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Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy
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Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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Frontier Airlines does not allow children below 15 years of age to fly alone. This Frontier Unaccompanied Minor policy came into existence on 1st November 2018. So, you can’t send your under 15 year old kid alone on Frontier flights.

Earlier, the airlines used to allow minors from 5 to 14 years to fly alone on Frontier Airlines. But, now it has removed this facility to avoid any kind of mishappenings.

So, if you are thinking about your minor’s trip, then you can go through the unaccompanied minor policy of Frontier Airlines. Get to know what you should do in such circumstances.

What is the Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Here are the details that the customer is thinking of booking Frontier airlines unaccompanied minor services must know and follow as well:

  • Kids falling into the age group of 5 to 14 are minors, as per the guidelines issued by Frontier Airlines. So, they can make Frontier bookings under unaccompanied minor trips.
  • But you cannot make bookings for minors on connecting flights.
  • Depending on your convenience and travel requirements, you can make Frontier bookings for minors either through an online or offline mode.
  • For the security of the minor, the airline provides the gate pass to the parents or the guardians of the minor for picking up or dropping the child at the airport for the journey.
  • An unaccompanied minor can enjoy onboard complimentary beverages and snacks.
  • Moreover, the onboard crew members are always there to assist the minors.
  • Furthermore, the minors cannot sit on seats other than in row 32 on A321s and row 25 on A320s and E190s.
  • If your kid comes in between the age group of 5 to 14 years, then you have to take the unaccompanied minor service for them.
  • On the other hand, if your kid is less than five years old, then an adult must travel with them on Frontier flights. And the airline considers travellers of 15 years and above as an adult.
  • Therefore, you need to keep all these important points in your mind. However, if you find anything confusing or you wish to know more about it, you can call Frontier Airlines immediately.

Procedure for Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied booking

Now that you know about the basic guidelines on unaccompanied minors Frontier, let us head toward the process of booking flights for unaccompanied. So, it is the same as a normal booking for adults. You can either follow the online or the offline process.

Via the official site

  • To begin with, go to Frontier Airlines’ official site.
  • Then, you need to sign in to your account by filling in the right credentials.
  • After that, you have to tap on the ‘Advance option.’
  • Then, choose the special assistance section.
  • Now, enter the destination city where you have to travel with your minor.
  • Also, enter the personal details as asked.
  • Now clock on the search button.
  • You can see the list of flights on your screen. Choose the flight.
  • Now, you have to present all the required documents.
  • Click on the save button and proceed toward the payment process.

Via call:

  • Dial the Frontier airlines flight booking number, 1-801-401-9000, to speak to Frontier’s live agent for unaccompanied minor booking.
  • Then, listen to the IVR options carefully to choose your preferred language.
  • When you choose the right key, you will get in touch with Frontier airline’s live agent.
  • Provide all the details, such as the destination and the origin city.
  • Also, you need to share some personal information with supporting documents with the airlines.
  • Finally, choose the payment method and ask the airline agent to complete the payment process.

Therefore, you are open to choose any of the two methods for minor ticket booking.

How much do I need to pay for Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied minor service?

Customers must know that the airline charges some extra fees as a Frontier unaccompanied minor fee. Read the following details to know how much you need to pay for such a booking:

  • Frontier airlines charge $100 USD per segment as the unaccompanied minor fees.
  • Under these fees, the minor will get complimentary beverages and snacks.
  • Also, it includes the gate pass for the guardians or parents that would come to the airport to drop off or pick up their minor.

Therefore, now you know what the charges that come under the unaccompanied minor fees are. To know more, get in touch with Frontier Airlines’ customer service team.

Terms and conditions for Frontier Unaccompanied minor seats

Frontier Airlines allow minors to fly with an adult who must be at least 15 years of age. There are certain guidelines that tell you about the seating instructions for the unaccompanied minor on Frontier flights.

  • If you are traveling with a kid who is 7 days to 2 years old, then you may not pay any additional cost for flying with Frontier.
  • However, if the child is 2 years or above in age, then you have to buy a paid seat for them. In such cases, an FAA-sanctioned harness or car seat must be considered.
  • The passengers must follow the below-given rules if their minor is traveling with a car seat.
  • Your child’s weight should not go beyond the fixed weight limit of the car seat.
  • There are restraint straps in car seats.

With all these safety measures, it is safe for your minor to fly with Frontier. So, book your tickets today by calling on Frontier airline’s phone number.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):-

Q. Does Frontier Airlines allow unaccompanied minor bookings?

From 1st November 2018, Frontier Airlines does not accept minors under the age of 15 years to travel alone on Frontier flights.

Q. Can my 17-year-old child fly alone on a Frontier flight?

Yes, Frontier airlines minor policy says that your child must be of at least 15 years old to fly alone with the airline.

Q. How can my 14 years old fly on Frontier flights?

The 14-year-old minor’s flight must be accompanied by someone who is an adult of 15 years or more.

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