

If nothing works for you, then you can pick a seat while checking in at the airport. Therefore, you can visit the airline representative directly when you reach the airport.

Further, request the agent for seat selection. The agent will show you the available options and guide you through the process.

Note: The airline always has an option to assign you a seat. However, you can skip missing your favourite seat if you select it during flight ticket booking. Later on, it depends on the seat availability.

Select from JetBlue Seating Options

You must be looking for different options for JetBlue seat selection on the main portal. So, you have to understand that JetBlue Airlines provides seat choices depending on the fare class.

Blue Basic Economy Seats

  • The airline does not provide free seat selection to passengers who purchase JetBlue basic economy tickets.
  • Secondly, airlines charge a fee starting around $100 for modifications.
  • Lastly, you may not get a free check-in for bags.
  • However, you can upgrade your Blue basic economy ticket to Even More Space for a fee. Further, you can choose a desired seat.


  • You can consider it a standard economy seat. Therefore, you can choose this seat when you purchase Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Extra fare classes.
  • Further, benefits may differ as per the fare class, but some of them are common. For example,
    Carry-on bag
    No charges for modification
  • For Blue Extra
    No charges for same-day change
    Priority boarding
    Priority during security check

Preferred Core Seats

  • Under this, you can get a seat in the front rows or closer to the exit.
  • Also, it offers a chance to sit on the window or aisle seat.
  • The airline charges a fee starting from $10.

Note: JetBlue Mosaic Elite members can book preferred core seats for free.

Even More Space

  • Enjoy wider JetBlue seat size
  • Extra leg space(7 inches)
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to the overhead bin and
  • Other advantages


It is the premium cabin class seat in JetBlue. So, you can choose this seat for the following facilities:

  • Lie flat seats
  • Adjustable feature
  • Foot Support
  • Delicious meal
  • Exclusive range of wines
  • Health kit
  • Needle sleep kit and
  • Tuft etc.

Apart from this, you can choose from different seats in Mint:

  • Mint,
  • Mint Suites,
  • Mint Studios.

Does JetBlue Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes. You may need to pay a JetBlue seat selection fee when you purchase a Blue Basic Economy ticket. However, you can skip this charge if you select the seat within 24 hours before flight departure.

For other fare classes, airlines allow free seat selection when you book a seat prior to 24 hours. After that you may need to pay a seat selection cost.

The fee varies with the flight route. For example, the airline may request you to pay charges starting around $10 for your Even More Space seat. Further, this fee can differ depending on the flight route.

Additionally, the airline is providing a core preferred seat option to passengers. Earlier it was free, but now you may need to pay charges between $10 to $49 for this.

So, you can visit the airline website if you want to learn more about seat selection fees.

How Do I Avoid Paying for Seats on JetBlue?

There is always a way that you can use to avoid paying for choosing a seat on JetBlue. A list of those ways is following:
Skip the “select a seat” option while booking a flight ticket. The airline will assign you a seat later on.
Earn JetBlue Mosaic Elite tiles to get a complimentary seat.


So, you always have the option to select a seat, but choosing it in advance proves to be a benefit. It gives you a chance to acquire your favorite seat. Later on, you can choose from only available seats. Also, you may need to pay a fee. Therefore, you can use the JetBlue seat selection process and book your favorite place on the flight.
You can dial JetBlue toll-free number(1 (800) 538-2583) when you have a query regarding choosing a seat.

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