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Asiana Airlines Reservation Number: +1-860-579-6800  & Avail 40% Off

Whether you are planning a vacation with family, friends, or colleagues; travel with Asiana Airlines and experience an air trip to remember. The airline is the second-largest air carrier in South Korea, behind Korean Air. It is also a member of Star Alliance (World’s largest global airline alliance) and operates 27 cargo routes, 14 domestic and 90 international passenger routes throughout Asia, Oceania, North America, and Europe. Moreover, Asiana Airlines is known to provide high-end on board services with an impeccable Asiana Airlines Reservation. The airlines ensure that passengers traveling in any travel class; First suite class to Economy get to avail the best of the services to enjoy an exceptional flight experience while traveling to any part of the world. The dedicated help desk is round the clock available to provide prompt assistance to people in need. So, whenever you feel that you should take an expert’s help, then make no delay and ring the bell on Asiana Airlines Reservation Customer Service Number.

Additionally, you could also get to avail some exciting offers exclusively for you from the designated airline representative to enjoy the same flight experience at a lesser cost. So, if you are planning to book tickets with Asiana Airlines, then read the instructions below.

How to Make Asiana Airlines Reservation?

In some cases, people engage with issues while booking flight tickets; To deal with this issue Asiana Airlines provides multiple platforms that people can use to book Asiana flight tickets. If you are planning to travel by Asiana flights, then read the instructions mentioned below to book tickets quickly.

Asiana Airlines Official Website:

The official website of the airline is a place where you can find everything about the airline. Asiana publishes all the attractive flight deals on the official site, and it also features all the relevant data about the airline. Follow the steps mentioned below to make Asiana Airlines Reservation.

Note: If you want to avoid the unnecessary work of booking the ticket when returning, then you should book a Round trip ticket.

In case you face any problem or seek an expert’s assistance, then you should use the Asiana Airlines Customer Service. Don’t worry about the call timing, as the customer service executives stay 24/7 online to provide you with needed help.

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Asiana Airlines Mobile Application:

Some people might find it irritating that they need to visit the Asiana Airlines official site whenever they want to use services offered by the airline. That is why Asiana Airlines released a mobile application that will allow you to access all the services provided by the airline on the fingertips. Travelers can easily install this app from the Apple Store and Google Play Store, depending on their devices.

Additionally, people can download the APK file of the Asiana Airlines app from the official website of the airline. In case you face problems while using the app, then you should dial Asiana Airlines Phone Number, and take an experts help.

After that, open the Asiana Airlines app & Sign-in. Then you can make a flight reservation from the flight booking section. Provide the necessary details required for flight booking, and make sure to enter the correct information. Additionally, you can use the application for several beneficial services like online flight status checking, Online Check-in, etc.

Asiana Airlines 24 Hour Hotline:

If you are unable to book tickets from the platforms mentioned above or unable to find the desired flight booking deal, then you should commute with airline executives. The airline’s 24-hour hotline will connect you with the designated travel professionals immediately. So, whenever required; call on the Asiana Airlines Contact Number +1-860-579-6800 and ask an expert for booking assistance. Provide the necessary information needed for book tickets. You can ask the expert about running flight deals also.

How to Check-in with Asiana Airlines?

Check in Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines allows you to check-in via several methods, such as from the check-in counter at the airport, the self-service kiosk at the airport, or online check-in. However, the best way to check-in is the online method, as it helps you to avoid the rush in check-in queues at the airport. The online check-in facility starts from 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. In case you have any query related to the check-in process, then you should talk with an expert via Asiana Airlines Reservation Contact. However, follow the steps mentioned below to check-in online.

In case you face problems while check-in, then call on the Asiana Airlines Contact Number +1-860-579-6800 and seek an experts help.

Mongolia Contact Number

Ulaanbaatar Airport


Ulaanbaatar Branch


Khabarovsk airport


Khabarovsk airport Fax


Khabarovsk branch


Khabarovsk branch


Khabarovsk branch Fax


Central Asia

Almaty Airport Contact Details

7- (727) 356-3235 ~ 7

Almaty Airport Fax

7- (727) 356-3238

Almaty Branch Contact Details

7- (727) 356-3235 ~ 7

Almaty Branch Fax

7- (727) 356-3238

Tashkent Airport Contact Details


Tashkent Branch Contact Details

998-78-140-0900, 0901

Tashkent Branch Fax


Central Asia

Americas Reservation Center


Americas Reservation Center Fax


New York Airport (JFK)


New York Airport (JFK) Fax


New York Branch


New York Branch Fax


Los Angeles Airport


Los Angeles Airport Fax


Los Angeles Branch


San Francisco Airport


San Francisco Airport Fax


San Francisco Branch


San Francisco Branch Fax


Seattle Airport


Seattle Airport Fax


Seattle Branch


Seattle Branch Fax


Chicago airport


Chicago airport Fax


Chicago Branch


Chicago Branch Fax


Honolulu Airport


Honolulu Airport Fax


Honolulu Branch


Honolulu Branch Fax


HiAmerica Asiana Club


HiAmerica Asiana Club Fax


Southest Asia

Da Nang airport Number

84- (0) 236-323-9030

Da Nang airport Fax

84- (0) 236-3539-031

Danang Branch Phone Number

84- (0) 236-3826-826

Danang Branch Fax

84- (0) 236-3539-031

Manila Airport Phone Number

63-2-891-6125 / 6

Manila Airport Fax


Manila Branch Phone Number


Manila Branch Fax


Bangkok Airport Phone Number


Bangkok Airport Fax


Bangkok Branch Phone Number


Bangkok Branch Fax


Cebu Branch / Airport Phone Number

63-32-494-7645 ~ 6

Singapore Airport Phone Number


Singapore Airport Fax


Singapore Branch Phone Number


Singapore Branch Fax


Jakarta Airport Phone Number

62-21-8082-2291 ~ 2

Jakarta Airport Fax


Jakarta Branch Phone Number


Jakarta Branch Fax


Clarkfield Airport Phone Number

63-45-599-6661 ~ 2

Clarkfield Airport Fax


Clarkfield Branch Phone Number

63-45-599-6657, 6658

Clarkfield Branch Fax


Phuket Airport Phone Number


Phuket Airport Fax


Phnom Penh Airport Phone Number


Phnom Penh Branch Fax


Hanoi Airport Phone Number

84-24-3584-4131 / 4132

Hanoi Airport Fax


Hanoi Branch Phone Number


Hanoi Branch Fax


Ho Chi Minh Airport Phone Number


Ho Chi Minh Airport Fax


Ho Chi Minh Branch Phone Number


Ho Chi Minh Branch Fax


Europe Reservation Contact Number

London Airport Heathrow


London Airport Heathrow Fax


London branch

44-845-602-9900 Reservation inquiry)

London branch

44-207-340-1630 (Customer Service Only)

London branch Fax


Rome Airport

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Rome branch Fax

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Barcelona Airport


Barcelona Airport Fax


Barcelona branch


Barcelona branch Fax


Venice Airport

[email protected]

Venetian Branch

[email protected]

Istanbul airport


Istanbul airport Fax


Istanbul branch


Istanbul branch Fax

90-212 -256-4195

Paris Airport (CDG)


Paris Airport (CDG) Fax


Paris branch


Paris branch Fax


Frankfurt Airport

49-69-690-20245 ~ 7

Frankfurt Airport Fax


Frankfurt Branch


Frankfurt Branch Fax



Saipan Airport

1-670-288-3000 ~ 1

Saipan Airport Fax


Saipan Branch

1-670-288-2624 ~ 6

Saipan Branch Fax


Sydney Airport

61-2-9669-2530 / 2560

Sydney Airport Fax


Sydney Branch


Sydney Branch Fax


Palau Airport

(680) 587-2250

Palau Airport Fax


Palau Branch

(680) 587-2250

Palau Branch Fax


Korea Contact Us

Korea Integrated Reservation Number


Korea Integrated Fax Number


Gwangju Branch Telephone number


Gwangju Fax Number


Gimpo International Airport Number


Gimpo International Airport Fax Number


Daegu Branch Contact


Daegu Branch Fax Number


Daejeon Branch Contact


Daejeon Branch Fax Number


Muan airport Telephone


Muan airport Fax Number


Busan Airport contact


Busan Airport Fax Number


Busan Branch Telephone


Busan Branch Fax Number


Suwon Branch Contact


Suwon Branch Fax Number


Yeosu Airport Telephone


Yeosu Airport Fax Number


Get a View of In-Flight Amenities Available On Asiana Airlines Flight

Asiana Airlines offers excellent in-flight amenities to the travelers so that they can feel like home in the air. These amenities are designed by keeping all kinds of travelers in mind. From in-flight entertainment to tempting dining to award-winning shopping to comfortable seats and everything in between, Asiana Airlines has it all to make your journey exciting. Before getting your seats done, let’s get updated with the in-flight amenities you’ll be going to enjoy on the flight. 

In-Flight Shopping

Are you a shopaholic and want to satisfy your shopping buds in the air? If yes, then opt for the in-flight shopping facility and buy your favorite items on-board. All duty-free items can be purchased on all routes, be it international and domestic. You can easily order them before boarding the flight and get your items as soon as you board the plane. In the case of any issue, you can connect with Asiana Airlines Reservations Number and ask for exchange or return, depending on the item. 

In-Flight Entertainment

Asiana Airlines offers an exceptional in-flight entertainment system to the travelers so that they can enjoy every single inch of their journey. Two types of entertainment system are available on Asiana Airlines flight – Personal Screen and Shared Screen. When it comes to the Personal Screen, the airline offers an audio-video on-demand system where you can listen to nearly 150 albums by the famous musicians. Shared Screen, as the name implies, is a main screen available for all travelers on the flight where they will have to view the common movie or anything playing on the same.

In-Flight Health

Travelers’ health is the airline’s topmost priority and, therefore, it has introduced a new feature in the name of in-flight health. As the plane flies at an altitude of 10,000 meters, it might not suit some of the travelers. To facilitate them, a team of medical professionals are always available in the flight cabin to deal with all the discomforts. 

Food & Drinks

A list of refined meals is available on Asiana Airlines’ flight to satiate your hunger. From royal Korean cuisines to tempting Italian, this airline has everything to fulfill the craving of your taste buds. These meals are accompanied by the finest quality wines, eco-friendly coffee, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Special meals like dietary meals, children meals, gluten-free meals, religious meals, Kosher meals, etc are also available on Asiana Airlines’ flight. To pre-book these meals, you need to connect with the Asiana Airlines Phone Number at any time. 

Flying with Asiana Airlines? Get To Know About Travel Classes First

Asiana Airlines offers five different cabin classes to the travelers so they can select the option that is suitable for their trip and fits their budget well. These travel classes are – Economy, Economy Smartium, Business, Business Smartium, and Business Suite. Let’s get to know about these travel classes first and then make Asiana Airlines Reservations accordingly. 

Economy Class

Want to fly on budget? If yes, then get your bookings done in Asiana Airlines Economy Class and enjoy superior comfort and ultimate flying experience at an affordable airfare. This class is equipped with all essential amenities that are needed to enjoy a convenient journey. It includes excellent in-flight entertainment options that will never get you bored in the air. In addition to this, Asiana Airlines’ Economy Class offers paid Wi-Fi services so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones.

Economy Smartium

Have an urge to enjoy an excellent traveling experience by paying a little extra? If yes, then book your flight tickets in the Economy Smartium class and enjoy extra legroom and tons of free entertainment options. The seats in Economy Smartium come with 4-inch extra legroom and also offer lounge access to the travelers. Also, you can book your seat in advance and enjoy priority boarding as well. To know more about the same, you can connect with Asiana Airlines Reservations Number at any time. 

Business Class

Want to settle down on bed-like seats in the air? If yes, then make bookings in the Business Class and make your journey a one-of-a-kind experience. Here, you can enjoy maximized comfort with the direct access to the aisle. The Business Class of Asiana Airlines offers a wide range of Korean cuisines on flights traveling within Korea as well as flying outside Korea. You will also get the chance to enjoy top-class wines offered by world-class sommeliers to match your in-flight meals. 

Business Smartium

Make Asiana Airlines bookings in the Business Smartium and enjoy a relaxing flight in fully-flatten seats with direct access to the aisle. Individual entrance is given to all travelers so that they can get the easy access to the aisle without disturbing the other traveler. It offers a delightful cabin environment to offer excellent personal space to the travelers. In addition to this Business Smartium Class of Asiana Airlines is equipped with a Bar & Lounge on the flight so that you can make important discussions while enjoying beverages in the sky. 

Business Suite

Make Asiana Airlines Reservations in the Business Suite and enjoy glimpses of the finest luxury. Convenient flat-bed seats will offer you comfort as in bedroom for a sound sleep. Travelers’ privacy is fully taken care of in this cabin class by offering the sliding door for every seat. Simply close the door and enjoy your personal space. This class is totally different from other traveling classes on the flight and thus, allows you to enjoy tons of free entertainment options on a 32-inch large screen. Business Suite is also equipped with an adjustable lighting option that you can set according to your mood.  

Traveling With Pets? Know The Guidelines Here

Long gone are those days when travelers were not allowed to bring their pets on-board as now is the time when they can join the journey without any hassle. Asiana Airlines values your emotions and, therefore, lets you make bookings for your pets without any hustle. To facilitate the travelers, it has designed a well-curated pet policy that will help you in making flight bookings for your pets without seeking expert’s guidance. Let’s get to know about the important guidelines here.

Asiana Airlines Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Auto Check-in is a smooth process that helps in shortening the boarding process so that you can easily prepare for your trip without getting worried about the traditional check-in process, standing in long queues. To avail of this service, you must apply for an automated check-in service; your check-in is done 24 hours in advance with the service. If the airport facilitates a mobile boarding pass, the boarding pass will be sent to you.

Step 1: At the check-in/seat assignment menu, request Auto Check-in. Once you log in to the account, you can click on the seat assignment/check-in menu at the bottom of the My Asiana booking information.

Step 2: You can pick or modify the seat you desire. Just click on the Auto-Check In option directly if you have already been assigned a seat, and then continue to the following page. If you apply for an authorized auto-check-in, you will be randomly given a seat (can be changed).

Step 3: Fill out your contact and passport details (domestic flights).

Step 4: Your check-in will be performed automatically 24 hours before your departure after completing your application.

You can change your passport and contact details at the corresponding menu up to 48 hours before departure and apply again. You can perform it online or via contacting airline executives via Asiana airlines phone number at 1-800-227-4262. The incorrect passport information will restrict your check-in process; you will neither be able to check-in nor will you be able to avail boarding pass. If you have 48 hours remaining for your flight, you can link to the ”check-in” option and make changes.

Self-bag drop is a self-service check-in system that allows passengers to get their baggage checked-in by themselves. It’s quick and easy to use. The process is simple after you have received your boarding pass, you can utilize the automatic bag drop machine. To initiate the bag drop, you need to scan your boarding pass and passport in the computer and then check your suitcase after attaching the baggage tag. Get set for departure using these four steps:- Step 1: Scan your boarding ticket and passport on drop-in luggage.

Step 2: Put your bags in the baggage belt you wish to check.

Step 3: When the baggage tag is issued, attach it to the bag to make it easier to view the barcode.

Step 4: You will be sent a confirmation receipt when the luggage slot has closed.

Through travel booking websites, you may schedule a flight without paying the full fare. To book your flight without paying in full, follow these steps: Go to Visa Reservation to make a reservation. Select the appropriate trip package. Fill out the form with your flight and travel information and pay the charge. Wait for a confirmation email with all of your flight’s details. For more information you can reach travel executives with Asiana airlines customer service number or Asiana airlines reservation number (1-800-227-4262).

Asiana Airlines is a 5-star airline certified for its airport quality and onboard products, and staff service. Product rating comprises seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness, and so on, while cabin personnel and grounder are provided with a service rating.

To avail of this special service, you can contact Asiana Airlines Reservation Center (1588-8000). Kindly note that flights feature in-flight dinner special dishes only, and hence they will be only available. The order should be made 24 hours before departure. Please keep in mind that flights flying from other countries will take orders according to local conditions.

Numerical and alphabetic numbers are given as temporary passwords (lower case). Fill in the blanks exactly as indicated. You must log in using the latest password you got if you obtained a temporary password more than once.

It is impossible to modify the name of the passenger reserved. The passenger’s true name should be used to book flight tickets. The current reservation and a new reservation made on behalf of the real boarding passenger must be canceled if a name is changed.

You may earn kilometers by traveling on Asiana Airlines or Star Alliance Airlines or using Asiana Airlines linked credit cards, hotels, rental cars, online shopping, etc. Records from before the day on which you joined up cannot be subsequently applied. Under the “Asiana Airlines website ( Asiana Club Earn Asiana Mileage” menu, you may look up associate firms.

At the top of the main page you will be able to find ‘Download the Form’ option under the Customer Service tab, from there you may review and print forms easily.

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George taylor
Jun 29, 2021
 by George taylor
Superbb Airlines

I traveled with Asiana Airlines several times and everytime the results were the same. I make Asiana Airlines reservations because of their excellent service, friendly and amiable staff, great food, as well as quality inflight entertainment options. During the outbound flight however my suitcase got damaged and I instantly reported it to the Asiana bag service and it only took 5-10 minutes for them to provide me with a new suitcase. Thank You Asiana Airlines.

Nov 24, 2020
 by Mosum
Asiana Airlines Reservations

I like Asiana Airlines in general as I am a frequent traveler of this air carrier. They provide amazing services to the travelers so that they can enjoy their journey to the fullest. I booked an Asiana Airlines flight last month and enjoyed my journey a lot. They don’t behave too professionally but still they offer high-end services to the travelers. Their cabin crew members are too friendly and helpful and they instantly come to you whenever you need them. Frankly speaking, I never thought that this airline offered me such an excellent service but this airline has changed my opinions to a great extent. Will love to make bookings with this airline again.


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