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A national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines is one of the leading air carriers in the world to fly with. Termed as one of the safest airlines, this is headquartered in Istanbul and operates flights to more than 315 destinations in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. When it comes to the travelers destinations, Turkish Airlines is the largest mainline air carrier in the world. Moreover, this airline is known to serve more non-stop destinations from the single airport than any other air carrier in the world. You will be glad to know that Turkish Airlines flies to more than 126 countries across the world which is much more than any other airline in the aviation industry. Don’t wait for long and make Turkish Airlines booking now to enjoy a stress-free journey. 

Ways to Make Flight Bookings with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines always values its customers and thus, offers different ways to get their flight ticket booked. Travelers can either visit the official website, download the mobile app or connect with the airline’s reservations number to make the flight bookings. Here is given the detailed description of all these methods so that you can opt for any of the same accordingly.

Booking through the official website

Booking Through the Mobile App

The next best method to make Turkish Airlines booking is to download the mobile app on the phone or tablet and get your bookings done on the swipe of your fingers. The mobile application is designed with the simple user-interface that even a layman can easily use the same. Get the app from Apple or Google store and make flight bookings with much ease and comfort. 

Booking Through the Customer Service

Are you super-busy or unable to make online bookings? Worry not and connect with Turkish Airlines Reservations Number at any time. They will get your bookings done instantly and email your flight ticket. Just connect with them and give all essential details to the booking agent. They will either help you in bookings or make it on their own.  

Get To Know About Turkish Airlines In-Flight Experience 

Turkish Airlines always prioritizes its travelers and takes every practical step to make their journey comfortable and hassle-free. It is loaded with a plenty of in-flight services that will offer you home-like comfort in the air. Let’s have a look at some of the in-flight amenities offered on the Turkish Airlines.

World-Class Entertainment

Once you board the Turkish Airlines’ Flight, you won’t notice the time passing during the flight. From latest movies to web series to music albums to popular TV shows, there is something for every taste and you will surely find yourself enjoying the journey. The airline will support your passion for music and thus, it offers a collection of music albums to the travelers. 

In-Flight Dining

Make bookings in the Turkish Airlines and discover the finest flavors in the sky. They offer their travelers with the incredible dining experience and the most exquisite tastes of the world prepared by our flying chefs. It features the special menu from which you can easily select your favorite meal. To make pre-bookings of the order, then connect with Turkish Airlines booking Number and get ready to taste the incomparable dishes. 

On-Board Wi-Fi

Don’t worry about the network as the airline offers excellent Wi-Fi connection on the flight with the help of which you can easily carry-on your chats that you have started on the ground. This Wi-Fi is available for free and you can use the same to browse the internet and to send the email. 

How to Hold Your Fare With Turkish Airlines Booking?

Do you need more time but at the same moment you cannot afford to miss the exclusive deals available on the flight tickets? Well in that case, you can simply use ‘Turkish Airlines Hold Your Fare facility’ and put that special price on hold for free. As soon as you keep the airfare on hold, the ticket price remains as it is for a certain duration of time within which you will have to make the final Turkish Airlines Booking. What takes this facility to another level is that travelers can hold the price for absolutely free of cost. Isn’t it amazing?

How Does It Work?

Apply the forthcoming step-by-step procedure and keep your booking on hold for sometime. 

Note: Depending on the time remaining to the flight, one can secure a price for a certain fee and worry not as this fee is refunded once the ticketing process is over. 

Turkish Airlines Contact Number Details

Turkish Airlines reservations+1-860-579-6800
Turkish Airlines Manage Booking+1-860-579-6800
Baggage Helpline1 (800) 874-8875
Special Assistance+1 (800) 874-8875
Turkish Airlines Number+1-860-579-6800
Call Center+1-860-579-6800
HeadquartersIstanbul Atatürk Airport,

Yesilköy, Istanbul, Turkey
HubsAnkara, Istanbul–Arnavutköy, Istanbul–Atatürk, Istanbul–Sabiha Gökçen
AllianceStar Alliance
SubsidiariesAnadoluJet (100%), Air Albania (49%), SunExpress (50%)


Turkish Cargo (100%), Turkish Technic (100%), Turkish DO & CO (50%), Turkish Opet Aviation (50%), Turkish Ground Services (50%), Aydin Airport Services

Fleet Size339
Key PeopleIlker Ayci (Chairman of the board), Bilal Eksi (Deputy chairman, CEO)

How to Book Turkish Airlines Tickets At Economical Price?

Turkish Airline is one of the favorite air carrier options among the travelers all around the world, all thanks to the affordable fares and amazing deals offered by the airline. This air carrier is loaded with all lavish amenities that are needed to make your trip smooth and hassle-free. If you are planning to book Turkish Airlines Tickets, then go through the below mentioned tips and tricks and make a purchase at an affordable price. 

Before getting the bookings done, it is advised to browse the Special Deals section on the airline’s homepage and get updated with the latest deals and exclusive discounts offered by the airline. These generally reduce the travel expenses of the traveler and let them enjoy their trip without shaking the financial budget.

The next and very common way to book cheap air tickets is to make bookings well in advance without showing any urgency to the airline. Well, this can only happen when your schedule is fixed and you are totally sure about your upcoming plans. If this happens, then wait not more and get your Turkish Airlines Booking done almost 45 to 60 days prior to the flight take-off. Always follow one fact that the more eagerness you will show to the airline, the higher price you’ll have to pay for that. 

It is known to everyone that airlines usually save cookies and thus, they show more price whenever you visit them again and make identical searches. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should always turn the incognito mode on and then initiate Turkish Airlines Book Flight procedure. The incognito mode never allows the airline to save the history and thus they will then show the original price of the flight ticket. 

How to Make Group Bookings with Turkish Airlines?

If you are planning to travel with 10 or more people together, then opt for the Turkish Airlines group booking facility and get your reservations done with ease. To make the group bookings, you need to connect with the airline’s booking agent and request the quote. They will let you know about the best possible price and if that suits you, then get your reservations done easily. The airline allows you to make the flight booking for your group by depositing the small payment. 

How to Choose Your Favorite Seat On Turkish Airlines Flight?

So, you want to sit on your favorite spot while flying amidst the clouds? If the answer is yes, then implement the forthcoming procedure and select your seat before boarding the plane. There are numerous seating options available on the Turkish Airlines flight like exit seat, one with the extra legroom, one with the direct aisle access, window seat, and a lot more. Travelers are free to select among the given options so that they can make their trip a one-of-a-kind experience. Find out the seat map on the airline’s official website and get the bookings done in less than no time. 

One thing must be noted that seat selection is subject to availability and you will get your desired spot on the plane only and only if it is vacant at the time you make selection. Travelers can select their seat from the time they book the flight until they check-in for the same. Depending on the seat, there may or may not be charge for the seat selection. Execute the following steps and choose your favorite spot when you are up above the clouds.

How to Opt for Business Upgrade on Turkish Airlines Flight?

If you have an urge to enjoy a privileged travel experience in the sky, then upgrade your Turkish Flight to the Business Class and reach your destination amidst comfort and luxury. Business Class is the best way to experience Turkish hospitality in the sky. This class features comfortable seats, delicious treats, priority check-ins and lounge access. 

To make the business upgrade on Turkish Airlines Flight, all you have to do is:

Terms and Conditions Associated With Turkish Airlines Business Upgrade

What is Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy ?

At Turkish Airlines, the major priority is to make travelers comfortable throughout the journey. It offers the most generous baggage policy to facilitate the travelers. Learn about the guidelines here and pack your stuff accordingly.

Cabin Baggage Allowance

According to the airline’s baggage policy, travelers are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage of the maximum weight of 8kg. If you have made Turkish Airlines booking in the Business Class, then you are free to bring 2 pieces of the checked baggage with the maximum weight of 8kg each. In addition to this, you can also bring one personal item of the maximum weight of 4kg. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The airline allows you to bring one piece of checked baggage with the maximum weight of 32kg. Infants can bring the checked baggage of the maximum 23kg. The maximum dimensions of baggage must not be more than 115cm. If your baggage exceeds the maximum amount, then it will be considered as the additional baggage and you will have to pay for the same. 

Travel at Ease With Excess Baggage Allowance on Turkish Airlines Flight

Want to bring more than allowed? If yes, then wait no more and purchase the excess baggage allowance before boarding the flight. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to pack light and, therefore, the airline allows the passengers to bring more by purchasing the excess baggage allowance. However, an additional fee is required to get the excess baggage allowance and this might vary according to the flight route, waiting time at the transit flight and according to the airline operating that flight. You can easily purchase the same via online channels from 355 days until 2 hours before the flight take-off.

Advantages of Buying Excess Baggage Allowance

If you purchase the excess baggage allowance, then you need to worry about the limitations. Travelers are free to bring anything on-board, be it clothes, presents, holiday memories, and more. You can easily take as much as you like. To purchase the excess baggage allowance, you can easily dial the toll-free Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number at any time. 

Travelers can initiate all excess baggage transactions online and via mobile channels. 

Know About Turkish Airlines Travel Classes Here

Turkish Airlines offers two travel class options to the travelers, namely – Economy Class and Business Class. Discover the privileges of the travel classes and make bookings accordingly. 

Economy Class

With wide legroom, best-in-class entertainment, fully-fledged amenity kit, and delicious food, Turkish Airlines Economy Class is one of the best options to make reservations. It features excellent seating options on both short-haul and long-haul flights. It has a recline of up to 15cm and boasts adjustable headrest and foot support. Moreover, it also offers a 12-inch multimedia display where you can enjoy award-winning entertainment throughout the journey. 

Business Class

Make bookings in the Business Class and enjoy incredible Turkish hospitality in the air. The airline’s Business Class is designed to offer luxurious experience to the travelers so that they can feel well-rested during the air travel. With the latest in-flight entertainment, finest dining, comfortable seating, and intricate interiors, Business Class of Turkish Airlines is all set to offer you the most pleasurable experience. It offers maximum comfort to the travelers by offering widest seats and ample legroom. The seats are designed to offer the maximum level of comfort in the sky and are bestowed with special features like a reading lamp, in-chair massage, power supply, and a facility to screen off your own private area. Get Turkish Airlines Reservations in the Business class now and enjoy your journey in the lap of comfort. 

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Read the Turkish Airlines Pet Policy Guidelines Here!

Would you like to travel with animals with comfort and safety? If yes, then go to the Turkish Airlines pet policy and make reservations for them accordingly. The reservation for pets must be made no later than 6 hours before the flight take-off. Here is given the detailed guidelines about the airline’s pet policy. Let’s have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Turkish Airlines allows you to cancel your flight online without any problems. The refund can also be requested online by filling out the refund claim form on the official website of Turkish airlines booking Turkish Airlines has likewise fixed a national and international cancellation charge.

Turkish Airlines may charge a cancellation fee of $100 to $500 if cancellations are made in a risk-free manner after 24 hours. For example, if you cancel your flight with Turkish Airlines within 24 hours of your plan to depart, a $100-$400 cancellation fee will be levied on behalf of Turkish Airlines. After you cancel your flight ticket, you can also make a cancellation request via Turkish airlines customer service.

You may operate in the same comfort as you do in the workplace with Turkish Airlines’ connectivity options, or you may make the journey delightful using your WiFi equipment.

Thanks to high-speed wireless internet connection on Turkish airlines international flights, you may continue your work using the Turk Telekom infrastructure. With their broadband WiFi service, you may connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to manage high-bandwidth applications easily.

Meals on Turkish Airlines are always included in your ticket price and are widely regarded as some of the best tasting meals in the sky. The airline places a high value on its in-flight food options for all passengers. Even on short domestic flights inside Turkey, a portion of hearty food and beverage are provided. Because Turkey is predominantly a Muslim country, every food produced on the premises is halal certified.

Except during takeoff and landing, you can use your own respirator, ventilator, or other breathing devices if you need help breathing. Please keep in mind that before taking off, these devices must be approved by authorised personnel. Turkish Airlines accepts various breathing services; for further information, see their website for travellers with a medical condition or impairment.

For their spouses and children 2-12, only military personnel who serve in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have a right to a 15 per cent discount on the ticket. This offer, however, is not available through or our mobile app. Please see our fare rules page for additional details.

Miles collected from flights operated by other partner airlines vary by cabin and booking class. The earnings of miles must be computed by the classifications stated by the aircraft operating airline. The tariff depends on how much the ticket has been paid. In the tables presented on our programme partner’s page, you can check the Miles earnings by reservation class.

At Turkey’s following airports you may enjoy the luxury of Turkish Airlines’ lounges. Istanbul, Sabiha Gökçen, Izmir Adnan Menderes, Kayseri, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Ankara Esenboğa, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum, Hatay.

Turkish Airlines lounges are also available in the following international airports: Nairobi, Moscow, Washington DC, and Bangkok. Please visit our Lounge Istanbul website for additional details.

The press reader is a simple mobile application that allows limitless access to newspapers and magazines for smartphones or tablets. You can use the link in the e-mail issued before your trip or input your flight details on to view the material provided on the application.

You can immediately read the PressReader app’s contents if you are our guest in Turkish Airlines Lounges without needing to use the link provided via E-Mail to connect to the WiFi in our Lounge. In addition, all editions of newspapers and magazines may be downloaded to the smartphone before flying and enjoying reading in the skies.

In the city centres and approved bank institutions, you can pay the departure tax. You may also pay at the Ministry of Finance, payment stations at international airport departure terminals and bank branches open 24/7. You may also pay at the Ministry of Finance. You may also pay your departure tax on the official portal of the Interactive Tax Office of the Ministry of Finance via the ‘Come Tour’ option or by clicking on ‘Fast Payment.’

By utilising the current Turkish Airlines mobile app, you may benefit from the student discount on their domestic flights. To take advantage of this discount, you must be a Miles&Smiles member and complete your educational details in the member account. Furthermore, you can visit the airline website or connect with any Turkish airlines booking number to inquire and avail of a student discount if applicable.

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