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Trust us! We are more than an online travel agency. In the hour of need, reap the benefits of our round the clock Westjet customer Service, and resolve your queries without breaking a sweat. If you have made Westjet Airlines reservations and need help, then get in touch with us, as our team of expert travel advisers is always there to provide the passengers with the required assistance. Those who have a concern regarding their existing flight booking, can call us directly using our dedicated helpline number. Additionally, passengers can also contact our customer representatives via email or chat window, as we read all the emails and chats sent by our valued customers.

Travel Partners Contact Number
AIR MILES Number(888) 247-6453
Westjet Car rentals number1 (800) 681-2917
Westjet RBC insurance1 (866) 896-8171
Travel agent number1 (877) 664-3205
WestJet partner hotels1 (855) 757-0373
Government Consumer Protection
WestJet Canadian Transportation Agency1(888) 222-2592
U.S. Department of Transportation Consumer Protection Office C-75
Inside the continental USA1(855) 368-4200
Outside the continental USA1 (202) 366-2220

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