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American Airlines is one of the world’s largest and premium flag carriers, offering top-notch facilities onboard the plane. Moreover, it has a travel bank where flyers can store their travel credits online and redeem the points on future flights. Flyers can make the best use of the travel credits to make an American Airlines booking before the card expires. In short, the travel credit is a sort of virtual money occurring on your unused tickets on American flights. 

On canceling a non-refundable ticket after the grace period, the airline transfers the money as travel credit in your wallet. You can use the value of your canceled flight for making future flight bookings. 

Different Types of American Airlines Travel Credits

American Airlines travel credits are of four types and can be used for unused flight tickets. It includes trip credit, flight credit, travel vouchers, and gift cards. 

  • Flight Credits – American Airlines issues a flight credit on canceled or unused tickets, and the credit is only valid for traveling purposes. You cannot use the flight credit to upgrade your tickets for seats or baggage. However, you can redeem your travel credit for making an American Airlines booking only on non-awarding flights. The card is wholly valid for flights flying within the US or between the USA and Puerto Rico. You can use the travel credit value for one year from the date of issuance. 
  • Trip CreditsTrip credits are the remaining value of refunds and flight credits exchanges or reimbursements and are valid for flight bookings. Flyers can use the trip credit for non-award bookings but not for additional services like seat upgrades and luggage fees. Only a trip cardholder can use the American Airlines travel credit card for booking flights for anyone. 
  • Travel Vouchers – American Airlines issue two kinds of travel vouchers, including electronic and paper travel vouchers. Electronic vouchers are issued to up to eight passengers other than Americans on a single trip and have a one-year validity. You can redeem your travel vouchers either on the airline’s official site or through a phone call. 
  • Gift cards – Gift cards are more like virtual and plastic gift cards issued to U.S citizens only. These can be used up to eight gift cards on a single flight reservation by the gift card holder to book flights for anyone. You can use the gift card value to book online flight tickets or by calling on American Airlines español teléfono.

What are the best American Airlines travel credits cards? 

Flyers can grab the exclusive American Airlines credit card travel benefits and add extra comfort and savings to their trip. For instance, flyers can get early boarding priority, free checked bags, and statement credits for their in-flight purchases. 

Here are a few best American Airlines travel credit cards, offering valuable flight benefits to the cardholders. 

  • America Bank Travel Rewards – Flyers can get 25,000 online bonus points, offering a travel credit value of $250 with no annual fees. 
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards – Earn 50,000 online bonus points with a credit value of $500.
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards for Students – American Airlines offers great offers and additional perks for students who can build their future with financial stability.
  • Barclays Aviator Silver World Elite Mastercard – Flyers can receive free checked baggage for the cardholder and eight travel companions. There is a preferred flight boarding plus an international entry or TSA credit of $100 to the members. There are statement credits of $50 annually for in-flight entertainment facilities like Wi-Fi. 

Flyers can buy American Airlines credit card travel insurance when having a change in travel plans. It will cover the non-refundable charges and reimbursement of prepaid for covering your trip. 

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