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Are you a militant or a retired veteran seeking discounts? Then book American airlines military flights for exclusive military deals.

As a token of appreciation for the services provided by military personnel to their nation, American Airlines gives a 10% discount on flight bookings. This discount is referred to as the American Airlines military discount. However, the airline usually doesn’t promote military discounts, but it can be easily available upon calling American airlines reservations phone number. The discounts can be availed by both active duties as well as retirees.

American Airlines military discount isn’t obvious regarding how much money you’ll save on flights. The discount varies and is based on factors such as your location, booking time, etc.

Scroll down to know more about military discount flights American airline.

Discounts for military personnel on American Airlines

The United States’ airline is delighted to commemorate the service that has allowed us to travel freely around the country. The airline honors their service and expresses their thanks by providing exceptional discounts and perks in the form of American Airlines Military Discount.

All militants are welcomed and celebrated on board, and the airline assists them in flying. As a token of appreciation for their services towards the nation, the airline offers various privileges and discounts on American airlines reservations.

There are limits on American airlines military flights, particularly for family members, so be cautious when speaking with an AA representative. Military discounts are not always lower than their basic business deal, but their reimbursable military ticket is always greater than their civil counterpart. In addition to the low ticket price, American Airlines offers a reasonable price for luggage and boarding.

Benefits for Military Personnel on Baggage and Boarding


Military I.D. bags are free of charge, depending on the destination. Submit your Military I.D. and check-in orders, if you are a current American military member on orders, and may check*:

  • Up to 5 free bags can be carried in your backpack
  • Bags with a maximum weight of 100 pounds and dimensions of 126 inches in length, width, and height

When traveling for personal reasons or vacations, keep the following in mind:

  • You can get up to three bags for free
  • Bags that are up to 50 pounds in length (width + length + height)

You will benefit from the same perks as the American military when you depict yourself as a military dependent traveling on orders:

  • Your Military Dependent ID
  • A copy of the most recent orders


Passengers in First Class and active military duty on I.D are permitted to fly in Group 1.

Military working dogs

Military/police detection, safety enforcement, or fighting dogs must be specified while booking your tour. American Airlines will waive animal costs for trained active dogs flying in the cabin, provided you have confirmed papers in the office.

How to Qualify for an American Airlines Military Discount

Since US Airlines do not provide the same discount rate as a number of firms, while reserving your next ticket, you must call their company directly. It’s best to call the airline immediately at 800-433-7300 to pay for your discount. 

  • Once you’ve contacted an American Airlines customer service person, let them know which flight you’d like to book.
  • Inquire/ask about specific details such as the departure and arrival locations and the trip dates.
  • You can request a direct flight rather than a stopover flight.

Now that the airline’s customer representative has all the information you need, it can verify the airfare and offer you the best price available. They will explain all the specifics and discounts you save on various segments and free use of luggage. They will also guide you through the check-in process for getting your luggage free of charge.

Online Military discount on American Airlines

You believe that a major airline like A.A. can adjust to times a bit better but regrettably a little below rhythm. In contrast to many businesses that provide a military discount online, you have to call American Airlines reservations phone number directly. 800-433-7300 is the American airlines telefono number to contact their travel representative.

The Bottom Line

Even if you purchase a ticket with American airlines reservations, you will be required to provide your military identification number upon checking in, unless you are buying a ticket in person. In such case you will be required to prove your military status. Discounts are subject to change, so if you’re ready to book, check with the airline for the most up-to-date information.

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