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Traveling with your children can be a thrilling but an unpredictable experience. Your family’s safety is the prior concern of United Airlines, thus making air travel easy and convenient for your family. Fly with your kids, and have an unforgettable experience with United Airlines. United offers several services for the people who are traveling with their children. Avail all the amenities of the airline and reach the final destination without any ado. 

Before starting your journey with your kids, make sure to go through the policies of United Airlines to have a pleasant, smooth, and comfortable journey. These rules and policies are only made for passengers’ ease.

Ticketing When Traveling With Children – United Airlines

Family seating arrangement

United Airlines tries its best to allot the seat to children under 15 years with an adult member of the family. 


United offers a limited number of bassinets on international aircraft only. Bassinets are large in size that can hold an infant of 10 kg or 22 pounds. These bassinets are available on some selected aircraft.

Passengers can request a bassinet by connecting the United Airlines customer service number. The airline will provide an adjoining seat to the adult member of the family traveling with an infant. Bassinets are limited in number, that’s why it is highly suggested to request bassinet early for your flight.

Nursing mothers

United Airlines offers several facilities for nursing mothers. They are allowed to breastfeed their kids. Dedicated nursing spaces have been made available for the convenience of mothers and their children. Use airport maps to locate the available nursing spaces. 

Bring a manual or battery-operated breast pump if you are traveling with an infant. Mothers are allowed to carry milk and breast pumps onboard in addition to the one personal item and one carry-on bag. Mothers can breastfeed in a lavatory or from their seats. You are not allowed to pump in the aircraft galley areas due to the unpredictability of turbulence. Flight attendants will provide you ice to keep pumped milk fresh while onboard, but they are not allowed to store items such as formula or milk. 

Strollers and wagons

In addition to your normal baggage allowance, folding wagons and strollers will be checked to your final destination free of cost. 

In-flight amenities

United Airlines features several onboard services to facilitate children. 

Tips for flying with children

Make sure you are carrying enough diapers, food, and other important supplies of your child, which you can use at the airport or in the flight. You are suggested to carry the extra amount of everything to avoid a hassle in flight delays or travel interruptions.

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