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Wish to pamper the wanderer inside you but stepping your foot back owing to the expensive flight tickets? Well, in that case, Qantas  might act as your saviour. One of the leading air carriers in the industry, Qantas is the perfect option to book flight tickets for your upcoming trip. Lined up with lavish facilities and utmost comfort, this airline will surely turn your travel dream into reality and that too without costing a fortune. Make Qantas Booking now and reach your desired destination well-rested. It is for sure that when you board Qantas  flight, you’ll be awestruck with its perfectly-curated interiors and excellent services. Look no further and make Qantas Airlines as your travel partner. 

About Qantas Airlines

Known to be the third-oldest air carrier in the world, Qantas is a major airline in Australia and is one of the foremost choices among the holidaymakers across the globe. It is the largest flag carrier in the country in terms of the international destinations, international flights, and fleet size. Founded 100 years ago, this airline still is the most preferred choice among the customers and is lined up with all the incredible facilities that are needed to enjoy a smooth journey. It has a fleet of 126 modern aircraft that flies to more than 85 destinations worldwide. Book your flight ticket with Qantas Airlines and fly hassle-free. 

How to Initiate Qantas Airlines Flight Booking Procedure?

Flight Booking is not troublesome anymore as you can easily browse the available flight options on the official website of the airline and get the reservations done in a flash. Qantas facilitates its customers with various booking methods but among all, an official website might be the best option to book the air ticket. The airline has designed the website in such a way so that everyone can easily use the same without seeking any expert’s guidance. Let’s check out the detailed procedure in which you can initiate Qantas Book Flights procedure. 

How to Manage Your Qantas Airlines Reservations In a Few Steps?

It is always advised to make flight bookings early to get the early-bird discounts but have you ever thought that what would happen if you plan changes at a moment? Well, if this thing haunts you at the time of the early bookings, then fret not as the airline allows you to manage your current reservation without stepping out anywhere. Qantas Manage Booking allows you to review or modify your itinerary without any expert’s guidance. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide and make required modifications easily. Check out the guidelines here.

Changes that can be made with Qantas Airlines Manage Booking Option

Following amendments can be done through Qantas Airlines Manage Booking option, such as:

Making changes to the existing Qantas Booking is not a difficult task and the travelers can easily do the same at the least expenses with the help of Manage Booking option. 

Qantas Airlines Phone Number Details

Qantas Customer Service Phone Number+1-860-579-6800
Qantas Booking Number +1-860-579-6800
Qantas Phone Number +1-860-579-6800
Qantas Reservations Phone Number +1-860-579-6800
Qantas Vacations Phone Number1-800.641.8772
Qantas Baggage Services Phone Number+1 866 767 2247
Qantas Special Assistance Phone Number1 (800) 227-4500
Qantas Flight Change Number ( Worldwide )+61 2 8222 2439
HubsBrisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport
Secondary hubsAdelaide Airport, Perth Airport
Fleet size131
HeadquartersMascot, Sydney, Australia

Frequent Flyer Program of Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines has its loyalty program for its frequent flyers, also known as The Qantas Club. It allows flyers to earn and redeem points or miles on Qantas Booking, car rentals, hotel bookings, holiday packages, and other travel-related purchases. The joining fee of membership is $72. However, if you register yourself through the online application form, the registration is free. 

If you have a frequent flyer program, log into your account by adding your correct credentials like member number, last name, and PIN. Once you are logged in, you can access your account and view your points activity. 

Do your earned points get expired on Qantas Airlines?

Yes, your reward Qantas points expire every 18 months on not earning or using the points through your frequent flyer program. You can also use your earned points to upgrade your flight tickets using the Qantas airlines manage booking option. 

If you want to confirm whether your reward points are expired or not, call on the Qantas Airlines reservations phone number. The executive will give you complete details on your points activity.

What is the Different Status of the Frequent Flyer Program?

The Qantas Frequent Flyer Program is categorized into four status levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum One.

Silver Status  

iii) The airline allows flyers on parental leave to hold a flight reservation for 18 months.

  1. iv) Get additional checked baggage allowance.
  2. v) Members get access to the selected Qantas airlines flight reward seats and international priority check-in.

Gold Status

  1. i) You not only get all the benefits of Silver membership but also 75% bonus points on eligible Qantas, American, and Jetstar flights.
  2. ii) Get access to Qantas clubs, International business lounges, and Oneworld lounges along with one guest.

iii) While flying on Oneworld flights, the airline upgrades you to Oneworld Sapphire status.

Platinum Status

  1. i) Get all benefits of Gold membership on Qantas Airlines.
  2. ii) Platinum members earn 100% bonus points on eligible Qantas, American, and Jetstar flights.

iii) You can also get international priority upgrades within two days before the scheduled flight departure.

  1. iv) Enjoy access to Qantas first-class lounges along with one travel companion.
  2. v) The airline gives an offer of Platinum bonus points at 2400 status credits.

Platinum One Status

  1. i) All the benefits of Platinum membership plus a complimentary Qantas epiQure membership.
  2. ii) No booking fees for new eligible flight reservations.

iii) Get the highest upgrade priority.

  1. iv) Enjoy access to a committed Platinum one team.
  2. v) Confirmed international upgrades from seven days before the flight departure.

Suppose you had a flight booking and want to modify it later due to last-minute changes in your travel plans. In that case, you can tap on the Qantas manage booking button on the site or call on the toll-free customer care number. 

How to Select Your Seat On Qantas Airlines Flight?

Whether you prefer the aisle access or window seat, emergency seat or want some space to stretch out, select your favorite spot and enjoy your journey in the lap of comfort. Qantas understands how important it is to choose your desired seat before boarding the flight and thus it allows the customers to do so without any trouble. Let’s take a close look at the seat selection procedure and choose your favorite seat with ease.

A variety of seat options are available to choose such as:

Choose preferred seats when you want to sit in the forward half of the cabin and enjoy sitting towards the front half of of the cabin. These seats are available for free for Platinum One, Platinum and Gold Members.

Wish to enjoy additional space? Select one of the extra legroom seat and relax throughout the journey knowing you’ll have some extra room on-board.

Flying with an infant? Choose the bassinet option and travel together with extra comfort. It can be booked for an infant who is less than 2 years of age.

Seat selection is available from the moment you commence Qantas Airlines Book Flights procedure until you check-in for the flight. 

What is Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy?

Suppose you have made Qantas Booking and now, for some unavoidable circumstances, you need to cancel your Qantas Airways flight tickets. In that case, you should know about the essential points of Qantas Airways’ cancellation policy. The topics in policy can help you avoid the cancellation charges. Have a look,

To initiate the cancellation procedure of the Qantas Airways flight ticket, you can visit its official website or you can also take help from its customer service representative. To connect with its customer service, you need the ideal phone number that you will get from the “Contact Us” page.

What is Qantas Airways Check-in Guide?

So, you are flying in Qantas Airways and you already have made Qantas Booking? But don’t do anything about check-in. Do you need some expert help? If yes, then check out the below-mentioned points:

To know more about the check-in services on Qantas Airways, then you need to contact the customer service representative. You can connect with the customer service representative whenever you want. You can find the executive 24/7 available to help you with your queries and trouble. 

What is Qantas Airways Baggage Allowance?

Qantas Airways Seat Selection Process:

Many passengers need to fly in their favorite seats. So, if you have made Qantas Booking, you are also looking to select your desired seat. But the problem is that you don’t know the seat selection process. Check out the below-mentioned points. It will indeed help you choose your favorite seat during the booking and after booking your flight tickets for Qantas Airways.

You can also ask the customer service representative of Qantas Airways to help you with the seat selection. But you need to be careful also because the seat selection process after booking requires charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

You can book your flight tickets on Qantas Airways with the help of its official website, mobile application, at the airport and also with the help of customer service. 

To cancel your flight tickets of Qantas Airways, you need to visit the official website, mobile application or call the customer service representative to initiate the cancellation procedure. 

You will receive your refund from Qantas Airways within eight weeks from the date of your refund request. 

To get affordable deals on your Qantas Airways flight ticket, you need always to check out its official website for flash sales and the occasional offers. You can also take the help of the customer service executive to provide you the details about the ongoing and upcoming deals.

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