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The Himalayas are not just a mountain range, they are an icon. The Himalayas are home to many of the world’s tallest mountains, which have lured visitors from every corner; they come here to test their mettle. Trekking on the Himalayas is not an easy task, but conquering the challenges always gives a sense of pride. 

The Himalayas have numerous trekking trails, some ideal for amateurs and beginners, while others are suitable for experienced pros. Most of the trails are known for their pristine natural landscape. 

Planning a trip is the most time consuming and daunting task. Here we are giving you a list of some amazing treks of the Himalayas, which you can visit on your next expedition. Make Allegiant Airlines reservations and travel to the Himalayas trek at much lower fares. 

List of 5 Himalayas Trek:

  • Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek

roopkund trek

Popularly known as the “mystery lake,” Roopkund trek is one of the most gorgeous Himalayan treks. Settles on the heart of Massif of Trishul, this trek is also known as “Skeleton Lake Trek.” Trekkers will get to see lying skeletons on the edge of the lake or on the sea bed. These skeletons are known to be the remains of the dead people of the 9th century. 

The trek is an icy trek with enchanting meadows on the way and magnificent sites. The layer of white and brown mountains will be a real delight to your eyes. 

  • Valleys of Flowers Trek

Valleys of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers Trek

Known for plenty of colorful ravishing flowers, this destination is best for those who love flowers. Blue Primula is the one major attraction of the trek, which can be seen blooming in thousands in the valley. Guarded by flower valley on one side and snow-covered mountains on the other side, this picturesque destination lure trekkers to plan their hiking trip to this valley. 

July and August is the ideal time to have the perfect trekking experience, as both months are the monsoon months in the valley. 

  • Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass trek

Situated amidst the majestic Himalayas, Hampta Pass got its name from the Sethan village, which is above the pass. Start your trekking from the lush green valley of Kullu and finish at the captivating wonderlands of Lahaul Valley.

Discover adrenaline pumping waterways and open meadows during the trek. Hampta Pass trek provides such sudden changes in view, which no other short treks do. These sudden changes will leave you mesmerized. 

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  • Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek

chadar trek

Chadar Trek is famous for its unusual trekking in the months of winter. This is a long trek; you will have to cover 105 km in one way. The trek is spread over the Zanskar River in Leh, Ladakh. Enjoy this trek in winters when the river gets frozen. While walking on this glorious path, catch a glimpse of rocks beneath the ice. You will find yourself surrounded by white mountains covered with snow and chilling breeze. 

Chadar trek is not just any trek; it is a relatively high altitude trek. The difficulty level of trekking on the Chadar trek is extreme. 

  • Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Located near the Kashmir Valley, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the alpine high altitude trek. This trek is home to five beautiful lakes that come one after the other to make your trek more exciting and interesting. You will definitely gather some sweet memories, which you will cherish forever. You will fall in love with the pristine beauty of this trek. Moreover, snow-capped mountains will be a perfect treat to the eyes. Witness the soft cotton clouds that will be meandering over the appealing mountain peaks. 

Trekking is the most adventurous sport, which is loved by many people. Select any of the above destinations to have a thrilling experience while trekking. 

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