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What is a Covered Reason for Trip Cancellation on United Airlines?

Have you purchased United trip cancellation coverage? Is it worth buying? 

Before discussing travel coverage in detail, let’s first talk about a covered reason for trip cancellation on United Airlines?

What is a covered reason for flight cancellation?

When you cancel a flight on United Airlines, they reimburse prepaid and non-refundable trip costs. However, the reasons should be genuine and justify your sudden flight cancellation, including serious illness, death, or injury. Trip cancellation is a perk one can avail for pre-departure cancellation and get 100% compensation of the trip payment. Other valid examples of covered reasons for trip cancellation are terrorism, adverse weather conditions, or a natural disaster. Passengers who meet the needs of the United Cancellation policy are eligible to avail the facility and claim a credit. 

The travel insurance will be planned through AIG Travel, covering trip investment, offset charges from mishappening, and emergency travel assistance. 

What are the examples of covered reasons for flight cancellations on United Airlines?

On United Airlines, the maximum limit of trip cancellation coverage is $300, and trip interruption coverage is $1500. Many passengers might not know, but Awards Trip Protector is an excellent facility offered by the airline in a partnership with Access America. The travel insurance covers trip interruption/cancellation coverage for non-refundable United Airlines tickets, hotel bookings, and car rentals. In addition, it also includes a combination of any of the following –

  • Coverage up to $300 for flight cancellation
  • For interruption, an additional cost of $1500
  • Based on the cost of your flight purchase. 

However, flyers must note that any changes made to their travel plans will demand changes to the travel insurance policy. For more information, contact the representative and get details about the travel coverage as per the United Cancellation policy requirements. 

What are the concerns for which one has to contact Access America?

Flyers facing any trouble regarding the cancellation coverage of United Airlines tickets can contact the Access America department. 

  • Trip Cancellations/Interruption – Travel coverage provides additional financial security for the trip payments received for flight cancellation/interruption due to covered reasons. The compensation is given for a prepaid or non-refundable amount up to the received coverage amount. The reasons can be death, injury, illness, bad weather, or natural disaster. It also includes the employer termination only if you have worked for the same organization for at least three years due to no liability.


  • Emergency Medical and Dental – As per the United airlines cancellation policy, flyers can compensate for any emergency or dental costs. A licensed company will give the facilities during a holiday trip. Moreover, the outpatient treatment will be subjected to a $50 deductible. 
  • Travel Delay – The airline offers compensation for additional lodging and travel expenses received due to a flight delay of 6 hours. Any flag carrier’s interruptions due to bad weather or sudden mishap are a part of the causes for travel delays. However, the payment is limited for a day up to $150.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation – Access America reimburses the medical transportation services during an emergency like an accident or illness occurring within the coverage period. It first needs to be approved by Access America Hotline Center in advance. Also, they will pay around $5000 for your treatment until you are ready to go home. 

If you face any of the above issues regarding your travel coverage, contact the customer care team of Access America. The representatives will help you meet your requirements conveniently in no time. 

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