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American Airlines let you choose preferred seats with an additional fee during or after a flight reservation. However, if you don’t reserve a seat, the airline will randomly assign the seats for free at the time of flight check-in. It may or may not arrange your seat assignment in the same row. 

Seat selection is a great and convenient way to book a window or aisle seat or request extra legroom. It will allow a passenger to get the seat they want as per their travel needs and requirements. 

American Airlines Seating Policy

Passengers who have made American Airlines reservations and want to reserve a seat or upgrade a seat, he/she has to keep the following guidelines in mind. 

  • Suppose you are traveling with children under 15 in the Basic Economy and didn’t make the seat selection in advance. In that case, the airline will automatically assign you seats together before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • The seat upgrade charges are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • American Airlines charge $40 or more for making an advance seat reservation 48 hours before the flight check-in.
  • The main cabin extra seats have an additional 3-4 inches of legroom and cost a lot more than choosing a standard seat. 
  • You can also pay for a seat using your earned miles or cash to AA.
  • As per the airline’s seating policy, first and business-class passengers can enjoy the fantastic seating experience with more legroom to relax.
  • Any passenger flying in the Premium Economy gets the facility of wider and adjustable, and reclining seats.
  • Basic Economy passengers get the opportunity to reserve the seats by offering an extra fee or wait till the flight check-in at the airport for free.
  • Flyers flying in the main cabin can make a seat selection in advance for free, along with maximum comfort.

How to reserve preferred seats online on American Airlines?

If your flight is scheduled with American Airlines and you want to reserve or upgrade a seat, follow the step-by-step guide and complete your seat selection process.

  • On reaching the airline’s official site, click on the Manage My Booking section.
  • Enter your last name and flight confirmation code on the required columns. 
  • On the next step, your itinerary details will appear on the screen and, then click on the Select Seat option.
  • Choose your preferred seats from the available seat options for your travel needs.
  • Once you have chosen a seat, make an online payment through a credit card, debit card, or other payment forms. 

After making an online seat selection for your preferred seats, you will receive a confirmation mail from the airline at your registered email address. If you face any trouble while making a seat selection or upgrading your seats or want to know anything about the airline’s seating policy, dial American Airlines teléfono. The customer care executive will help you find the best seat on the plane and give you all the necessary information regarding the seat selection process.

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