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Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy | Fees | Process

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Did you decide to book your favorite seat for upcoming air travel? Few air carriers have policies that let you reserve a seat with flexibility. For example, Copa Airlines seat selection policy offers you to choose from 4 types of seats till an hour before the flight takes off. 

However, it has certain conditions regarding booking, cancellations, and refunding the seat selection policies at Copa Airlines. 

Read and find out the entire booking process and fee of the seat assignment.

Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Select seats Copa Airlines during or after buying or ticket, as well as when you check in online till 1 hour before the flight takes off. After paying the seat assignment fee, you can choose from 4 types of seats:

  • Economy Extra: The seats recline and offer extra legroom. It also has reserved overhead bin space and a personal touch screen on some planes.

  • Convenient: These seats have extra legroom and are located in the front part of the Economy cabin.

  • Emergency Exit: Emergency seats are in the middle of the plane and offer 4” more extra legroom than regular chairs. However, passengers with pets and other categories of travelers are barred from sitting here due to security and operational reasons.

  • Regular Seats: All seats in the main cabin in the middle to the back of the plane are regular seats that offer standard 31” legroom. People who wish to sit together can select or avoid the middle seats through pre-selection.

Contact customer service immediately to determine if you are eligible for the desired seat and the amount you may need to pay to reserve your seat on the airline. 

How to Select Seats on Copa Airlines?

Passengers can preselect a seat during ticket purchase, after buying the ticket, or during web check-in. The process to choose Copa Airlines economy class and other class seats are as follows:

During Ticket Purchase:

Anytime before departure, you can select a seat in advance while booking your reservation. The Copa airlines seat selection policy offers you 4 types of seats to choose from.

  • Firstly, visit the official website or mobile app of the air carrier.
  • Go to the book your trip option on the homepage.
  • Further, fill destination, date, number of passengers, and flight type to press Enter.
  • Following the process, you can add a chair from the Copa Airlines Seat Maps.
  • Lastly, pay the necessary fee for your seat assignment and the booking fee.

You can choose any seat from the map subject to availability and rules. In case of a flight change, the airline may transfer your seat selection to a new flight (subject to fare difference). 

After purchasing your ticket:

Once you’ve bought the ticket without an advance Copa airlines seat selection, you can do that later till 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. 

  • Check out the official site of the airlines.
  • Also, visit the homepage and click the My Trips tab.
  • Click the Go to my trips button.
  • Further, enter the reservation code and last name
  • Press the find your reservation button.
  • After that, retrieve your booking and find the Copa Airlines seating option.
  • Check the seat map to find the price for your chair.

Follow the rest of the prompts to select your seat and pay accordingly. You can also contact the official customer service at 1 786 840 COPA (2672) for advance selection.

Can You Pick Your Seats on Copa Airlines During Check-In?

When you don’t make an advanced Copa airlines seat selection during or after buying the air ticket, you can still choose a seat during online check-in for your flight. Web-check-in seat assignment is available 24 hours to 1 hour before the flight’s take-off. 

  • Visit the website or mobile app of the air carrier. 
  • Further, click web check-in from the homepage.
  • Add last name and reservation, e-ticket number, or connect Miles Account.
  • Also, press the web check-in button to retrieve your booking.
  • Now you can choose Copa airlines seats and print a boarding pass.
  • However, you may need to pay for a seat to select from available chairs.

You can call customer service to book your seat and get the boarding pass simultaneously. It takes less time to complete the entire process through an agent. 

How to Change Seat on Copa Airlines?

Your tickets are reserved on Copa Airlines with a seat assignment, but you no longer wish to fly on the same seat. You can select a new seat or change your existing seat assignment in such a scenario. Process: 

  • Visit the official site.
  • Further, go to the homepage and find My Trips.
  • Enter your booking details and retrieve your ticket.
  • After that, go to seat selection and change your seating preference.

If 24 hours or less than 24 hours are left, you can visit the web check-in option on the homepage, enter your details, and change the seat selection.

How Much Is The Cost of Seat Selection on Copa Airlines?

As per estimations, the cost to choose Copa airlines premium seats or any main cabin chair starts at $8 per passenger per leg of the journey. The fee may go till $90 per passenger, depending upon ticket type, distance, and time left for the flight’s take-off. Apart from basic economy flyers, the Copa airlines seat selection price for every other economy and business class is waived. 

How Do You Get Free Seat Selection on Copa Airlines?

The seat selection Copa airlines are free for many types of flyers. If you belong to any of these categories of travelers, you can get an advanced seat assignment for free.

  • Passengers who are traveling with service animals.
  • Also, travelers with reduced physical or motor disabilities with a partner to accompany them.
  • Further, ConnectMiles members with their Prefer status.
  • Minor passengers (less than 15 years old) can get free seats close to the adult co-traveler during check-in.

Lastly, the Prefer Passenger’s upto 7 companions can get seats for free when they are in the same reservation with the Prefer member.

Terms & Conditions For Copa Airlines Seat Selection

While booking a flight ticket on Copa Airlines, if you’ve bought a seat selection, the following conditions will apply:

  • he seat assignment fee applies per passenger per leg of the journey, including taxes.
  • Also, the cost to reserve a seat depends upon the mode and moment of purchase.
  • The fee for choosing a seat is non-transferable and non-refundable and valid for the leg of the journey purchased only.
  • You can request a refund when a comparable or better option is unavailable due to operational, security, or safety reasons.
  • Passengers must check in till 60 minutes and arrive at the gate within 45 minutes before departure, or you may lose the seat assignment.
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