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How to Book an United Airlines Multi City Flights?

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If you don’t travel frequently and often wonder, “How do I visit multiple cities with less cost and fewer reservations?” you’ve come to the right page. Know more about United Airlines multi city flights and how they can help you with the goal of fewer bookings and fewer expenses.

Multi-city flights are the most flexible flight option that many air carriers offer, including United.

What Are Multi-City Flights?

When you saw the option to book multi-city flights with United, it must have come to your mind how it works. Such flights differ slightly from combining two one-way, one-round, or stopover round trips.

It is one of the most flexible options for reservation. A multiple cities flight doesn’t follow the typical there-and-back route. Here, you can book two flights with 3 or 4 destinations. Usually, on most airlines, including united airlines multi city flights, one can book upto 6 flights (option of choosing upto 12 destinations). 

Its flexibility allows one to travel to different destinations without returning to the origin point. It helps make and plan an entire trip and saves money on returning flights. The effort to book multiple reservations also reduces.

How Can I Search and Book Multi City Flights with United Airlines?

Passengers can search and book their United Airlines Multi City flights online and offline. The charge would be equal in this process, but you may need to pay more for offline service to seek special assistance.

Book Multi-Destination Flights Online:

  • Visit the official site “”.
  • On the booking form, go for “advanced search”. 
  • Further, choose the “multi-city” tab to proceed.
  • Fill in the destination and time of your flight.
  • You can choose to add more destinations.
  • Finally, fill rest of the details and find desired flights.

Tip: Passengers can buy United Multi City Flights when they sign in to their MileagePlus account for faster checkout.

Find Multi-City Flights Offline:

Speak to someone at United- Dial United’s phone number for multi city international flights 1 (800) 864-8331 or 1-860-364-8917 (OTA) for faster booking.

  • Call the official customer service phone number of United Airlines.
  • Further, respond to IVR, and press the menu key for booking reservations.
  • Press more keys that connect you with a representative.
  • Once you connect, place the request to book United multi-city flights.
  • Tell them your destination and date preferences, and they will look up something for you.

Finally, follow the rest of the process to confirm your booking with the airline through an executive. You might need to pay additional charges while taking services from a representative, but you may also find cheap united airlines multi city with unpublished fares.

From Where May I Book Multi-City Flights with United Airlines?

United Airlines conducts operations in almost 240 domestic destinations in the United Airlines alone. Hence, one won’t find difficulty in looking up flights to their favourite cities. However, below is a list of popular airports where many passengers prefer to opt for their multi-destination reservations.

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • New York–JFK
  • New York–LaGuardia
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle/Tacoma 
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Boston

Benefits Of Booking United Flights For Multi-City Reservations

While buying a United Airlines multi city reservation, you will get the flexibility to fly over 300 destinations. As per a survey, an average multi-city traveller visits atleast 5 states. Here are other reasons why you should prefer United over anyone else for multi-city reservations.

  • Firstly, passengers have the ease of booking flights to any destination.
  • Being flexible with dates can offer you a discount of upto 20% on base fare.
  • Also, you can save money while booking your tickets in advance (2-3 months before).
  • Travellers would also get to reduce their effort in booking multiple tickets.
  • It costs lower than buying round trips or two one-way tickets.
  • For business flyers, booking multi-city flights with United is an ideal option since it suits their schedule of meeting with different clients in nearby cities without increasing the business cost.
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