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How to Choose my Seat on Royal Air Maroc?
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How to Choose my Seat on Royal Air Maroc?

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Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Policy

When you wish to enjoy more comfort or travel with your friends or family by the side, you will need to buy it separately. The Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Policy lets you book a preference in advance to customize your seating choices with the airlines and make the journey more enjoyable.

For example, you can opt for a bigger seat with more legroom. You can use the manage booking option to modify the seat reservation later.

Find out how to pick desirable seats from the Royal Air Maroc seat map.

Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection: Terms & Conditions

Like every other air carrier, Morrocan air carrier also has some conditions when you book your seats in advance upon paying a fee.

  • Seat selection charges apply per passenger per segment of the journey.
  • Emergency seats are restricted to some categories of passengers due to safety and operational purposes.
  • If you decide to cancel the seat selection at Royal Air Maroc, the fee paid may not be returned.
  • Also, seats vary by aircraft and, hence, may slightly differ. 
  • Lastly, the airline may not offer unaccompanied minors a seat assignment for security reasons.

How do I Upgrade my seat on Royal Air Maroc?

Travelers can buy a seat assignment by logging into their Royal Air Maroc account or talking to someone at customer service to resolve the issue.

Select Your Seat Online

  • Visit the official site of Royal Air Maroc Airlines.
  • Further, visit the “booking” menu for “services extra.”
  • Click the “select seat” option and get redirected to a page.
  • A Royal Air Maroc seat selection policy page will welcome you.
  • Here, click the “Manage my Booking” option.
  • Enter the last name and booking number, and press go.
  • Finally, please choose your desired seat from the seat map and check its prices.

Lastly, you may proceed with the transaction. Once you’ve paid the amount, the seat assignment will be yours. However, instead of booking the desired seat on the Royal Air Maroc after buying the ticket, you can do so when purchasing your air reservation with the airline.

Contact Customer Service

Speak to someone at the Royal Air Maroc, dial 1 (800) 344-6726 or 1-860-364-8917, and book Royal Air Maroc seat selection with someone’s assistance.

  • Visit the official website of Royal Air Maroc.
  • Further, go to the Contact Us page and find regional phone numbers.
  • Dial the number and respond to IVR queries.
  • After that, press the key for the seat assignment menu.
  • Here, use the instructions to connect with an executive.
  • Also, offer your booking details and pick the desired seat.

Finally, they will let you know the exact fee for the seats Royal Air Maroc offers of your interest. Ensure that you keep in mind the passenger category that qualifies for the desired seat.

How much is the Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection?

As discussed earlier, the airline offers advanced seat assignments, apart from the booking fee, at an additional cost. The price for choosing your seat applies per segment per passenger in a reservation.

Type of seat on Royal Air MarocShort Haul & Middle Haul FlightsLong-Distance Flights
First-row leg seats€30€60
Exit rows leg seats€30€60
First 4 seats after the leg seats€20€40
Aisle and Window chairs€15€30
Standard Economy Middle SeatsFreeFree

The cost for advance reservation of seats on Royal Air Maroc flights is subject to change. Also, the actual price might vary per distance and time left for the flight’s take-off.

Types of Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection (May Differ As Per Aircraft)

Royal Air Maroc is an international air carrier that must keep multiple seating preferences and advanced passenger selections. Here is the types of chairs you can expect in any airline-owned plane.

  • Business Class: Costliest chairs with the highest standards of amenities.
  • Economy Class: Standard middle chairs are free for selection. 
  • Exit & Emergency Exit: Such seats cannot be occupied by certain categories of passengers.

Apart from that, there are designated spots for unaccompanied minors, passengers with stretchers, and those who need wheelchair assistance.

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