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How do I use my Air Canada travel voucher?
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How do I use my Air Canada travel voucher?

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Holding an Air Canada Travel Voucher and don’t know how to use it to the most of it for your next trip…well, not to worry, because now you are at the PERFECT PLACE!

In the given blog, you will get into step-by-step information on how to use & redeem your travel vouchers. But before going further, let’s see WHAT ACTUALLY IS THIS AIR CANADA TRAVEL VOUCHER THING?

Understanding Air Canada Travel Voucher

Air Canada Travel Vouchers are a kind of credit that may be used to purchase tickets on Air Canada or any of its partner airlines. These coupons are typically distributed to travelers as compensation for inconveniences like delays or cancellations on airlines.

In short, these vouchers are fantastic resources that can turn into incredible travel experiences.

How to Use an Air Canada Travel Voucher?

  • Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your Air Canada travel voucher.
  • Note its expiry date, any restrictions on its use, and whether it covers the entire cost of your intended booking.
  • With the Air Canada website, contact their customer service to book your flight.
  • During the booking process, enter the voucher code or provide it to the agent assisting you to ensure the voucher covers the total cost of your intended flight; if not, be prepared to pay the remaining balance.
  • When it comes to flexibility, these vouchers are best. You won’t believe it, but these are the things that offer flexibility in terms of destination, dates, and flight times.
  • Use this to your advantage by exploring various options to optimize your travel plans.
  • STAY UPDATED! Stay informed about any updates or changes to Air Canada’s policies regarding voucher use.
  • This can include changes in expiry dates, eligible destinations or other terms that might affect your travel plans.
  • If you have multiple vouchers or need to supplement your voucher with additional payment, you can usually combine vouchers or use them in conjunction with other payment methods to complete your booking.
  • Redeem your voucher through Air Canada’s online portal by entering your voucher details and smoothly completing your booking.
  • Sometimes, using vouchers might involve navigating through various options or dealing with changing circumstances.
  • Stay patient and persistent throughout the process to make the most of your voucher.

What is the Expiration Period of Air Canada Vouchers?

Air Canada Travel Voucher is typically valid for 24 months from the date they are issued. This duration provides ample time for travelers to plan and book their flights with Air Canada. However, the exact validity period depends on the relevant rules and regulations of your vouchers. It is vital to understand the vouchers/coupon codes expiration date and the necessary information provided by Air Canada at the time of issuance.

To find the expiry date, you must reach out to Air Canada’s customer service or navigate to their official web page at for the most up-to-date information on voucher availability and eligibility. With this, you can easily consume the value of your particular Air Canada voucher within the designated time period and plan your flight trip accordingly.

Complete the Guidelines of the Air Canada Travel Voucher

  • Air Canada allows passengers to use their travel Vouchers multiple times until they reach the credit limit.
  • You can redeem the voucher either online on Air Canada’s official website or by contacting their customer service via the toll-free number provided.
    Their customer service operates 24/7 for assistance. Additionally, for those who made payments in different currencies.
  • Air Canada offers the convenience of using the Reuters currency calculator during the voucher redemption process to calculate exchange rates.
  • The Air Canada travel voucher serves as a way for the airline to cover the remaining amount and compensation through a voucher.

However, there are limitations for a single flight booking, Air Canada permits only two payment options. If you already have a booking, you can use only one payment option for the existing reservation.

Different Types of Air Canada Travel Vouchers

Air Canada offers various options for travelers, including travel vouchers, e-travel vouchers, ACCredits, and coupons. These vouchers are incredibly popular as they serve as a pivotal element in obtaining refunds and can be used multiple times until their credit limit is reached. The fantastic aspect about the travel voucher is that it doesn’t come with an expiry date, providing flexibility for its use.

Travel Vouchers: You can use the travel voucher during flight reservations and even for booking accommodations such as hotels or motels. It’s a versatile credit that gives you options beyond just flights.

E-travel: The e-travel voucher, though slightly different, serves the same purpose of reducing the cost of flight tickets. It’s primarily applied towards the base fare when purchasing a flight ticket for the first time. Canadian companies under the Air Canada umbrella, like Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada, accept this e-voucher.

ACCredit: Upon cancellation of a ticket, ACCredit comes into play. This credit facilitates the purchase of flight tickets or other travel-related products. It’s a beneficial way for Air Canada to ensure their customers’ convenience.

Coupons: Additionally, Air Canada also introduced coupons featuring a 15-digit code alongside a four-digit PIN. These coupons function similarly to vouchers, offering discounts or credits.

If you want a detailed overview of the services offered by Air Canada or need assistance with these vouchers and credits, you can explore the airline’s services either in this article or by visiting the official Air Canada homepage for further guidance.

Wrap up!

Overall, we can conclude that an Air Canada Travel Vouchers is like a lifesaver that can help you save a huge amount on international and domestic flights or even hotels. To use it wisely, You must make sure that you understand the appropriate rules to use them precisely before the expiration. However, you must keep an eye on any changes and the process to use the same.

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