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The World Elite Mastercard is a Hawaiian Airlines credit card that does not often receive much attention. This should not be too surprising given the airline’s restricted route network, which does not form part of an alliance of large airlines.

Hawaiian, meanwhile, offers some strong win-win partners, such as JetBlue. There are also some unusual choices for non-travel resettlement, like a limited-time mail-in COVID-19 test kit. And fly Hawaiian is a pleasant and thematic way to start and finish your holiday if you plan a trip to the State of Aloha. 

Key Benefits and Features

All the advantages of this card are Hawaiian Airlines flying. The card provides a unique function that allows you to transfer thousands between accounts, but it lacks certain benefits, like as earlier check-in and boarding, that most other cobranded airline cards offer. Advantages include:

  • A $100 rebate on Hawaiian Airlines for a travel guide on a round journey from Hawaii to the mainland after every anniversary.
  • a free checked cart for the main cardholder when booking flights directly with the airline via Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard from North America to Hawaii or between the surrounding islands;
  • Shared flights – primary cardholders have up to ten times per calendar year for free to share HawaiianMiles with friends and family.
  • Elite Inflight Credits – Pualani Elite Platinum and Gold users are eligible to get a $10 a day, up to $100 a year flights purchase credit. It can be used for entertainment, drinks, and deluxe meals onboard.
  • No transaction costs for overseas countries.
  • Benefits of the World Elite Mastercard, after five or more trips every month and mobile protection, you will receive an array of value-added perks like a Lyft $ 10 credit.

How to Collect Points?

The Hawaiian Airlines Mastercard earnings structure is stronger than most travel credit Hawaiian Airlines business credit cards.

On Hawaiian Airlines purchases the card offers 3 miles per dollar and most of its partners are offering 2 miles of airline expenditure per dollar. While not a leading business card, it provides a superior return to its top daily expenditure categories – 2 miles per dollar for gas, restaurants, and supermarket and 1 million per dollar for all else.

In Hawaiian Airlines Miles Credit card Marketplace, members can also earn miles in thousands of businesses and restaurants.

How to Redeem?

HawaiianMiles is used the most obvious for award flights by Hawaiian Airlines. Each reward type provides a range of prizes instead of preset redemption rates, however, the program officially discloses the award chart, so that you often have a consistent value from your thousand.

To give you a basic idea, premium prizes between the continent of Hawaii begin at a distance of 40,000 miles, but sometimes the price is 80,000 miles. You also receive automatic reductions as cardholders on coach rewards over the full airline route.

Although Hawaiian does not form part of the three major partner airlines, affiliates such as JetBlue, Japan Airlines (JA), Virgin Atlantic and KoreanAir have the opportunity to redeem your kilometers. In contrast to Hawaiian flights, partner prizes have fixed payout rates – with the exclusion for JetBlue – and can actually offer a reasonable value for the miles in many situations.

So what can you do with this present welcome bonus of 60,000 miles?

You may book a one-way high-quality flight on Hawaiian with a few miles left between Hawaii and the continental U.S.

You can get Hawaiian Miles from your friends and family on for free. You can reap the benefits of Share Miles Cardmembers.

Reduced travel award

You may obtain a discount on the flight awards rewards for travel on Hawaiian Airlines as a cardholder of Hawaiian Airlines Bank of the Elite World Mastercard. Reduced flight awards are only available online on on the main card member’s HawaiianMiles account.

How to regulate credit lines for employees, single limit transactions, and cash access?

Tap on the “Company Services” tab to log in and choose the employee accounts that you wish to manage and the action to be taken from the menu.

You can change and/or set the credit line, the transaction limit, and cash on credit cards issued under the main corporate account.

  • Control Employee Credit Line: To set up and/or change the credit line of your chosen employee account in “Maintain Credit Limit.” Here you can create a new credit limit or set it as an interim limit for up to 180 days to make it official. You can specify the start date and expiration date of the temporary credit limit and ask for an email recall at the end of the time limits.
  • Check the “Maintain Single Purchase Limit” button for the single purchase limit with the selected employee account, or adjust it. Here you can create a new single limit for buying and choose to permanently set the limit or set it for up to 90 days as a temporary limit. Choose the beginning and end date of the one-time temporary buying limit and ask for an e-mail recall at the end of the term.
  • Cash Access Managing – To switch Cash Access on or off for a selected employee account, click “Set / Modify Cash Access.” You will receive a PIN within 10 days for your employee. However, you cannot seek cash access within 60 days after changing your address for security reasons.

Ask the company for a bigger credit line

Tap on the “Services” tab when you log on to the website. Hit on the ‘Build Credit Line’ link within this area. This link leads to the application form, where you have prefilled the date of the request, the name of the firm, and the current credit line for the entire company account. You just need to input the amount of the new credit line you want and click on ‘Continue.’

Please be aware that you authorize us to evaluate your credit history and other information required to complete your request by seeking an increase in the credit line. Upon examination of your account, you can approve your request and boost your line for a portion or all of the amount asked or deny your request. Navigate to Account Services and click “All Service Link” to see the status of your query. 

To Sum Up:

The World Elite Mastercard of Hawaiian Airlines reservations will probably not be the finest credit card for anyone. But if you can make use of the benefits of a checked bag free of charge and of partner awards, you can do it for yourselves, particularly if you’re a frequent Hawaiian flier. And now that it’s up to 60,000 miles, the welcome bonus is even more tempting.

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