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Why Book Flights Only from AirTravelmart?

AirTravelMart is a one-stop destination that offers cheap flights to travelers. We, at AirTravelMart, believe in facilitating travelers with discounted airfares, secure flight reservation options and best flight deals. Here, you can easily book both domestic and international flights within little or no time. For buying air tickets with AirTravelMart, you either need a mobile phone or PC and an excellent internet connection. Follow some easy steps and find the best price across millions of flights to plan a perfect trip. No matter what destination you are choosing, the customer support team of AirTravelMart is here to assist you. Just fill in the required information regarding your arrival and departure and get your flight reservation done in no time.

How to get the best deals on air tickets at AirTravelMart?

Getting the best deals on flight tickets at AirTravelMart is not a difficult task. All you need to do is visit the official website of AirTravelMart on a daily basis to get updated with the latest offers and discounts. Be flexible with your travel dates and also avoid impromptu plans if you want to save on your pocket. 

Which airlines are the cheapest?

Flying cheap is a must when it comes to saving money on travel. If you have a desire to save on your next flight ticket, then forget oodles of legroom, extra baggage allowance, and exotic meals onboard. Instead, look for the budget carriers. Numerous airlines allow you to book flight tickets at an affordable price.

You can book airline tickets for any of these budget airlines and enjoy a vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. 

How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets?

Who doesn’t love going on a vacation and exploring exotic places? But, unfortunately, the exorbitant prices that airlines charge stand in the way of most people’s travel plan. If you want to execute your travel plan without emptying your bank balance, then it is best to do some research. Find out the ways to book cheap flight tickets and make air tickets booking easily. 

Make Reservation in Advance

Booking flight is all about the correct timing. The first and foremost way to find cheap flight tickets is to make a reservation in advance. It is advised to book a flight at least 2 to 3 months before the departure and pay a reasonable price. Never rely on the last-minute booking if you genuinely want to save money. 

Being Flexible is a Good Idea

You cannot fetch cheap plane tickets if you are not flexible with the choice of dates. While making a flight reservation, try to find the cheapest days and plan your vacation accordingly. Sticking to the particular date and flight time can cost you much. Please note that airlines always charge more on weekends than on weekdays. If you don’t want to hit your pocket hard, then plan your vacation on weekdays. 

Look Out for the Latest Deals and Offers

Doing homework is a must to find cheap flight tickets. Don’t make bookings in haste and lookout for deals and discounts. Airlines usually post seasonal deals and promotional offers on their social media handles. Keep updated with those deals and offers and grab it before they got faded away, leaving you disappointed. Follow airlines on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and find eye-catching discounts with ease. 

Make Sure to Check Early Morning or Late-Night Flights

Booking plane tickets at offbeat timings can save you a lot of money. Early morning and late-night flights, also called Red Eye flights are always cheaper as compared to others and thus considered more practical. Don’t wait for long; if you find a vacant seat on such flights, then book it right away and enjoy the low-cost journey. 

Try to Book Connecting Flights

Yet another common way to fetch cheap flight tickets is to book connecting flights instead of the direct flight. 

Avoid Traveling During the Peak Season 

Flight price goes high in the peak travel season, and, therefore, it is suggested not to book flight tickets during this time. If you’re a budget-savvy traveler, then try to make flight reservations during the off-season when tourism is relatively low. Apply the discounts, and confirm your air ticket booking at pocket-friendly fares. 

Use Reward Points

Redeeming reward points allows you to book flights at cheap airfare

Set Fare Alerts

Set fare alerts so that you can know about the latest deals and exclusive fares before they sell out. 

Try to Pay in a Different Currency to Save Money

This is one of the best options to find wallet-friendly fares. Try to choose the currency which is cheaper than your own and enjoy the journey without shaking your financial budget. 

What are the cheapest days to book flight tickets?

Weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends for making a flight booking. In addition to this, you must plan your vacation during the off-season instead of the peak travel months to book cheap flight tickets. However, it is advised to check out the climatic condition as well and don’t opt for the bad weather just to save a few bucks. 

Why is it important to keep flight search private?

Fetching cheap flights is an art and thus, you should be very careful. Can you believe that flight prices can increase if you repeatedly search for the same flight route? Well, this is crazy yet true. If you search for the particular flight route over and over again, then flight price goes high so that you begin to anticipate that price might increase further and book the same in haste. Therefore, it is preferred to do a flight search in incognito mode to see the lowest price. Cookies are reset each time when you open incognito mode, thereby protecting your search and saving your bank balance. 

How far in advance should one book a flight ticket to get the best deals?

Well, there is no particular time limit for this but in general, you should book tickets at least 2 to 3 months before the scheduled departure. Airfare tends to increase with the ticking of the clock. Try to plan in advance and book flights at a pocket-friendly price.

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Sep 22 – Sep 25

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Not Allowed in Your Carry-on Luggage?

For safety reasons, you cannot carry items that can be used as weapons in your carry-on luggage (things you bring on board). For example:tools, sharp scissors,  or corkscrews. The strictest rules involve liquids. You aren’t allowed to carry bottles over ten having a 100 ml capacity in your carry-on hand luggage. You must pack all these bottles in a bag with a capacity of 1 liter which must be transparent. You can carry medicines in your hand luggage, including medicines in liquid form, but the quantity must be indispensable during the flight.

How many hours in advance can we cancel the ticket?

If you do not wish to travel, you must cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight to be eligible for a refund. The refund will be returned to you based on the applicable cancellation fee. Please note that the cancellation policy is subject to change without notice.

What should not be worn during airport security?

You are not allowed to wear Loose clothes  such as low floor touching pants, long flowing skirts, thick sweaters or sweatshirts, and loose dresses that allow malicious travelers to hide restricted items inside. If you wear too loose clothes =and they suspect that you may be hiding restricted items, airport security may require careful inspection.

What happens if there is no flight?

If you do not appear on any of the flights you have booked, all other flights in the booking will be automatically cancelled. If they cancel these segments manually, then when you try to fly home, the return journey will still be with you. Remember, they won’t do this because you want them to do it for any reason.

Can the ticket be rescheduled?

According to a tweet by the airline, it also applies to new travel bookings between the same period, adding that passengers who rebook flights must pay the fare difference. Travel can be rescheduled to any date


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