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American Airlines Baggage Telephone Number – +1-860-579-6800

Luggage is the most important part of traveling, but sometimes, this luggage can be a cause of hassle. Suppose you arrive at the airport with baggage above the airline’s given limitations. To avoid this situation, you must know the American Airlines baggage policy. 

To know the detailed information about the baggage policy of the airline, you must contact the telephone number of American Airlines. This dedicated number is exclusively available for the passengers’ convenience. You can reach out to the airline representative even at odd hours. They will listen to your queries and will solve your issues.

You can contact the airline agents regarding all the issues related to your baggage, such as-

If you have encountered any such issue with your luggage, don’t think twice and just give a call on the airline’s phone number. Share all your concerns, and the air travel experts will address all your problems. The representatives are available round the clock to help you so that you have the best travel experience. They will tell you all about your missing, damaged, and delayed bag. 

You can also get in touch with the air travel experts regarding other issues such as-

American Airlines customer service is available 24/7 so that passengers don’t have to face the tough times.

For Baggage Inquiry Dial +1 800 535-5225 Available 24 Hours

Find Other Location Baggage Contact Number

Baggage Information In Asia

Country / Region Phone number
For Baggage Information In China {PVG} (8621) 6834 (0600)
For Baggage Info In China ({EK} (008) (610) 64558-988
Hong Kong Baggage Inquiry (852) 2116-8750
Info In Korea (8232) 743-5707

Baggage Information In Europe

Country Phone number
Belgium (008) 0024-567-890
France (008) 0024-567-890
Germany (008) 0024-567-890
Greece (008) 0024-567-890
Ireland (008) 0024-567-890
Italy (008) 0024-567-890
Netherlands (008) 0024-567-890
Portugal (008) 0024-567-890
Spain 902-054-654
Switzerland (008) 0024-567-890
UK (008) 0024-567-890

Baggage Information In South America

Brazil 3004-5000


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