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Make Online United Airlines Booking via Site

United Airlines is a trusted travel partner for millions of travelers worldwide, offering them amazing amenities on board the flight. Along with it, the carrier also provides flexible options to book and upgrade a ticket as per the travel plans. It serves flights to popular international destinations, including Africa, South America, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Whenever searching for great flight deals and cheap tickets, make United Airlines booking via the site or mobile app. It will save your time and help you locate the most affordable tickets on your desired travel date and destination.

How to Make United Airlines Reservations Online?

Purchasing a flight ticket with United Airlines is not a challenging task. Visit the official site of the airline to confirm your United Airlines Reservations without any stress. Fill out all the mandatory fields in the search engine to access all the available flights. You need to enter your travel destinations, type of your trip, date of travelling, number of passengers, and travel class. Once you have filled all these details,  have a look at the list of available flights. Make sure to choose the one that maximizes your savings. Give a call on the helpline number of the airline if you have any issues while commencing this process. 

Where does United Airline Fly?

United Airlines is sought-after domestic flights serving flyers within the U.S.A. Still, it is also favored for numerous international flights serving several destinations across the globe like Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South and North America.

United Airlines Booking and Vacation Packages

Travelers can find great deals on vacation packages and have a great trip to the world’s beautiful destinations. Install the airline’s free mobile app and check out the ongoing sale on vacation packages. One can make United Airlines booking and purchase the best vacation packages by following these steps –

If you face any trouble while purchasing a vacation package, speak with the flight representative and seek additional help. 

What all Cabin Classes are Provided by United Airlines?

United Airlines offers an array of cabin classes for flyers’ convenience. They can choose amongst Economy, premium economy, first, or business class depending on the fares.

Class of Service



23 Kg


32 Kg

First Class

32 Kg

Polaris First Class

32 Kg

Polaris Business Class

32 Kg


What is the seating like?

Basic Economy

Basic Economy travelers can avail comfortable seating with convenient legroom space between the seats. Budget-conscious travelers can choose this option for a comfortable journey without taking a hit on their pocket.

Premium Economy or Economy Plus

Economy plus offers 5 inches of additional legroom based near in front of the cabin. This allows travelers to enjoy extra space. Visit reservations and choose the travel class as per your preferences.

In flight Amenities of United Airlines


Basic economy flyers can enjoy in-flight amenities and services such as beverages, food, snacks, entertainment, and Wi-Fi facility.

Economy Plus

Economy plus flyers can enjoy an array of food and beverages pertaining to the duration and the destination of the flight. Complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks are available for Economy plus flyers. For international flights, travelers can benefit from a three-course meal and mid-flight snacks on trips longer than 11-12 hours.

First Class

What is the seating like?

The first-class seating enables flyers to stretch out in the brand new, extra-spacious seats comfortably. The seats, along with additional legroom, offer a six-way adjustable headrest, padded seat cushions, and extra storage for flyers’ electronic items.

First-class amenities

First-class tickets come with fantastic facilities like Premium access benefits, which grant premium access to priority check-in, security, and non-chaotic boarding. Passengers can quickly check-in additional luggage and avail baggage allowance of 2 standard size bags included in the ticket fare. Make United Airlines Booking in first-class and avail all its benefits.

Business Class

What is the seating like?

The business class ticket comes with humongous benefits – flyers can enjoy a six-way adjustable headrest, a padded seat cushion, a universal power socket for all electronic devices, a granite-topped extendable table that can be used during meals, cocktail serving, entertainment, and working.

Business Class Amenities

Business-class flyers can, undeniably, have an experience of their lifetime. The airlines offer exclusive check-in and security lanes and priority baggage handling. Business Flyers can make use of their ticket for getting restaurant-quality or exclusively selected meals from renowned chefs.

Complete Guide of United Airlines Check-In Policy:

Check-In Online:- 

The online check-in starts 24 Hrs before the scheduled flight departure and ends 60 minutes before the actual departure of the flight. The online check-in can be done using the United Airlines official website.

Check-In at Airport:-

Domestic Flyers:

Domestic flyers without checked bags can do their airport check-in 30 minutes prior to the actual departure timings, but flyers with checked bags must check-in 45 minutes prior to their flight at the airport.

International Flyers:

International flyers in the united airlines can do their airport check-in an hour before the flight departure. For those traveling to the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, travelers should check-in at the airport 90 minutes prior to the flight departure.

United Airlines Manage Booking Process

United Airlines manage booking tab enables travelers to handle their reservations seamlessly. Flyers can log in through their confirmation number and the last name. Manage bookings allow you to:-

Use the United Airlines manage reservation tab to make all the desired changes.

How to Add Extra Seats to your Ticket With Manage Booking Option?

Are you not comfortable with one sit and looking for the option to add the other one? Well, in that case, use the United Airlines Manage Booking option and add this travel extra to your itinerant easily. United Airlines allows the travelers to book additional seats for each leg of the itinerary so that you can enjoy your entire journey amidst comfort. Moreover, you can select the second seat for the same fare as you have paid to buy the first one, if both seats are booked together; however, if you make this selection later on, then it might be possible that you’ll have to pay more. 

To add extra seat, you need to:

See Reference:

The Fleet Of United Airlines

Airbus A319-100

Boeing 737 MAX 9

Boeing 777-200

Airbus A320-200

Boeing 737 MAX 10

Boeing 777-200ER

Airbus A350-900

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 737-700

Boeing 757-300

Boeing 787-8

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 767-300ER

Boeing 787-9

Boeing 737-900ER

Boeing 767-400ER

Boeing 787-10

Can I reserve a seat for an infant on United Airlines? 

United Airlines allows children up to two years old to fly without even making a seat reservation in advance. However, you have to tell the airline’s team that the infant will be sitting on your lap during the flight. One person is allowed to fly with one adult, and if one adult travels with more than one kid under two years of age, you can pay an additional fee for a seat. As long as the infant flies with the proper child restraint device, you can choose to buy your desired seats. The other person should be 18 years of age to keep an infant on their lap. 

What items can I bring with an infant during the flight?

If you have purchased United Airlines tickets for an infant on the plane, you can carry the following items as carry-on baggage and personal items.

Does United Airlines offer discounts on infants or children flying on domestic and international flights? 

Can you fly with more than one lap infant on United Airlines?

As per the infant policy, only one lap infant can fly with one adult on United flights. If you travel with more than one infant of two years old, you will have to make a reservation for one of them. At the same time, if two adults fly together, they can take two lap infants with them to fly within domestic or international destinations. 

For further information about the airline’s infant policy, speak to the flight representative and get a complete guide on infant ticket booking.

When You Need to Reach Out to Customer Service of United Airlines?

Travelers can have several issues pertaining to various aspects such as unaccompanied minor policy, lost baggage, flight booking,  and much more. To provide immediate assistance to passengers in need United Airlines reservations phone number+1-860-579-6800 is made available. There are various difficulties for which you need to contact the United Airlines contact number. Let’s have a look at some aspects.

Luggage is a major part of traveling and, thus, it should be taken care of. However, sometimes the luggage gets misplaced or damaged, owing to either passengers’ or airlines’ carelessness. To overcome this situation, we prefer you to get in touch with the arrival airport authority and contact the United Airlines number at your earliest.

It often happens that flight needs to change its schedule owing to weather problems. It is a technical issue; however, it causes several problems for travelers, especially those who don’t have any prior information regarding the same. In such cases, it is best to contact United Airlines reservations number +1-860-579-6800 for quick assistance. United Airlines’ online professionals are specialized in handling these problems and will guide you how you can change your flight that would fit your plan and schedule.

It is seldom seen that someone is missing from a place like an airport but still, it is life and anything can happen, especially when children are part of a journey. Children can sometimes be a handful and there are chances that they might get lost in the airport. You can directly contact the United Airlines customer care center and airport authorities in such an emergency situation for necessary action. Make United Airlines Reservations online and leave all travel-related problems on the airline’s customer executive.

Flight reservation and ticket booking are the fundamental part of air traveling and travelers usually don’t face problems with this, owing to the easy and user-friendly interface that United Airlines has given to all its patrons. However, uncertainty is a part of life and it can happen with anyone. If you face any sort of technical issue while making United Airlines booking then immediately dial the airline’s contact number and get your query solved in the least possible time.

You may encounter emergency situations at any time and, therefore, keeping this fact in mind, United Airlines offers excellent support to the passengers. The airline has a perfectly curated cancellation and refund policy. In case you want to cancel your flight tickets and wish to claim a refund, then contact United Airlines contact number as soon as possible. Worrying about the flight cancellation and stopping yourself from making United Airlines Booking? Get the flight tickets booking done and make necessary changes with ease.

Call on United Airlines booking number +1-860-579-6800 if you have encountered any of these issues

Get top-Notch Support from United Airlines Reservation Number in the Hour of Need

Customer service plays a crucial role in every organization. It is the backbone of the business. This is the last hope of the customer when everyone else fails in solving their queries. Keeping this fact in concern, United Airlines believes in offering exceptional customer attention to solve their problems and issues without wasting a moment.

Though United Airlines offers world-class in-flight amenities for the ease of passengers, but the one thing for which United is highly famous is its phenomenal customer service. Once you have made United Airlines booking, you will be facilitated with surely outstanding services and all your queries will be solved in less than no time. Passengers are the highest priority of the airline and thus, their requirements and needs are always taken care of. This airline offers nothing but the best and it is an epitome of class in the aviation industry.

United Airlines Phone Number Details

United Airlines Reservations+1-860-579-6800
United Airlines Reservations Phone Number+1-860-579-6800
United Airlines Customer Service Number+1-860-579-6800
United Airlines Flight Reservations+1-860-579-6800
United Airlines en Español Teléfono+1-860-579-6800
United Airlines Telefono USA24*7
United Airlines Booking Number1 (800) 864-8331
United Airlines Baggage Tracking1 (800) 335-2247
Call United Airlines Reservations+1-860-579-6800
Cargo Sales & QuickPak1-800-575-3335
Executive Accounts Desk1-800-521-0810
United Groups Phone Number1-800-426-1122
HeadquartersWillis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

United Airlines Book a Flight Now

United Airlines phone number can be used to establish a secure connection with their reputed professionals and experts who will assist you through every possible scenario and matter related to it.

United Airlines is established with the objective to serve passengers so that they don’t face any kind of difficulty or issue regarding flights and traveling. The airline’s contact number is available round the clock to guide the travelers. You can call them at any time and get your problem solved within little or no time.

United Airlines feels proud of its customer service not only because it is fully packed with experienced and expert professionals but also it is capable of satisfying customer’s needs and solving their queries quickly and efficiently.

Passengers are suggested to stay connected with the United Airlines contact number in the event of any difficulty or issue regarding flight booking, flight tickets, airline timings, flight cancellation & refund, and several others. Initiate United Airlines book a flight by calling on the helpline number of the airline.  

Benefits of Contacting United Airlines Reservations Number

United Airlines functions with the purpose to serve its customers with utmost care and priority. It operates a massive network and, therefore, features effective and strong customer service. Their experts are highly dedicated to offer phenomenal customer support to the maximum extent. Let’s find out some of the benefits of contacting United Airlines reservation number.

There are some deals and offers which are not directly mentioned on the airlines’ home page; however, you can easily get to know about the same by dialing United Airlines customer support number. They will let you inform you about the seasonal offers and promotional discounts and you can easily take advantage of them while making United Airlines reservations

Flight timings can be changed at any time, owing to any technical fault. To avoid any discomfort, it is preferred to make contact with United Airlines phone number and be updated with the current flight status and information. 

Complete Guide of United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines functions with the purpose to serve its customers with the utmost care and priority. It operates a massive network and, therefore, features effective and strong customer service. Their experts are highly dedicated to offering phenomenal customer support to the maximum extent. Let’s find out some of the benefits of contacting United Airlines reservations number.

Get to know about amazing deals and discounts

There are some deals and offers which are not directly mentioned on the airlines’ home page; however, you can easily get to know about the same by dialing United Airlines customer support number. They will let you inform you about the seasonal offers and promotional discounts and you can easily take advantage of them while making United Airlines reservations.

Be updated with current flight status and information

Flight timings can be changed at any time, owing to any technical fault. To avoid any discomfort, it is preferred to make contact with United Airlines phone number +1-860-579-6800 and be updated with the current flight status and information.

Baggage policies vary depending upon the cabin class the flyer is traveling in. While the economy class does not allow additional baggage without extra fare, the business class permits flyers to carry extra luggage on the flight.

Checked baggage or check-in baggage should be 62 inches in total. The weight of the luggage depends on the class of service of the flyers. If the luggage’s weight crosses the limit, flyers would need to pay extra fees for the same.

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage should be of dimensions 22 x 35 x 56cm, including wheels and handles. Unless traveling in Economy class, Flyers are permitted to take a carry-on bag plus a small personal item. The dimensions of personal items should fit 22 x 25 x 43cm. However, economy class flyers who wish to carry a piece of extra luggage with them aboard need to pay additional fees. Besides the handbags, flyers are permitted to take small instruments with them aboard, but astronomical instruments must be carried with the checked baggage.

How to Make United Airlines Book a Flight with Ease?

United Airlines facilitates its customers with the hassle-free flight booking procedure so that they can save their time and effort. They can easily browse the official website of the airline that is designed with the simple user-interface and apply a few clicks to get the bookings done. Execute the forthcoming guidelines step by step and book air tickets with United Airlines within a blink of an eye. Let’s check out here.

Through The Mobile App

Don’t have the laptop right now? Worry not and download the United Airlines app on your smartphone and get the bookings done at your convenience. United Airlines is one of the leading air carriers and is thus updated with the ever-changing environment. It does everything to empower the customers so that they can stop relying on the agents and stay self-serve and self-informed. To achieve this objective, it has come up with the redesigned United App with the help of which travelers can not just make the flight bookings but also access their itinerary with ease. This app is your all-in-one travel partner and will surely help you throughout the journey. Get this app for free and make your bookings in less than no time.

United Airlines Reservations Flight Cancellation Policy

Do you ever wonder what happens when you cancel your scheduled flights on United Airlines? Do they provide a full refund to their passengers? If yes, what are the terms and conditions for doing so? To get answers to all these questions, you must go through the descriptive blog.

In case you have decided to cancel your United Airlines booking, you can make the best use of the airline’s 24-hour policy, which allows a passenger to cancel a booked flight ticket within 24 hours of the original purchase without paying an additional fee. However, if you cancel your United tickets after the grace period, the airline will impose a cancellation fee of 200 USD. 

To address any query or file a complaint on your canceled flight ticket, avail the customer care services by dialing United airlines en español and take advantage of instant help. You can also visit your nearby airport office between Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm for face-to-face interaction with the concerned authority of United Airlines. 

Terms and Conditions on Flight Cancellation Policy on United Airlines

United Airlines suggests you go through the important guidelines on its flight cancellation policy for a seamless travel experience. 

How to Cancel a Flight Ticket on United Airlines?

Once you complete your United Airlines book a flight process, you can make flight upgrades or even cancel the entire trip, using the manage my booking feature online on the airline’s official website. 

Here are the following steps to cancel a flight ticket online on United Airlines.

Even after following the complete guide, you still face any trouble or want travel assistance. Call United Airlines reservations contact number and request the customer care executive to help you cancel your booked flight ticket over a phone call.

United Airlines Pet Travel Policy

United Airlines also gives importance to your pets like you do. You can book travel with your domestic dog or cat on United Airlines Reservations flights safely. The airline allows you to take your pets along in the cabin or as transport in checked luggage by their Petsafe service. You can use this Petsafe service to transport pets to over 300 destinations. 

Pets in the Cabin

The pets in the cabin are domesticated cats and dogs, which can be placed in the travel basket under the seat in front of you. Pets cannot be in the cabin on flights between or through Hawaii and these international cities, but pets are allowed in the cabin on certain United flights. Dogs of the bulldog breed are not allowed in the cabin. In addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, you can also bring your pet’s kennel on the plane. The one-way service fee is US$125, and an additional US$125 service fee will be charged for each stopover in the United States for more than 4 hours or for more than 24 hours outside the United States.

Pets as checked luggage with PetSafe

With petsafe, you can transport cats and dogs that are not eligible for cabin travel

PetSafe is our specially designed animal transportation plan to transport pets safely and comfortably on our flights. Check our PetSafe page for guidelines and restrictions, and book travel for your pet.

Service animals travel

United Airlines cabin accepts well-trained service animals to accompany eligible disabled persons

Carrier guidelines

  1. Pets brought into the cabin must be placed in an approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel. 
  2. The kennel must fit exactly under the seat in front of you and stay there at all times. The maximum size of a hard-sided kennel is 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high. 
  3. The recommended maximum size for a soft-sided kennel is 18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high. 
  4. Soft-surface pet cages may slightly exceed these dimensions because they are foldable and can be installed under the seat without blocking the aisle. 
  5. Only one pet is allowed in the kennel, and the animal must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.

Requirements for pets in the cabin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your child is traveling alone, you can book tickets under unaccompanied minor services.

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the advance search option.
  • Change the number of adults to zero from the setting to one.
  • Select the number of children traveling according to their age and the day they are visiting.

You can include your pet to our existing reservation by viewing your ‘current reservation’ page. Household cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits excluding Cockatoos can be carried aboard in a kennel. Your pet kennel is subject to a service charge each way.

Unless you have an economy class ticket, you can make changes to your ticket by visiting ‘manage reservations.’ However, in some cases, change fees may apply.

Yes, under emergency circumstances, you can cancel your reservation and return to the ticket whenever you want to travel within a year. A change fare may apply.

You can always select a seat for yourself; however, the seat can be selected for basic economy travelers when the web check-in opens. If you fail to web check-in, then your seat will be automatically assigned before boarding.

Did the United Airlines flight cancel because of any particular reasons? You will certainly thereafter seek reimbursement if United Airlines refunds its passengers, who are always subject to reimbursement policies. You can very quickly receive a refund on this canceled flight if you are entitled to a refund. For refunds, you can also reach United Airlines in several ways.

Any passenger can receive a refund for the reservation quite easily. You can use the United Airlines Customer Service Phone Number technique to contact the officials. Here, the valid way presented for you to grasp will allow you access. Follow these steps to request this method for a refund.

  • Firstly, visit the website of United Airlines reservations through an internet browser.
  • Select the Contact us a method to visit the Customer Service Section.
  • You must see the directory here and discover the phone number you are looking for.
  • Send it to the United Customer Service Online Person once it is received.
  • Now ask him to start the refund procedure and provide the information about the reservation.
  • Please ask him to reimburse you and wait for a certain period.
  • When finished, you will receive the reimbursement in the payment form.

Via Live Chat: You can also choose to contact the United Airlines customer service staff in the live chat option, which allows you for the refund and promptly helps you with your various questions, regardless of whether the return is a refund or otherwise.

Via Phone: You can call the customer service number of United Airlines and contact an official for refunds. You can contact us directly by phone. You must give your United Airlines booking details and then can easily ask for a refund on United Airlines.

You will have to check all bags that go beyond your personal item and full-size transportation if you have been going on a Basic Economy trip to or from the USA. Your first checked standard bag is free of charge.

You must check any bags over your individual item and full bag while you’re flying for a Basic Economy ticket to/from the USA, Mexico, and Central America or from El Salvador, Panama, and South America. The first checked luggage costs 60 dollars, the second bags 100 dollars, and the third bags 200 dollars.

On any other flight, you’ll need to recheck your bag and pay the corresponding bag fee + $25 gate handling fee if you’re going on a Basic Economy ticket and bringing a full-size carry-on bag to the gate (payment by credit card only). A full-size carry-on bag is still accepted by MileagePlus Premier, primary members of a qualifying credit card of the MileagePlus, and Star Alliance Gold members.

You can modify your reservation without change fees if your journey arrives and you are more than a day out from your departure. To change qualifying reservations, you can visit or utilize our mobile app. You can adapt your travel arrangements for flights inside the United States or for foreign travel commencing in the United States without changing costs, including award ticket charges. This applies to most tickets for the United Economy and all premium cabins. If your new flight is more expensive, you will pay the fare difference. You will receive a message if your ticket is not eligible for alteration.

Our automated technologies attempt to confirm you on your next available United Flight when your itinerary requires United Airlines book a flight because of a time off or cancelation. You will receive an e-mail or text on your revised schedule if you give us your contact information during your check-in.

If you have an appropriate ticket according to availability, you can swap into a flight earlier or later within 24 hours, subject to a reduced price. Flight adjustments shall not be eligible for the Basic Economy tickets. The same-day change is available free of charge for members of MileagePlus Premier, Premier Gold, PROMIS PLATINUM, and Premier 1K. A price differential may be applicable to all other consumers even if there is a single original ticket class.

When bad thunderstorms or other major events interrupt our operations, we occasionally exempt you from travel so that you can change flights without paying a change charge. If or the mobile app changes your flight, any fees will be instantly waived.

You can add these to your reservation by selecting “Move passenger information.”

You can request by selecting from your booking “Special requests and lodging.”

We do our best to offer you the options to reduce disturbances to your travel arrangements when there has been a schedule change. If you do not have the new flight possibilities and one of these circumstances applies, we will reimburse you on request:

  • The scheduled time of departure or arrival fluctuates considerably.
  • If we cannot stay in the same cabin as you were purchased, either the entire payment or the price differential will be repaid.

No, assignments to seats paid cannot be reimbursed. You will instantly get a refund if you get into an Economy seat that is not the same as the one you paid for.

Adding United Economic advantages will make your journey more flexible by removing basic economic limitations. You can use a ticket from the United Economy:

  • Bring on board a full-size item
  • Purchase Economy Plus® or premium cabin seats before checks receive a complimentary assignment
  • Enjoy the Premier status benefits of your Premier status: Economy Plus unlimited access and favorite seating.
  • Free Premier Upgrades and the chance to upgrade using PlusPoints

  • The service charge shall be calculated on a passager-by-part basis (outbound and return or merely return).
  • The changes must be made for all passengers booking; the route may not be combined between basic and economic tariff levels.
  • Also, the modification applies to all outward and returns journey flights or any return journey flights when the outgoing journey has already begun or been flew.

Flying (Domestically in the US) During Coronavirus | Flight Review | United Airlines

International United Customer Contact Center For Reservations

South Pacific reservations contact information


United Airlines Middle East reservations contact information

RegionPhone NumberFax Number
Saudi Arabia009 66 920002185

United Airlines Micronesia and the Mid-Pacific reservations contact information

Federated States Of Micronesia

RegionPhone NumberFax Number
Chuuk (Truk)(691) 330-2424 
Kosrae(691) 370-3024 
Pohnpei(691) 320-2424 
Yap(691) 350-2702 
Guam1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) 
Northern mariana Islands1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) 

Marshall Islands

Kwajalein(805) 355-1013
Majuro(692) 625-3209
Palau(680) 488-2448
Rota1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331)

United Airlines Mexico reservations contact information

RegionPhone Number
MileagePlus Service Center55-5283-5500

United Airlines Indian subcontinent reservations contact information

Sri lanka9411-26617039411-2686649

United Airlines Europe reservations contact information

Contact United in Europe

RegionPhone Number
Czech Republic800-050460


RegionPhone NumberFax
Luxembourg02 200 8868 
Raussian Federation7-495-98008827-495-4251800
United Kingdom0845-607-6760 

United Airlines Central America and South America reservations contact information

RegionPhone NumberFax
Costa Rica0800-044-0005 
El Salvador503-2-207-2040 
Nicaragua(505) 22-76-81-29 

United Airlines Caribbean reservations contact information

RegionPhone Number
Antigua And barbuda800-231-0856
Bahamas800-UNITED-1 (800-864-8331)
Cayman Islands800-231-0856
Dominican Republic1-809-200-1062
Puerto Rico800-864-8331
St. Lucia800-864-8331
St. Kitts800-864-8331
St. Maarten001-800-864-8331
Trinidad And Tobago800-461-2744
Turks And Caicos800-864-8331
U.S. Virgin Islands800-231-0856

Australia and New Zealand reservations contact information

new Zealand0800-747-400

United Airlines Asia reservations contact information

RegionPhone NumberFax
People’s Republic Of China400 883 4288 
South Korea02-751-0300 

Africa reservations contact information

Contact United in Africa214268058

U.S. and Canada reservations contact information

Contact United in the U.S. and Canada 
Travel Reservations1-800-864-8331
Frequent Flyer Award Reservations1-800-864-8331

United Airlines Travel Reservations in Other languages

RegionPhone Number


Other Contact Links:

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Clarice B Goley
Nov 15, 2021
 by Clarice B Goley
Commendable Services!

After getting vaccinated, it was my first flight to United, and it felt great traveling with the best hospitality service. I made a United Airlines booking to Atlanta for a one-way trip and enjoyed my travel experience in its business class. The facilities were top-notch and did not charge much price. Since it was a business trip, I was with my companions, and they loved their travel experience. The best part is they give additional discounts for group travel, but you have to contact the team personally for group ticket booking. I even made a spelling error and told the executive to correct the name, and for that, they charged nothing.

Kerry Deangrlo
Aug 19, 2021
 by Kerry Deangrlo
United Airlines book a flight

I had to visit Boston, so I opted for United Airlines book a flight option on the airline’s official site and bought the lowest fare tickets while applying for the valid travel coupon. I could save almost 50% on the subtotal of flight tickets and vacation package. Also, my fight experience was superb and hassle-free, and worth the penny. I want to thank the airline for making my trip unforgettable and comfortable.

John williams
Jun 29, 2021
 by John williams
United Airlines

I am sometimes shocked with all the bad reviews I see of United Airlines as they have always surprised me with their best services. From my experience with the United Airlines Book a flight service I think there should only be good and excellent reviews. They offer such amazing amenities onboard and they even provide special flight offers from time to time. I love flying with them and recommend it to everyone so they must like it.

Dec 1, 2020
 by Shoniv
United Reservations

I traveled with United Airlines many times and this airline always surprises me with the excellent quality of services. Loaded with incredible in-flight facilities like comfortable seating, in-flight dining, a plenty of travel class options and everything in between, this airline has it all to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. What mainly attracts me toward this airline is the tempting cuisines that are available on-demand as well. I always pre-book my meal to satiate my taste buds during the journey. Many thanks for such great efforts. Will surely book flights with you again for my upcoming trip.

Nov 25, 2020
 by Chinu
United Airlines Reservations

I am a loyal traveler of United Airlines and I keep flying with them on a regular basis. I don’t have any complaints with this airline as everything is so good. Moreover, I am a member of their loyalty program as well; that’s why it received priority in many things. Be it the punctuality, food, seating, customer service, instant check-in, traveling classes etc. you will surely fall in love with the service of this airline. I always recommend this airline to my friends and family and am looking forward to being their regular customer for a long time.

Nov 5, 2020
 by Shoniv
United Airlines Reservations

It was my first time when I boarded a United Airlines flight and I enjoyed my journey a lot. I always thought that United Airlines is one of the most expensive airlines that I cannot afford but when I made United Airlines Reservations, then I realized that my perspective was so wrong about this airline. This airline offers flight tickets at an exclusive airfare and also comes up with seasonal discounts. Luckily, when I booked the flight ticket with them, a seasonal deal was going on with the help of which I saved a few bucks. Would love to book flights with United again.

Rob Shara
Oct 26, 2020
 by Rob Shara
Overall Good Experience!

United Airlines is undoubtedly one of the best air carriers in the world to fly with. They offer excellent service to the flyers and ensure them a hassle-free journey. I have been their permanent customer since 2008 and it’s been a long time to understand the pros and cons of the organization. This airline comes with an incredible customer support team who is available in the hour of need; however, the expensive cost of the air ticket is surely a drawback. Well, I am a budget-savvy traveler and a big fan of United, therefore always book seats in the Economy Class to take care of my wallet and to enjoy good services together. Highly Recommended!

jack jons
Oct 26, 2020
 by jack jons
Lovely Experience!

I took a United Airlines flight from Ontario to Sydney and enjoyed a great flying experience. Many thanks to the United Airlines’ agents who have taken additional efforts to find the best vacation deal for my family. When my friend told me to make United Airlines Reservations, I was a bit scared of their fares but when I actually visited their website, I was surprised with the exclusive price. They offer air tickets at budget-friendly price along with the seasonal deals and promotional offers. Thanks United Airlines for such an exciting trip. Looking forward to planning more trips with you!


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