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Do you want any special assistance or help while flying with Delta Airlines? If yes, you need to contact Delta airlines by calling on the Delta Airlines Accessibility Phone Number.

Delta Airlines always looks to provide the best of flying experience to all its customers. Delta Airlines is continuously striving hard to improvise their services so that the passengers are satisfied with their service and do not get any chance to complain. So, if you ever want any special services or extra assistance on your flight like any medical assistance or have any special seating requirement or you want to bring with you an emotional support animal, you need to take help from Delta Airlines Accessibility desk and inform them about your requirements.

If you need any special services like that of a wheelchair or want any special meals, have allergies with peanuts or short of hearing or seeing, you need to go to the My Trips section and alert the airlines for the extra service or assistance you want. You are also required to fill up the accessibility service request form available there and place your request for any kind of special assistance you want.

If you want any additional services other than those mentioned under the My Trips section, you need to contact them on the given numbers. For any assistive devices or medication like oxygen, HDOA or for contacting the Animal Control Disease Branch, you again need to call on the given numbers.

Here is a list of numbers that belong to the animal reception center and number that you need to call for availing any other kind of special services. You can also call on these numbers if you want any assistance regarding your pets that you are carrying with you on board.

London Gatwick(129) 346 2180
Manchester Pets on Jets(161) 489 8220
Edinburgh Airport’s small animal Border Inspection Post(131) 317 7277
Delta TTY services800-831-4488
contact Cares Transport Security Administration855-787-2227
Toll-Free number for Disabilities passengers800-778-4838
Aviation Consumer Protection Division at202-366-2220
Wheelchair Information800-984-8935
Onboard wheelchairs800-221-1212

Delta Airlines Lounge Access

If you have booked a flight with Delta Airlines and want to experience the luxury of Delta Airlines Lounge, you need to know how to access the lounge and enjoy the facilities available in Delta Sky Clubs lounges.

In order to enjoy the benefits of a lounge, you need to be a member of the Delta Sky Club. You can either purchase the individual membership or sign up for the executive membership that permits you to bring up to two guests along with you to enjoy the added benefits of a Delta Airlines Lounge.

Being a Delta Sky Club member, you do not need to wander about at the airport before boarding your flight. Delta Airlines Lounge Access gives you the opportunity to experience the most exceptional services provided by the airlines in a much comfortable atmosphere that has more seating options, unlimited Wi-Fi, easily-accessible power, different food options, exotic drinks from the bar and many more extravagant facilities. Thus, if you want to enjoy these benefits of a Delta Airlines lounge, become a member of the airline’s branded Delta Sky Clubs lounges and have a gala time at the airport before boarding your flight. Delta Sky Club lounges are available in airports all over the world, starting from Santiago, Chile to Tokyo and Japan. So, the next time you get ready to head off to the airport, take a look if you have access to any such premium lounges to spend quality time before boarding your flight.

Contact For Assistive Devices & Medication404-209-3434
For medical oxygen or Information (OxygenToGo®)(866) 692-0040
Animal Control Disease Branch808-837-8092 or 808-483-7106

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