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You must have heard about the buzz going around about cryptocurrency. This digital asset is designed to work as a medium of transfer currency, which uses strong cryptography to control the creation of additional units, secure financial transactions, and verify the transfer of assets. Spend your digital currency and stay worry-free about the security of transactions.

If you are planning a vacation, then it will be a good platform for you to spend your cryptocurrency on vacations. Many websites and travel agencies have started to accept cryptocurrency. Travelers can fly to their dream destination now by paying in Bitcoin. You can also use other cryptocurrencies if the selected travel agency accepts crypto payments. Use cryptocurrency and make your transactions faster and smoother. 

  • Spend for road trip snacking

A new app has been launched, known as Spend. This app has made spending your crypto a lot easier. Caribou Coffee, Baskin Robbins, Jamba Juice, and Whole Foods, all accept Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Gemini, and ethereum. Stop at any of the destinations to enjoy snacking with the exchange of cryptocurrency.

How this app works – The app creates a QR code, which you can scan at the stop of the merchant. The person will receive a payment immediately in dollars. The amount you have paid will be debited from the Spend app wallet. While going on a road trip, you have got a few options to eat your favorite snacks by using cryptocurrency.

  • Travel to Germany

It’s exciting for cryptocurrency users that Burger King is trying to get in the game of cryptocurrency. A couple of years ago, a food chain decided to take Bitcoin, but only in Russia. This didn’t get much appreciation, so they discontinued accepting Bitcoin. 

Now, Burger King has decided that they will accept cryptocurrency, but only in Germany. If you want to spend your BTC, head towards Germany. 

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  • Go to a Crypto-friendly city

If you want to go on an all-crypto vacation, then you can make a choice from some cities. The top cities that are Crypto-friendly are Buenos Aires, Madrid, Prague, New Zealand, and Madrid. You have other options too, to spend your cryptocurrency. Silicon Valley and Zurich are the cities, which have embraced Blockchain businesses with open arms. 

These are the cities where you can travel affordably, and you will be able to find decent businesses, where you will be able to spend your crypto. 

  • Wherever you are going, you will need a map

Use the map app that will show you the local businesses present around the world that accept the cryptocurrency of your choice. One of the most famous apps is CoinMap. This app uses crowdsourcing to recognize bitcoin-friendly businesses for travelers. The interface of the app shows you restaurants, cafes, and coffee houses with simple and user-friendly icons to click. 

  • Choose the right hotel to stay

There are many hotels that use cryptocurrency; choose the right hotel so that you can spend your cryptocurrency. A handful of hotels are there around the world that accept digital currency directly. Most of these hotels accept only Bitcoin. So if you are a Bitcoin user, you can spend your money at any of these hotels. 

Search for the hotels and book your stay with your cryptocurrency. 

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