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Delta Airlines is an American-based airline, now becoming the world’s largest airline. The airline provides flexible facilities to its passengers and a world-class travel experience on a cost-effective budget. 

In case of a canceled flight, they provide complete compensation to the passenger’s original payment form. There are various advantages of booking with Delta Airlines, and one such is excellent flight deals and unique in-flight products onboard the plane. If you call on the Delta Airlines booking phone number, you will get to know about the ongoing flash sale and seek additional travel assistance on your flight-related matters. 

Keeping track of the flight is essential to confirm whether the flight is booked or on the waiting list. Sometimes the airline has to cancel or delay the scheduled flight due to unavoidable circumstances, including bad weather conditions, security issues, lack of passengers, mechanical or technical glitches, strikes, air traffic restrictions, etc. Therefore, Delta Airlines offers the facility and online services to check the flight status and make flight upgrades if there is any change in the travel plans. 

Flyers can download the free mobile application to book and manage their flight reservations and get notifications of flight updates made by Delta Airlines. You can even use the app to save and download your flight boarding pass to save time and effort from standing in the kiosks centers at the airport.

What is the procedure for checking flight status on Delta Airlines?

Once you have completed the Delta Airlines book a flight process, the next important thing is to track your flight status. If you want to check online flight status, follow the step-by-step guide. 

    • First of all, go to the Delta Airlines official site and tap on the Flight Status button to check your booking details.
  • Enter your Delta Airlines reservation number on the required column. If you don’t know your flight booking number, click on the ‘From and To’ button, fill in your arrival and departure cities for your scheduled flight, and then press on the Check Status button.
  • Now choose the appropriate flight by clicking on the flight number. This will open up a page that shows your flight status and tells whether your flight is delayed or canceled. If your flight is delayed, the chart will show you a new expected departure and arrival times on the screen. If not, your scheduled flight’s arrival and departure flight times will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Flight Details’ section for more information. It will tell you about the expected flight plan and the location of the plane.

By following these online instructions, you can quickly check your booked flight status using your mobile phones. However, if you face some technical glitch on any of the steps or need quick help, call delta airlines reservations. The flight representative will ask you for your flight confirmation number and tell you if your flight is confirmed or not. You can even request him to make flight changes to your flight ticket on your behalf.

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