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Missing a flight is every traveller’s nightmare. If you fly regularly, you would definitely know how it feels to miss a flight. Sometimes all the preparations are not enough to prevent you from missing the flight. It is a common thing that can happen to anyone. If you are also experiencing panic and nausea that arises when you realize that you are going to miss your flight, if yes, then take a deep breath and read on. 

If you are not boarding your flight because the airline overbooked it, then it is the airline’s responsibility to book another flight for you; the airline will take care of you. If you miss your flight due to your personal reasons, then things get a bit stickier. 

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What To Do When You Missed Your Flight?

Missed Your Flight

Be proactive – If you know that you can miss your flight, pick your phone and talk to the airline. They will tell you what to do, but here are some of the guidelines-

Don’t panic

  • Keeping calm can be really hard when you miss your flight, but freaking out will not help. 
  • Whether you have been stuck in traffic, turn up on a wrong day, or were working on the wrong time-zone, no amount of panicking is going to improve the situation. 
  • Early acceptance is the best tool. Even though you are very angry, taking your frustration out on the agents at the airport will only worsen your situation. This will only burn your energy and time. cn

Connect with the airline immediately

  • If you know you will not show up at the airport or will be late, then reach out to the airline representative immediately; the otherwise entire cost of your journey will be forfeited. Calling the airline at that moment should be your first priority. 
  • If you are traveling with United Airlines, and there is the slightest chance to miss the flight, call on the United Airlines reservations number and explain your situation. Airline agents will help you in making your way on-board if you arrive at the very last minute. 
  • You may need to pay a difference in fare and change fee if the price of the ticket has gone up since you booked your original ticket, but calling the agent will save your entire money to get forfeited. 

Talk to the gate agent

  • If you are at the airport, head towards the gate agent. Do multitasking, if possible, meaning stand in the line to talk to an agent and call the airline. You never know which will be quicker. The gate agent may be able to book a seat on another airline’s flight or put you on standby for another flight. 
  • While talking to the agent at the airport, politeness is the key. Explain your whole situation and ask them to help. If you have membership status with the selected airline, agents may be more willing to help you. Be sure to mention this. 

Be aware of the flat-tire rule

  • There is a little known rule in the aviation industry known as the flat-tire rule or two-hour rule. People do not largely know this rule. 
  • There may come circumstances, which are out of your control, then you may get extra help from the airline. 
  • Flat-tire rule or we can say two-hour rule states that if you arrive at the airport within two hours of your missed flight, then the airline may waive change fee and other additional charges. You should have a good excuse for being late. 
  • The airline employees can book your seat on another flight with no extra charges. 
  • If you have made Southwest Airlines reservations, then talk to the airline agents and tell them why you are late. 

Keep all these points in mind if you have missed your flight. Don’t panic and talk to the airline to get a solution.

I hope the information mentioned above is very helpful to you. Do share your feedback in the comments section below. 

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