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Both Qatar Airways and Emirates are based in two different countries but have so many similarities in air travel. So, it is often difficult to choose the best between these two. Before the strategic conflict between the Gulf countries, Qatar Airways had become one of the most popular airlines, providing extraordinary value for short-haul Qatar flights only 40 minutes away from the UAE. Besides, Emirates also enjoys a good reputation. It ranks among the 20 safest airlines globally from a report in 2019, and Emirates flights are among the best airlines in the world.

Emirates Vs. Qatar Airways- A detailed Comparison

Comparison According to Travel classes

Emirates Airlines provides passengers with four cabins to improve passenger comfort, i.e., First-class, business class, economy, and premium economy seats. Each cabin class has different services and amenities based on their cabin level. Customers enjoy world-class seating facilities and onboard services within these four cabin classes.

Whereas passengers having Qatar Airways Reservations enjoy flying in three different types of cabins, namely First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. There is a Qsuite feature with Qatar Airways business class facility, which provides extra comfort to the passengers.

Comparison According to the Offered Inflight Amenities

Amenities in Emirates flights

  • Passengers enjoy complimentary meals, snacks, and beverages with their flight bookings.
  • There are USB Charging Plugs on Emirates flights.
  • Amazingly designed headphones add class to the journey.
  • For 2 hours, passengers can enjoy 20 MB of free Wi-Fi data.

Amenities In Qatar Airways flights

  • Passengers enjoy wide seats in any economy class that are very suitable for travel.
  • They are also provided Soft blankets and pillows on the flight.
  • After using Qatar Airways Book A flight option, you enjoy Free meals and beverages, including alcohol.
  • Laptops and USB power charging points are available on the flight.
  • Passengers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi for at least 30 minutes after the flight departs.

Comparison According to the Plane Types

Emirates is necessitated to operate a diverse fleet of Boeing and Airbus. It is one of the very few airlines operating full-width aircraft and the largest Airbus A380 operator with 117 aircraft.

Whereas Qatar Airways has a fleet size of 235, including a variety of Airbus and aircraft. Qatar’s flights are on time, and people can count on the safety measures they take for passengers. You can contact the Qatar Airways Reservations number and obtain the detailed aircraft and fleet information before you book a flight with them.

Final Verdict for Emirates vs. Qatar Airways

If we continue comparing Emirates and Qatar Airways, then the list will be too long and will go on. But to actually compare two or more airlines, we can also look into the deals and offers they provide and also how frequent they give out the discounts since both the airlines (Qatar Airways and Emirates) stand out in their own way. This won’t be a good option the let people choose one. The customers should compare them based on their own preferences and choose to make their flight bookings accordingly.

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